Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cover of the Week - Uncanny X-Force, Avengers & Loki

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it's time for Cover of The Week, yet it is not Sunday. That's because the Moments of The Week are a bit delayed, because it seems that every book EVER came out this Wednesday. In any case, we got three winning covers for you today. Hit the jump to see them.

Ryan L.'s Covers of the Week - Uncanny X-Force by Esad Ribic #4

Ryan L.: I generally don't dig on Ribic's covers, I certainly didn't like them on Daredevil, but here he shows me exactly why he gets work. The composition of this one has been played out a few times before, big threat spills down the page to the target in the corner, but it works here because of the colours and the poses. It's almost like X-Force are coming out of nowhere, an imagined threat as KidPocalypse waits for something to give. Where exactly is Fantomex coming from? Who cares, just enjoy the spectacle of very cool killers posing very cool poses.

This week I'm picking two because...I wanted to. The next choice is:

Avengers #9 by John Romita Jr.

I'm also not a fan of JRJr, usually, but again the colours and composition work for me. It could be us, the reader, holding the Infinity Gauntlet and this is how to do colours without looking like an Alex Ross Hot Mess. I even like how the Avengers logo is broken across the middle of the cover. This works for me in all it's brightness exactly the way Ribic's X-Force works for me in all it's gray.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Loki #4 by Travel Foreman

Matt: Who would have thought that Japanese-style art and Norse mythology would mix so well? Foreman creates a great image here, eerie and powerful. The use of negative space is quite interesting too. All in all, a very strong cover.

Runner-Ups: Captain America #614, Scalped #45, X-Men Forever 2 #16

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Aaron K said...

It's funny that you note that every comic ever came out this week since one of the winners, Loki #4, was one of the few that didn't! Indeed, Loki #3 isn't due out until the 16th of February! Perhaps this can be the first issue to win Cover of the Week twice! :)

Matt Duarte said...

Well, shit. I normally use the catalog that comics have on their websites. The Marvel one has been notably unreliable for the past couple of months.

Klep said...

That Loki cover is incredible.

Retcon Joe said...

As soon as I saw Avengers 9 it was like a rainbow of flavours jumped off the page at me. I haven't even read the issue and already this is one of my favourite covers for this run of Avengers!

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