Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comic Book Moments of The Week for 01/26/11

Holy smokes! This edition of Moments of the Week is freaking huge! I don't know if it's the biggest one ever, but it surely comes close. There was a tsunami of Marvel books, with all three Avengers, three X-Men books, and the big Fantastic Four issue out this week. DC didn't lag much behind, with Action Comics, Detective Comics and Wonder Woman among others. Hit the jump to see more, but as always, remember that there will be spoilers.

Action Comics #897

Joker trolling Luthor. I don't know what's funnier, the haircut joke or the Jazz hands.

Also, Joker once killed a man just to watch him die.

I have no idea what's going on here. Is it a childhood toy from Luthor's past, or some previously unknown fear of horses?

Avengers #9

Who would have thought that Thor would be the calm one that tries to settle things between Steve and Tony?

The Hood uses the Infinity Gems that he has to fix Madame Masque's scarred face.

Captain America #614

Oh Faustus, you magnificent bastard. To make a point about brain washing, he uses hypnotism to make the prosecuting attorney attack members of the court.

Chaos War #5

Hercules fighting the Chaos King. He tries to go for a witty haiku retort, but instead settles with a trusty right hook. Do note, however, that the sound is HAIKOOOOOOM.

Amadeus lets the Chaos King win, by letting him take over the alternate reality that was created during Assault on New Olympus.

Canadians everywhere rejoice, for Alpha Flight is back among the living! Also, a cute Amadeus x Delphine scene.

Detective Comics #873

Well, now I'm going to have nightmares of Barbara Gordon trying to kill me for weeks. (Spoiler: it's an hallucination)

Damn, ever since they went corporate, Dick gets all the nice toys.

Fantastic Four #587

Franklin gets all of his powers back once they knock out Leech. Somewhere in space, Galactus is probably s#$%ing his pants.

The Annihilation wave gets closer, and someone needs to stay to close the portal. Ben decides to stay, but at the last minute, Johnny pulls an Armageddon, and switches places with him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Sue Richards is off being awesome.

Oh, Namor, don't you ever change!

 Johnny faces off against the upcoming attack.

Ben watches on as the wave attacks Johnny on his finals moments. On a side note, this image is totally exploitable.

Justice League - Generation Lost #18

Power Girl was being mind controlled by Max Lord into thinking that Captain Atom was really an evil version of Superman.

New Avengers #8

Jessica does not seem very convinced by the new codename Luke suggested.

I think this is the first time someone has shouted assembled the Avengers via their cell phone.

Doctor Doom is always a Doombot. ALWAYS. Also, it looks like Iron Fist is going to stay with his white costume.

Secret Avengers #9

Moon Knight infiltrates into the evil guys' base. In retrospect, it makes sense that he would be a master of disguises.

Thunderbolts #152

After the reveal from last issue, we learn that this Hyperion claims to be a hero, and that there's been a mix-up with an evil version of himself. Moonstone obviously does not believe him.

And turns out she was right. The Thunderbolts are totally #$%@ed.

Ultimate Avengers 3 #6

Ultimate Cap is back to normal and he has a plan to get rid of the vampires.

He teleported them all to Iran, where the sun obviously was still out.

Uncanny X-Force #4

I am officially grossed out.

Ah the typical "Would you go back in time and kill Hitler?" paradox. X-Force need to decide if they kill Kid Apocalypse or not.

And Fantomex decides to go for the kill. Would have been funny if it was Deadpool, though.

Uncanny X-Men #532

Good to see that Land can still hit Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V like a mofo! Seriously though, look at that last panel. I have spoken about Land's inconsistencies between characters from one panel to the other, but this is the first time I have seen inconsistencies between the same character in the same freaking panel. They are all supposed to look like each other! Why is it that at least three of them have different shaped eyes and noses?!

Wolverine #5

Not exactly sure how this works...

And Sabretooth gets decapitated. Again.

Here we learn what was Mystique's original involvement in all this. She pretended to be Melita being captured, which they used to lure Wolverine.

Wonder Woman #606

The new versions of Cheetah, Fury, and Artemis.

