Monday, January 17, 2011

All The Best Comics Have Daddy Issues #13

This week brings another interview about fatherhood, the willing volunteer this time is Ben Rosenthal. He's a fellow Aussie with a young daughter and he can be found at Post-Humour Comedy, as well as posting weekly scripts up on thoughtballoons. Hit the jump to see how the Amazing Spider-Man relates to his ideas of fatherhood.

1. How has being a father affected your comic buying/reading habits?

Not really much at all. In fact, now that Parker is older she and I visit the comic store together. Parker picks a comic (from the Marvel Tales section), and I get mine. We then have dinner and have a look around at stuff – mainly toys (for both her and for me). I read Parker her comic that night at bedtime, and once she is asleep I can read my comics just like I used to.

2. How has being a father affected your comic writing habits?

I’m not going to lie to you – I don’t get as much time anymore. A combination of household chores, spending time with Parker, and being exhausted from work something had to give. I still do what I can, however.

3. If you could only give your child one comic run to read, what would it be?

One that she wanted to read.

4. What comic is best to read to prepare you for fatherhood?

Early Amazing Spider-Man. Ben Parker is a great father figure to look to for inspiration, and Peter himself has some great qualities.

5. Who do you think the best father in comics is?

I have yet to read a father figure in comics whom I would applaud for their parental skills. One of the driving forces of a parent figure, in comics or in any medium, is how their parenting affected the hero. On the flip side, heroes with kids are not being very responsible to their child by risking their life day in and out. A child needs their parental figures, and I feel it is irresponsible for a parent to risk their life, denying their child of knowing them should something happen.

6. Which comic character would you most want to be your child?

Peter Parker. He is a moral compass (perhaps too much at times) who always strives to do the right thing. A father could not be prouder of a child like that.

7. Any father/comics nuggets of wisdom you’d like to impart?

Kids are like sponges. They will absorb anything. They WANT to absorb everything. You are their world, and how they learn to act in that world is to follow you. They are a clean slate. Use it to teach them love, respect for each other, and that Spider-Man is the greatest character ever invented (even though Parker likes Iron Man a lot more).

Thanks for playing along, Ben.

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Ivan said...

Tim Drake's dad was pretty understanding and caring before they killed him.

Anonymous said...

jesus, how is there 13 of these?

iunno if I want peter parker as my son. he's kind of a loser.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'd like to credit my success on my ability to use linking verbs. Ha.


Brandon Whaley said...

Oh, Ryan. Lol

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