Saturday, January 15, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/12/11

Welcome to everyone's favorite column: Moments of the Week! This week we have a nice mix of good and groan-worthy moments from the likes of Amazing Spider-Man, Superman, Deadpool, and Secret Six, among others. Which ones are which? You will have to hit the jump to find out. 

Amazing Spider-Man #651 

The explanation for the new suit's different colors, which has different powers and effects.

Alright, I have to admit that this was a pretty cute scene.

The new look of Mac Gargan, who is back to being Scorpion.

Batgirl #17

Stephanie Brown takes Damien to a bouncy house. D'awww!

Batman & Robin #19

That certainly explains the ridiculously huge scissors and the big bag of body parts. Well played, Mr. Cornell.

Black Panther - The Man Without Fear #514

Damn, can that Francesco Francavilla guy draw or what?

Carnage #2

I think that's the new Carnage, but the art is so freaking dark, that it's hard to tell. Clayton Crain turns the darkness up to 11.

Deadpool #31

I'll never get tired of Twilight jokes. Kind of funny that both Curse of the Mutants and Ultimate Avengers had a similar dream sequence.

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #6

Someone is mind controlling Sodam Yat. Guy is totally #$%#ed. Weird that the artist went with the cross eye beam. It is more logical, because that's how eyes work, but most depictions usually just go for the straight lines.

Justice League - Generation Lost #17

Power Girl drops by her old team mates from the JLI, and she is not happy. Do note that her thighs are thicker than her waist.

Knight & Squire #4

The English version of the Bat Cave. There's a giant silver pound, a replica of a British Bulldog, and whatever the heck that Moomite thing is.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #24

Lobo has the same power as Wolverine, and they both can smell when someone has had sex with another person (you might remember that Logan "smelled" Kitty and Colossus during Astonishing X-Men).

And Starro is now back to full power because Lobo got tricked and siphoned for energy.

Red Robin #19

The Joker wearing the old Robin shorts. Now you can never unsee it.

Secret Six #29

Ah yes, Alice stole the old Green Lantern trademark move: use it to make a giant fist.

Bane knows how to make friends with all the right people.

Superman #707

Really, Superman? You are just going to let a company keep polluting the world because it doesn't directly harm humans? Even if that wasn't, you know, screwed up (what has the environment ever done for us, anyway?), YOU ARE SUPERMAN. Surely you could come up with something! Also, what's up with Lois' outfit? Did she start shopping in the same store as Lara Croft?

The only silver lining is that this seems to hint that Superman is being mind-controlled, which would be an easy "Get out of Jail Crappy Storyline Card".

Also, reminding people of All-Star Superman or any other Grant Morrison story is probably not a good idea about now. The comparisons are going to be brutal.

Widowmaker #3

School for Gifted Ninja Girls sounds like a wonderful idea for a manga. Get to it, Japan! Actually, I'm sure someone has written that already.

The identity of the new Ronin is revealed. 

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Anonymous said...

Savage Dragon had a pretty epic week, probably the most shocking issue of a pretty shocking comic!

Ivan said...

Scorpion in a bulky armor. Haven't we seen that before? It wasn't good the first time.

Also, is that a new Red Robin outfit?

Zdenko said...

Ronin reveal was a dissapointment for me...

Joe said...

Superman #707 was so bad I felt physical pain while reading it.

The only good thing about the whole ish was the cover.

Anonymous said...

Moomite is probably a reference to Marmite, the shitty UK version of Vegemite.

Christian said...

It's a 50p piece in knight and squire
And moomite is a play on the marmite spreas

Midnight Monk said...

Wow since when was Power Girl suddenly the top cop of the DC universe? Also, hasn't Bruce Wayne talked to anyone about Maxwell Lord yet like he was supposed to or is that just a plot hole which will never be filled

As for Widowmaker, thats just sad glad I didn't pick up the book because that was just a terrible piss poor reveal

And finally addressing the Joker in Robin truly are a twisted SOB

quietomega said...

I agree with Joe. I can't believe I thought the book was going to get better just because Chris Roberson is on scripting duties

Markus said...

Loved that very last page for ASM 651 too. Slott and Ramos rock!

Anonymous said...

Why was one of the alternate supermen Barack Obama

Matt Duarte said...

@Anon #10: That doesn't look like Obama at all.

@Christina & Anon #5: See, I knew about Vegemite, but I didn't know there was a British equivalent.

Darkwing42 said...

Does anyone else think the Widowmaker scene looks like they were doing an homage to Kill Bill?

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