X-Men #7

I don't know if it was the colorist or the penciller that screwed up here, but here Emma is basically wearing crotch-high boots with no under wear at all, and some kind of belly-cover. Yeah, I don't know.

Spider-Man shows up, protecting some Lizard creatures. And it's drawn b Chris Bachalo. Continuation of Shed?

Zatanna #9

Teenage Zatanna in braces. D'awww!

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Peter F DiSilvio said...

The my little pony scared Luthor because it has stars on it the same way Death from Sandman does who he met in a previous issue. The fact that Joker somehow knew about her prvoed to Luthor, in some way, that his near death experience was quite real and that is why it scared the life out of him.

I know you guys are Marvel heavy but at least try to look at the context of previous issues before assuming something as dumb as fear of ponies...

Also, is that all we saw in Fantastic Four? I didn't get the issue but that seems like its barely counts as a death. You don't even see the body

Max Barnard said...

x-men: colorist AND penciller to blame, as theyre both bachalo

Allen Gabriel said...

Couple of thoughts on X-Force

1. Could Fantomex's killing of kid Apocalypse been a use of his misdirection powers? I haven't read any other comics with Fantomex in them, so I'm not sure if his abilities would allow him to pull of such an illusion, but it would seem to follow comic logic for kid Apocalypse to survive.

2. Maybe it's just me but Deadpool feeding Warren was kind of a horribly, disgusting way only Deadpool could make it.

Jonathan_R said...

Hey, Peter, don't be a jerk. Being "Marvel heavy" has nothing to do with a difficult-to-understand panel.

Radlum said...

The worst part of Chaos War (and there are many things I disliked) is that only Alpha Flight came back to life; I was expecting Swordsman and Yellowjacket to be back too (yeah, I'm one of those guys who likes when comic book deaths mean nothing).

I guess Fraction and Gillen decided to use Collective Man just to make Land happy.

Stephen Waniak said...

@Peter: It's my understanding that Matt compiles the Moments of the Week from scans he's able to find online. We can't expect the guy to read every book on the stands, so of course he's not going to know the backstory for each and every scene. As someone who doesn't read Action Comics, I enjoyed the hell out of that moment because, well, it's a My Little Pony putting the fear of God into Lex Luthor. I appreciate your explaining the connection to Death, and I think the scene is much more interesting now that I know that, but is it necessary to call Matt out?

I love that Deadpool scene. This kind of twisted humor is perfect for Deadpool. I don't think Remender has written anything for Marvel yet that I haven't loved, and I can't wait for his Venom. Opena's art is also beautiful. Although I can't wait for Esad Ribic on interiors for the next arc. His Dark Reign: The List: Wolverine issue was extremely impressive. Not only can the guy put out some fantastic covers, but he's also an excellent storyteller.

I'm also really digging Epting's work on Fantastic Four. He's a perfect fit, and he nailed that "Flame On" scene.

On the other hand, Chris Bachalo, Steve Dillon, and Greg Land continue to put out work that does absolutely nothing for me. I loved Bachalo's work on the Death miniseries and on Generation X, but aside from some really cool panel compositions, I can't find much positive to say about his more recent work. Dillon remains extremely competent, but his work has never done it for me, and I still really wish he'd try something even a little bit different with one of the titles he works on. And I simply can't say anything positive about Greg Land. Hopefully he's at least a nice guy, because his artwork is utter garbage.

Anonymous said...


I mean, let's not get into how this site is marvel heavy or not. They're quite fair.


I mean, it is calling out matt, but it would be better if the scene had better context.

iwasherefirst said...


"Also, is that all we saw in Fantastic Four? I didn't get the issue but that seems like its barely counts as a death. You don't even see the body."

To this, I say:

"at least try to look at the context of next few panels before assuming something as dumb as no body..."


The best part of that Chaos War issue was Hercules' failed attempt at a haiku, which actually becomes an accidental haiku. It is a thing of subtle, hilarious beauty and quite a nice little nod to Herc's greater character; no matter how badly he screws up everything he does, he still manages to get it right somehow.

Midnight Monk said...

