Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Dennis Culver's Batman, Inc. Redesigns

Wally West, the newest member of Batman, Inc. 

With the current expansion of Batman, Inc. to all the corners of the world, more and more established heroes will take up the Batman mantle. Take for example Wally West as the Batman of Keystone City. It's not like DC was doing much else with the character anyway. 

Alright, so this is not an official thing, just an incredibly fun art piece by artist Dennis Culver. In his sketch journal, Culver has been redesigning some familiar DC heroes into members of Batman, Inc. with incredible good results, such as the one above. I've included some of my other favorites after the jump, but be sure to visit his website to see them all, which is filled to the brim with great art.

Cassandra Cain.

Captain Batarang (based on Captain Boomerang).


Big Barda (Jack Kirby and Batman mixed together? That sound you just heard was Chris Sims fainting from awesome overdose).

Connor Hawke (what is he up to these days anyway?).

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Ivan said...

I can buy that design for Dick-Batman, not Bruce-Batman. And with way less yellow.

Matt Duarte said...

@Ivan: Which design you mean? The first one up there? That's supposed to be Wally West dressed up as Batman (hence the blurring).

Steven said...

Where do you get the idea that ANY established heroes are going to take on the Batman mantle? I'm betting they'll all be created by Morrison, or will be horribly obscure and won't actually change their identity.

Ivan said...

@Matt - Ah, I get it now, haha. If that's the case then the design is spot-on.

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