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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/29/10

It's a new year, but we still have some unfinished business with 2010. Namely, it's time to see the Moments of the Week of the last delivery of comics of the past year. It's a pretty big and heavy week, with some important titles like the double punch of Action Comics and Detective Comics, not to mention Avengers, or the big finale to the first arc of X-Men. Hit the jump to see them.

Action Comics #896

Oh Deadshot, never change! Also, if you look closely, the bullets seem to say "killed by the best".

Double moment here. "I quit that for lesbianism" had me laughing out loud, and then Robot-Lois breaks out the artillery. Let's have her team up with Machine Man, yes?

Damnit, Vandal Savage, why must you destroy everything? Are you some sort of caveman...oh right.

Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #4

Wolverine is knocked back into time, and finds himself in Spider-Man's origin tale as a wrestler. As you can see, this takes place before the death of Uncle Ben

Here we learn just who exactly is sending them through time: Czar and Big Murder. The former has a "Timestick" that "knocks your butt into next week. Literally."

And on top of that they seem to be working for none other than Mojo. It's been a while since we've seen him, hasn't it?

Avengers #8

Medusa takes Black Bolt's place among the Illuminati. You would figure someone would have told Reed that Black Bolt had died, it's been a while since the end of War of Kings. Also, that's a very ugly Lockjaw.

The Illuminati stand revealed. I like the winter gear the Avengers are wearing here.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1

David Finch seeks the answer to how many bird puns can be put into a single double spread page.

Captain America #613

As if Bucky wasn't in enough trouble as it is, Sin tries to raise some more muck for him.

Deadpool Team-Up #886

Oh those treacherous yellow caption boxes, always failing you at the most important moments.

Detective Comics #872
Just a nice scene between Dick and Tim. Pretty cool gadget too.

The auctioneer and leader of the Mirror House. He is straight up evil, as you can see.

One of the things they auction is the crowbar that the Joker used to beat Jason Todd. Straight up evil, I tell you.

Green Lantern #61

The Butcher possesses a person. The design is creepy enough, but the red-constructs of knives around the belt are just silly.

Hulk #28

Uatu the Watcher seems to have abandoned his post, presumably because the Red Hulk punched him.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #5

The identity of The Night Machine, and father of Leonid, is revealed: none other than Nikola Tesla! (I do believe this calls for a crossover with Atomic Robo).

Spider-Girl #2

Several interesting things here: first and most important of all, the death of Anya's father. There's also the Red Hulk acting oddly out of character, and the mysterious character watching the whole scene.

Ultimate Spider-Man #151

Black Cat was about to kill Kingpin when Mysterio beat her to the punch. Then again, Kingpin never seems to die. It could very well be an illusion.

Ultimate Thor #3

Odin's throne here looks an awful lot like the movie version.

Widowmaker #2

The identity of Ronin here is teased some more. It's a man with short black hair. Any ideas?

X-Men #6

Surprising absolutely no one, Dracula kills his son and takes back his place as leader of vampires.

Not to be outdone by David Finch, Victor Gischler tries to see how many cliche lines he can fit into a single page.

What are you, retarded or something? I'm the goddamn Cyclops!

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stewie said...

the movie universe and the ultimate universe are both going to be similar seeing as the whole avengers franchise is based largely on the ultimates

Midnight Monk said...

You when the an issue of the Avengers looks way TOO MUCH like an issue of Kick-Ass then it's about time to hire a new artist. Seriously I'd love to like the Avengers but they are making it really hard

As for the Butcher from GL, nothing silly about him in my opinion. He's definitely the coolest looking out of all the previously possessed people especially that pitful "Male Star Shapphire"

Zdenko said...

That pic of the Butcher is jaw-droppingly awesome. Nothing silly about him, I agree. Also, that Dark Knight spred is jaw-droppingly awesome. :-D

Best comics of the week IMHO is Astonishing Spidey/Wolverine, but best cliffhanger as in I want to read the next issue RIGHT NOW is Avengers 8. I needs Avengers 9 to come soon, presumably now.

Anonymous said...

I like how actual events from Avengers 7 and Fantastic Four 586 are repeated in Red Hulk.

Ivan said...

The moustache gave Tesla away in S.H.I.E.L.D #1, if you ask me.

And the auctioneer doesn't seem to be aware that dolphins kill baby porpoises for no other reason than shits and giggles.

twobitspecialist said...

What Anonymous 4 said. Makes me wish I was following Hulk. It's usually pretty continuity-consistent.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to call bullshit on the auctioneer. He's factually and observably incorrect. While it arguably impossible to know what something is thinking as it's doing something, everything I've read shows that higher levels of intelligent among animals correlates positively with acts of altruism. It's no coincidence that people with anti-social personality disorders often have severe neurological problems and severe developmental disorders. Sociapathy is a genetic and social throwback.

(I would site my sources but I don't have access to old books and articles. If any biologists would like to weigh in, please do so.)

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