I laugh how much Namor can be a douche in every book he appears in

As for Steve Rogers....time to break down his "plan" and reason why he shouldn't be yelling at anyone.

Steve is like a great big fart in a small room, which is why I find his authority laughable. His entire "plan" is a joke beyond all words. Commander Steve Rogers believes afew appointed individual can take over the work done by entire organizations like HAMMER & SHIELD but in hindsight. His Secret Avengers only show up when he needs them for mission and their hardly Secret since they've been showing up everyone in plain sight. Regular Avengers are too busy in other dimensions to worry about street crime and New Avengers spend more time chilling in the mansion than on actual mission since more than half of them have other more important responsibilities. How he is in charge of anything is just a sad misleading thought and I'd prefer a cop-out at this point rather than having to deal with anymore of his "Capes in charge" crap. Nick Fury's SHIELD corrupt as it was got the job done for decades, Tony Stark SHIELD had a sound and almost perfect plan but was only ruined because of aliens. Norman Osborn's HAMMER was corrupt as all hell but the man got the job done like never before because for one he actually had the Punisher killed someone the others failed to do. But Steve Rogers...a man out of time with a piss poor plan doomed to fail

Yep I said, deal with it Cap fans.

Matt Duarte said...

As some people have already pointed out, just because I post a moment doesn't mean I read the book in question. I might have an idea what's going on, but I won't get all the subtleties of it as someone who has read it.

I hadn't noticed the Death-connection, I just assumed the "overheard a certain conversation" meant something else completely. Most of all, it was Luthor being scared by a My Little Pony, which I thought was funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

I miss the reviews!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Anon11 - lucky for you some reviews were posted just the other day. For free, just a click away, so off you go.

But if it's the Power Rankings specifically you are missing then you can always hit Ryan S up on Twitter, his user name is on the side, or email him, he puts the address at the start of each set of Rankings...but of course to contact him that way might rob your of your anonymity. But you sound like you really want to be heard so I figure that won't be a problem.

You're welcome :)

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Look I'm not trying to cause a fight, far from it, I love this column and this site. I was just under the assumption that between whomever works for Weekly Crisis that they were reading the book and just purposely being snide about it. I wasn't trying to start a fight about the column being Marvel heavy but I do get the feeling that Marvel gets treated much better here. Its just an opinion.

Also @iwasherefirst Nice attempt at trying to use my own words against me but since I was asking a question and not making a statement of fact your point really doesn't make sense, does it?

Finally am I the only one who is excited for the eventual "What If Fantomex Didn't Kill Apocalypse?" I'm sure it won't be done well but just the idea of Apocalypse growing up to be a member of the X-men seems very cool to me

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Peter - Sadly neither Matt nor I read Action Comics so had no clue to what the scene really was about. Either way, Matt found it funny and included it. We've discusses before not being able to read, or keep completely abreast, of every book out there, money does hinder our scope of knowledge.

As for Marvel getting better treatment, man, we've been through this. I would agree Marvel gets more treatment, I buy Marvel/DC in about a 10/1 ratio, but what DC I buy gets good reviews. I wouldn't say we go out of our way to slam DC and praise Marvel, both publishers get a chance in the ringer. You'll probably just find more Marvel praise because we read more Marvel stuff. I'd love to read everything on the shelves, trust me, but money is a factor. I guess the fact I don't buy much DC shows they interest me less and that could be taken as criticism, but I don't declare that every week, so it not some massive bias.

Hope that makes sense, mate.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Absolutely. I can definitely understand that. Like I said I meant no disrespect in my first comment. I just felt like the issue was getting short changed.

No hard feelings

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Peter - of course not, the fact you signed your comment with a real name just gains so much more interest and respect from me to begin with. No worries, thanks for sticking around to clear the air.

Oh, and as for FF, there is one more double splash where Johnny is swarmed, you certainly get the idea he's just not going to make it, but the death is never really overtly stated - except in the press. I think it was actually quite an effective way at portraying a hero's death - no need to linger in it.

Ronald said...

Deadpool shooting Kid Apocalypse never would have made sense in character continuity because it's been stated before in a past Deadpool issue that one of the few morality lines that he won't cross was offing a kid.

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