Friday, January 21, 2011

PDF Waiting - Misery Loves Sherman

It's only been a few days since Skottie Young threw a PDF of his cartoon, The Adventures of Bernard The World Destroyer, onto his site for $2 to download. Now, we have Chris Eliopoulos doing the same thing whith his own popular strip, Misery Loves Sherman. I've downloaded mine, that's for sure, so hit the jump to quickly see why you should get your PayPal into action and give up two bucks for some seriously good work.

In just one week we get two creators putting their hard work, and damn good work, up on the internet for a song. These are good deals, people, no other way to put it. $2 is absolutely nothing, it's less than a single issue at the store, and yet here you get a bit more than a single issue, especially on the Misery Loves Sherman product. There are 129 pages in this PDF, and 124 of them are the actual strips. There are 3 strips per page, so that's 372 strips for $2. That's unreal. Buy it!

I will admit, I haven't yet read all of the PDF because I just bought it and thought it better to get the news out rather than make you good people wait. I will even let Mr Eliopoulos summate what the strip is about:

Welcome to the world of Sherman. It’s not a normal world. Two aliens live with him. Zort, the “smart” one, bent on taking over the world and Benny, the not so smart one, bent on taking over the buffet. Also hanging around is Sherman’s Melvin Martianhunter action fi gure that Zort brought to life--he’s got size issues. Joining the gang is Mort...death. All try to navigate through life and away from Sherman’s mean sister, Fran. Between her and a father that is a tightwad and a mother that passiveagressively pushes her son to achieve, the gang has a rough time.
I have sampled these strips from time to time, and delved a little into this PDF, and it's a fun strip. I don't read newspapers anymore, I get my news online, so I rarely read strips anymore, especially new ones. Which is a shame because I used to love, LOVE, Robotman. But I can't get that fix anymore but Sherman sates those needs a little bit.

Eliopoulos is a funny creator and maybe after sampling his good here it might spur you to buy his Franklin Richards: Son Of A Genius and Pet Avengers titles because both are really good. The man writes the sort of kids comics that people lament as not existing anymore.

I should also mention, Skottie Young just gave us an update on how his Bernard PDF is selling. In one week, he's sold 391 copies of his PDF, that's over $700. Not bad for a book he worked on over a year ago and has collected in actual book form already. He's no doubt made most of his money from it and this edxperiment is just gravy. It's not enough to retire on, but as Skottie says, the PDF is now available for as long as he wants and with no more extra costs. It can just slowly but surely keep bringing him cash in. I also think it's more important that PDFs like these are great toe-dipping places for people to get an idea of what this creator is like.


I applaud these creators for trying something different. They're not trying to flip the bird to the comic industry as it stands today but rather trying to see what works, and trying to do something for themselves. I can only hope more than 391 people will step up to lend two bucks, get some entertainment, and show the industry that this model is something that can be purposeful and then we might get even more in the future. Imagine an age where we can get out favourite creators and characters for $2 and a quick download. I like the look of that so I've given my money, will you? Here's the link!

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