Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/19/11

Welcome to Moments of the Week! Your weekly dose of cool, puzzling, and groan-worthy moments from all the biggest titles. This week we have some deaths from Thor, some developments from Brightest Day, a couple of scenes from Amazing Spider-Man and much more. Hit the jump to see them.

Amazing Spider-Man #652

Jeez, MJ, that's kind of insensitive, considering one of your former competitors actually fell off a bridge.

Talk about rubbing it in the nose. 

Avengers Academy #8

The Tigra/Hood video from some time back resurfaces. The kids from Avengers Academy see it, and so does Tigra.

And they also realize that the guy sitting in prison is not the Hood, but someone pretending to be him. At least that clears up somehow how he got out in Avengers.

And finally, the kids decide to give some payback. Also, I thought Western Union didn't actually deliver things?

Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #4

Turns out that Fing Fan Foom had babies? The black one behind the boulder looks like the one from How To Train Your Dragon.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #19

Some more Batman x Catwoman. Is it just me, or have they shown them kissing, in different scenes and places, in every pretty much all the Batman titles?

Batman #706

Striped pants? That's a bold fashion choice. You better not put some weight, or it's going to show like crazy!

Brightest Day #18

The Hawks finish their mission, so according to the White entity, they get their lives back.

But Deadman totally #$&%blocks them, showing up in their bedroom. Is this like the third time now?

And because they don't want to cooperate with the white entity, they get blown to smithereens. Damn, that's cold.

Deadpool MAX #4

Stupid, sexy Bob and his stupid, sexy HYDRA underwear.(And yes, I would buy several pairs if they really existed)

Green Lantern Corps #56

Pretty great Sinestro moment right there.

The Weaponeer has several Liefeldian guns, but what really caught my eye was the Final Fantasy-like giant sword hanging in the wall.

Power Girl #20

Someone cloned Krypto, but it somehow recognizes Power Girl's scent.

Superior #4

Look at the license plate, it says Kick-Ass. Mark Millar is even promoting his comics inside of the content of other contents. Or it might have been Yu throwing one of his famous Easter eggs (has someone found Howard The Duck yet?).

Superior gets to meet Obama.

Thor #619

Damnit, Marvel, do you think Gods of War grow on trees? Stop killing them so wantonly! The scene is pretty reminiscent of the death of Skurge.

And Balder bites the dust too.

Thor, if the god of mischief is riding you around like pony, odds are you are being played.

Wolverine & Jubilee #1

Pixie? Awesome!

Alright, maybe my mind is in the gutter, but this looks like something else, right?

That pile of dead bodies was already there when I got here!

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Aaron K said...

Matt, when Skurge died (a) it was for a noble purpose, (b) it was emotionally moving, (c) it was awesome in more ways than I can describe. This was just suicide with no hope of accomplishing anything. I thought Fraction would be amazing on this title, but so far he's managed to write characters that I cannot recognize at all. No one is himself or herself. Thor acting as Loki's pony is only the cherry on top.

Zdenko said...

Too bad there's no Max Lord's ''Dogs are weird'' rant. :)

mugiwara said...

Damn, I'd like to say I'm sick and tired of Deadpool, but I can't wait the Trade of the Max version.

Do Asgardian's deaths have shock value anymore? Those guys are dying and coming back more than the X-Men!

Good to see Santo in W&J, but he is a bit too sensitive for my taste. Kyle&Yost are still those who write him the best.

E. Wilson said...

I love the panel in GLC where Sinestro's soldiers try to guess what was stolen from him. It reminds me of Jack trying to explain Christmas to Halloween town.

"What's in the box? A snake? A pox?"

Jeremy said...

I think the Rockslide/Jubilee page is suppose to look like something else

Anonymous said...

I think that Avengers Academy line is supposed to be a reference to 'Back to the Future II'. At the end. Sorry, truly nerdy.

Josh said...

That 'questionable' jubilee panel looks like an obvious homage to the famous Black Flag album cover for "Songs About F#*($&&"

link is vaguely NSFW for language (text):

Ryan K Lindsay said...

That White Lantern moment looks a little video game-ish. Level up, ha.

But that Superior stuff takes the cake - getting him to lift the car Action Comics is enough of a hackneyed homage but I prefer Superior going toe to toe with the war on terror. Is the undercard fight Russell Crowe V Cancer, because Superior will do about as well using his arctic breath and flying against an ideal, moron.

Anonymous said...

"...that's kind of insensitive, considering one of your former competitors actually fell off a bridge."

Ha! That was MY moment of the week.

Matt Duarte said...

@Aaron: I meant that the imagery itself was reminiscent, with the hand sticking out, the piling up on him. I wasn't commenting on the quality of the writing.

@Zdenko: Sorry, didn't see it anywhere.

@Josh: Ohh, good catch!

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that Sinestro is complaining about losing his dignity when he has a porn mustache and form fitting yellow tights on.

Nathan Aaron said...

Stefano Caselli on Amazing Spiderman! - Now THIS is some freakin' perfect artwork!

Zdenko said...

That's the panel I'm talking about. :)

@ Matt-No prob, I'm just saying. :)

Bram said...

Why do Veil and Hazmat switch places in that last AA panel!?

Two-Bit Specialist said...

Brightest Day #18 - Really? That's it for the Hawks? Well, isn't that cheap. :/

Matt Duarte said...

@Zdenko: Yeah, I saw it immediately after I replied the first time, ha. I did this post the day before 4thletter, though.

@TwoBit: I don't think so, but who knows. They'll probably be back soon.

Midnight Monk said...

BD#18- I will admit that the Hawks deserve better, their story in Brightest Day hasn't been the most exciting but it definitely got better near the end. Hopefully they aren't really killed off

Thor-Fraction has clearly gone mental at this point with all the random deaths and rebirths

W&J- The moment between Jub & Rockslide was just..creepy nuff said. Seriously hope this Vampire thing ends soon

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