Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reader Question - Did You Buy Fantastic Four #587 Today?

Today was the early release day for the now infamous Fantastic Four #587, which sees one of the characters of the first family of comics die. The event has received plenty of media attention so far. Because of this, Marvel allowed certain retailers to sell the issue a day earlier, allowing readers to get their hands on the issue one day earlier than normal.

Did you buy and read the issue today? And more importantly, whether you have read it yet or not, have you managed to avoid spoilers so far? A hard task, considering everyone and their mothers was talking about it! Let us know in the comment sections below (and please, as spoiler free as possible!).

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Klep said...

I did not buy it today because I had to wait for a shipment from UPS, but I think I'm going to as soon as I get a chance (weather may keep that from being tomorrow). I do want to crow a bit and mention that I called who was going to bite it a couple months ago. It was the only person who made sense to me.

Zdenko said...

I've been spoiled by seeing the Davis's cover for the issue on Marvel's FB Feed. So I click it and see in the comments... And... :/

The thing that annoys the hell of me is that people are dismissing this issue as a cash grab when, in reality, it's a excellent issue with the death being a logical, normal turn of events. The hints are there, just read those issues with their visitor from the Future.

Also, the story in I am an avenger 4 (I think?) totally made it obvious.

Anonymous said...

Not only did I buy it and read it on my lunch break today, but I managed to avoid spoilers and get the answer... well, organically. Satisfying!

Anonymous said...

I spoiled the answer, but I knew it. I just asked myself who hadn't already died in the last 20 years, or in What If #42 (series 1). I'll still buy it, though I may wait for next week's cover.

BTW, doesn't anybody on this site review comics anymore? It's been two weeks without the regular reviews. If it wasn't for the Moments of the Week, I'd have given up on this site already.

Logan said...

I actually bought two copies, one to read, and one to keep sealed. I didn't even try to avoid spoilers (I Googled it this morning) because I usually like to know what I'm getting before I buy something. After reading the issue I felt that in a way, knowing who was going to die lent an additional sense of tradgedy to the scenes preceding it. I will say that Jonathan Hickman can write a death as well as any author I've read before. His death of Phobos in Secret Warriors was excellent and the death in this issue almost had me in tears (and I don't really care for the Fantastic Four).

Chris said...

I'm picking it up tomorrow but despite trying to avoid spoilers on the internet, a friend who doensn't read comics saw it on the news and texted me about it, assuming I had already read it since it was being covered by the mainstream media....still excited to read it though.

btownlegend said...

I agree with the "what's up with the reviews" statement. I came to this site following the Iowan's reviews and I would like said reviews. Also miss the preview of the week's comics, that's been gone for a hot minute.

Jonathan Perez said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jormungand said...

It was a pretty good death, but not great. Best Marvel deaths:
1. Skurge (Thor 362)
2. Captain Marvel (Death of Captain Marvel GN)
3. Jim Jaspers (The Mighty World of Marvel 12)
4. Kraven (Amazing Spiderman 294)
5. The Midgard Serpent (Thor 380)
6. Elektra (Daredevil 181)
7. Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spiderman 121)
8. Grandmaster (The Thanos Quest 2)
9. Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men 137)
10. Norman Osborn (Amazing Spiderman 122)

Daryll B. said...

Jormungand, that's a good list allow me to add a couple more:

The Original Guardian's death in Alpha Flight in issue 12 I believe... Heartbreaking and heart-wrenching at the same time... to Heather AND the readers.

Doc's death in The Pit (G.I. Joe #25)..My favorite character at the time and totally shocked me that the book would have killing as opposed to the cartoon...

Ben Reilly's Death towards the end of The Clone Saga.. First time I ever threw down an issue in disgust IN my comic shop...

Thing's death during the Waid/Wieringo run on FF.... Was well done along with the reactions of the team afterwards leading into the "Hereafter" arc

Alex Wilder's and Gert's deaths during the Runaways... Neither felt forced and I was truly shocked when both bit it.

Like Zdenko, I read I am an Avenger 4 and that sort of revealed this outcome to me but this was not a shocking death in terms of sales or the "wow" factor. Hickman did a great job (similar to what he did with most of the Howling Commandos in Secret Warriors... Poor Gabe!) of making it an outgrowth of the saga and events.

..and that Ben last line....WHOA! Truly Memorable indeed....

Daryll B. said...

...and for the love of God Jonathan.. DON'T let Marvel turn the funeral into a rehash of that Sentry travesty!!!!!

Matt Duarte said...

@Jonathan Perez: Sorry, I had to delete your comment because there was a big spoiler in it. Not everyone reading the comments section might have read the issue already.

Retcon Joe said...

Haven't read it. Figured out the death even without the spoilers. The spoilers don't ruin it for me. What ruins it for me is the fact that the reveal was suppose to be hush hush and then before anyone gets a chance to open their shops Marvel reveals. Let's try to keep a secret.

Oh, by the way I'm buying it and Make Mine Marvel.

-Retcon Joe

Anonymous said...

i read in CBR that some copies come with jonathan hickman sign but marvel dont say how many of them are

TheGaf said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris said...

Damn my shop was sold out.....ordered it online now but gotta wait a week, no way I would have made it that long without finding out who died so I guess it didn't matter so much that I found out early.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey The Gaf - I removed your comment purely for the spoiler. What you say is true though, so feel free to add it in a few days. Cheers, mate.

Jacob said...

Been reading FF since the 9 cent issue, so of course I got it. Could not avoid spoilers.
If we had not been told there was a "death" and I read it as a normal issue I would not have even thought that anyone died. I would have thought it was a cliff hanger and I had to cough up the cash and find out next month. It was a good issue, Hickman's whole run has be very good.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone did die. They never do. Once they restart with #1 they will be "found" by the end of the first arc. So please Marvel no funeral.

I do hope The Sentry continues to stay away for awhile though.

Anonymous said...

I don't bother with "death" issues anymore. So overdone, and since I lag behind in my reading, the characters are usually back to life by the time I get around to the funeral issues.

krakkaboom said...

I didn't buy it on the 25th, but I did buy it on the 26th.

Jamie said...

No, I didn't buy it - even though my comic book retailer put it in my pile, despite the fact that I don't read FF. It was in one of those silly plastic bags. How much was it?

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