Monday, January 17, 2011

Cover of the Week - BRPD: Hell on Earth & Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Running slightly late, but never fear, for Cover of the Week is here! This week, we have for you an anatomy cover, and a mechanical cover. What am I talking about? You are going to have to hit the jump to find out which covers won.

Ryan L.'s Covers of the Week - BPRD Hell On Earth: Gods #1 by Guy Davis

Ryan L.: I have yet to read an issue of BPRD, something I wish to perhaps remedy once the issues go digital, but this cover is good whether you know what you're looking at or not. I'm a sucker for cross-section diagrams and anatomy and I could star at this cover for quite some time. It might not tell you anything about the story but it certainly grabs the eye.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Thor: The Mighty Avenger #8 by Chris Samnee

Matt: I just love that you can see all the breaking pieces as Thor smashes the armor into smithereens.  You could probably even piece them together to see how they were supposed to fit originally. That's dedication to your craft right there. It's a very eye catching design, and Samnee's take on Iron Man is inspired as unique.

Runner-Ups: Infinite Vacation #1, Knight & Squire #4, Widowmaker #3

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Ivan said...

Can't get enough of Iron Man getting beat up by Thor.

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