Saturday, January 8, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/05/11

In comparison with last week, this one is relatively light, but we still have pretty of images for this week's edition of Moments of the Week. We have some pretty art from the Avenger franchise, with Prime and Children's Crusade, and a truly heart warming moment from Brightest Day (no snark, I swear!). Hit the jump to see all of the moments.

Ant-Man & Wasp #3

Oh, Eric O'Grady, you truly are irredeemable.

Damn, he zapped her so hard that her wig fell off. That's cold.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #4

Man, can that Jimmy Cheung guy draw or what?

Ok, we get it that Wolverine is one of the few heroes that is fine with killing people, but that doesn't mean he is a bloodthirsty bastard that enjoys murdering people, or that he should be so eager to kill Wanda.

And Iron Lad shows up. I thought he had merged with the new Vision, or something like that? I might have to go back and re-read the whole Young Avengers series. In any case, it's pretty easy to no-prize, considering he is a time traveler.

Avengers Prime #5

I'm not entirely sure in the timeline behind Avengers Prime, but in any case, Sharon Carter is going to be pretty pissed at Steve when she finds out about this.

Avengers: Total Bromance.

Brightest Day #17

The Predator takes over Hawkgirl's mother (whatever she's called). Good thing she's fully clothed, just like when the Predator took over a male host.

Deadman finds out that his grandfather is still alive, and he pays a visit to him. Which leads to this next scene...

Deadman uses the White Ring of power to make a ramp and show his grandpa a good time. Suddenly, the ring announces that it is recharging. I guess it has to do with making others enjoy life, or have a good time, and so on. In any case, a very cute scene.

Generation Hope #3

The Phoenix imagery in this page is either more teasing or a very clear hint at what is going on with Hope.

$#!&? %&*@? Oh, wait, I think she means "Hope".

She-Hulks #3

This is going to end up in tears, isn't it? Damnit, Jennifer, did you really send Lyra into high school without having her watch Mean Girls? C'mon!

Lyra tries out dresses for her school dance. Totally adorable!

Steel #1

Doomsday's new look and, apparently, new power set. He can fly! What do you guys think?

Superboy #3

This is the perfect place for me to plug Thought Balloons. One page of script a week. Every week brings a new character. Check it out!

Teen Titans #90

Nice parallel and interaction between Damien and Ravager.They should team up more often.

Ultimate Captain America #1

Ultimate Captain America: Insulting his way through the European Union, one country at a time!

There was another experiment just like the one that created Captain America, and the survivor of that looks like the Ultimate version of Nuke.

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E. Wilson said...

Having just finished season 8 of Smallville, I was starkly reminded of how goofy a lot of the details on Doomsday look. The new design can only be an improvement.

twobitspecialist said...

lol I forgot Ant-Man and the Wasp #3 came out this week. And seeing these scans of Children's Crusade only make wish I wasn't trade waiting it for 2012.

Jikorijo said...

So...Steel didn't die in his fight with Doomsday? That's good.

Matt Duarte said...

@Jikorijo: I don't know (since I haven't read the book in question). I saw a scan of the final page, and it was pretty ambiguous. If he did die, then Doomsday took his body, as opposed to be left for death. There was his hammer, which was left behind with his cape around it (looks like the stick with Superman's cape after he died) which would hint that he in fact died. In any case, better wait until issue two, from the looks of it.

Ken said...

Steel died the normal way for a comic; it's very vague, but Steel himself has a monologue where he says he can't feel his legs and stuff, so at the very least he's badly injured. But yeah, when this Doomsday event ends he might be ok.

The issue also forgets to address that Steel died fighting Doomsday in Our Worlds at War, but the whole issue was pretty bad and a waste; it's as though Lyons only read the Death and Reign of Superman and the last year of Superman stories.

The Phoenix stuff with Hope needs to stop. Let's not even tease it and just move on, shall we? Please?

Midnight Monk said...

Ant-Man & Wasp-Someone just give O' Grady his own book already, it's way to hard to keep a straight face while reading this thing.

Generation Hope-Haven't been following but that "Final Light" thing just need to end and move on

UCA-Thats definitely Nuke, he been rather underused in the 616 in my opinion. He was around for Thunderbolts as Skorge but that didn't do him justice. Hopefully he get the shot he deserved in the Ultimate Uni.

Anonymous said...

i dont know wat everyone thinks of doomsday but seeing as he can evolve to combat anything after he has died, then i think a new look and a new power set isnt that stupid a thing, i mean i alwaays wondered why his bones just got thicker rahter than adpating and becoming metal or something.

Anonymous said...

Scarlet Witch Made Iron Lad appear. 10 to 1.

Ivan said...

I'm cool with Wolverine actually liking to kill people. I mean, he's done it so much, and he doesn't use killing as a "last resort" measure, he just acts as jury, judge and executor. And it plays to his animal side which he has to constantly keep in check. I think it's pretty hypocritical of the Avengers to keep him around but frown upon Punisher's actions, for example.

Not cool with Doomsday flying. Seems unnecessary. He used the "Hulk jump" well enough.

Anonymous said...

did eric switch bodies with mrs. marvel or something?

Anonymous said...

oh! i get it now! he changed his form!

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