Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 Tuesdays - Ten Predictions For 2011

One year down, always another to go. The machine doesn’t stop, not for nothing, not for no one. We have 12 months ahead of us so I want to have a look at what I think might just happen between January and December. I'm shooting some thoughts out, so let's have a look and then see how they might pan out. I'm talking about price points, my favourite series, and the death of one line as another expands, amongst other things. Hit the jump to see my predictions for 2011.

1 - Marvel To Make Comics At $3.99

DC announced a drop, line-wide, of all its titles to $2.99 and all we had to sacrifice was two pages an issue and any back up features. In a rush to catch up, Marvel announced something similar. It didn’t really explain how it was matching DC but it put it out there. A little while later, they said that some new minis would come in at $2.99, but nothing that had already been solicited at $3.99. Then a little later it said there would be 5 titles put out at $2.99 – if they were supported then they might follow suit with more titles at the lower price point. They have made no action to lower current titles like Avengers or X-Men. I doubt they will. Ever.

So, in the new year, I figure Marvel will make it official that all titles will be raised to the $3.99 price point. Everything, every time. But, to separate themselves from DC who is at $2.99 for 20 pages of comics, Marvel will announce that their $3.99 comics will have more pages, maybe just 22, maybe more, or maybe they will throw in back up features on top of the standard comic size. Some back ups might be comics and some might be text pieces like Brubaker used in Criminal and Bendis has been adding to the back of his Avengers titles. This is where the industry will split, DC one way and Marvel the other, and people will probably be forced to choose.

2 - Gødland Celestial Edition #3

I prayed for this last year and I was delivered unto its awesomeness. Like I’m not going to try and work that miracle again. Sure, the second one came out months after it was first solicited but it was worth the wait. My life will be complete once I get another one of these on my shelf. I admit that such a time frame might put the collection creation under a bit of a speedy time frame but surely they’re already working on it, right?

This comic is something I really dig on, and completely wish I had gotten in with the floppy vibe but now I’m dedicated to get a set of the Celestial HCs and so I want another one. I’ll even let them push back the publication until December if that helps them.

3 - Casanova Returns, For Reals

Yeah, it returned last year but only as reprints. They’re still awesome but I’ve already read them. Now I’m looking for some new content and 2011 is surely the year for it. Casanova is scheduled already and is a lock to appear (though Fraction’s work on Fear Itself for Marvel might take up more time than he will have) but I don’t just want the comic on the stands, I want the experience back in my life. What does that mean?

Casanova is a comic that I will expect, nay demand, a certain amount of quality on. For 14 issues, Casanova became a must read comic. Every issue was sublime, every page considered, and I won’t accept just another comic knocked off and dashed to the printers. This might sound incredibly entitled of me and it probably is so I will end by saying I cannot wait for more high concept adventures of the Quinn family. I just don’t know who I really want to see more, Casanova or Zephyr. I’m sure I’ll love it all anyway.

4 - Remender On Daredevil

Surely, I can only say this so many times, and in so many venues, before it actually happens. Diggle has officially announced that he’s ending his Daredevil run with Reborn. After that, well, we don’t know what will be happening. One thing that will be certain is that Marvel will return Daredevil to the page. He’s, generally, a critical success and his sales perform well enough that he’s a lock to still have his own series. His sales would be even better if he relaunched with a number one and you know Marvel won’t go through all this without going through that motion as well. The only question is, who will bring Daredevil back?

Rick Remender is right now telling his last Punisher story, so that’s one place open in his dance card. He’s just launched Uncanny X-Force and he’s got a new Venom title coming down the pipeline. I think he has space to pick up Daredevil and I also think he has the ability to tell one hell of a run on the title. If you don’t believe that Remender can make water into wine then you need to read Franken-Castle. This is the man to bring Daredevil back, and he could probably continue some Mr. Fear business, too. And I wouldn’t mind Clay Mann being put on with him.

5 - BKV Comics

Brian K Vaughan. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Maybe not, he’s been off the grid for a while, so maybe you’ve just completely forgotten him. He wrote a mini about Chamber, and some tales about Mystique, he also wrote the greatest ever comic published (you can decide which title to put alongside that statement, he’s got a few you might think fit). He also wrote on LOST, and he wrote on that show while it was still a titan of television. But lately, not so much. I want that to change in 2011.

BKV created the Runaways property at Marvel and that looks set to get a movie, and he’s shopping his own movie script called The Vault, and he might just have a show at FOX called Smokers. He’s generating a fair degree of buzz, but not in comics anymore. Not in the playground that built him. But he’s always said he loves comics and that he’s going to start up another creator owned comic once Ex Machina finishes. Well, that comic is finished so what better time to focus on a new title. BKV works best when in his own sandbox so he needs to drop a new title in this coming year. I don’t even care what it’s about, I’ll buy it, read it, write about it.

6 - Steve Back As Cap

Steve Rogers was Captain America. He died, became lost in time, and his sidekick, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, became the new Captain America. Then Steve Rogers returned from the dead (it’s comics, no doubt) but he left Bucky as Cap and he became the head of the newly reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. and led his Secret Avengers. It’s a grand status quo change and kudos to Marvel for sticking to it. But we all know it won’t last.

In 2011, with a Captain America movie on the way, Steve Rogers will most certainly take up the shield again and become Cap once more. Bucky will be demoted in some way but he will get leadership of the Secret Avengers as a severance package. It might sound like a big cop out but tell me you won’t be happy. I have preferred Bucky as my Cap but I would really dig him being the leader of the Secret Avengers. Bring it on.

7 - No More Ultimate Comics

The Ultimate Universe for Marvel has been a pretty big cash cow for over a decade now. It launched new reader friendly versions of the Marvel U stalwarts like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. It was a sales success that slowly dwindled and turned supernova with the Ultimatum crossover event that both sold well, got critically drubbed, and basically fizzled out any momentum the imprint might have had.

Now we have the Ultimate Comics imprint, mildly different but not really, and the only things of note coming from them are Spider-Man and some versions of the Avengers, as well as a fair few minis. Granted those titles usually sell well and do okay with fans, it seems that Ultimate Spidey is set to die and Millar only has so many arcs planned for his Avengers so I am making a guess that once these two things wrap themselves up the Ultimate Universe will just whither up and go away for a while. I don’t profess that it will go away forever but it will go away, and probably should.

8 - Icon To Have One More

Marvel’s Icon imprint has been doing pretty well over the past year with Brubaker/Phillips’ Criminal and Incognito, Fraction/Ba/Moon’s Casanova, Bendis/Oeming’s Powers, Bendis/Maleev’s Scarlet, and Millar’s many titles. It feels about time for someone else to come into the Icon fold. It might not be a massive sales bonanza but it does give that creator the chance to scratch their more subversive, creator owned itch and still stay with the House of Ideas exclusively. Everything is in-house and everyone is happy.

There are a few creators currently working with Marvel in a major capacity that could come into the Icon fold. I would love for it to be Duane Swierczynski but it probably won’t happen so let’s just move on. Jason Aaron would be a good choice but I think while Scalped is still rocking over at Vertigo he might not want to do anything else. I could see Rick Remender being a guy tapped for this initiative because the man seems to be quite the idea farm and Fear Agent has just wrapped up. Maybe even Jeff Parker could get the opportunity to explore a creator owned idea within this safe bubble of Marvel. I’m not certain who it will be but I think someone will get the nod.

9 - Ba and Moon To Write A Superhero

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon spent the better part of 2010 proving they are one of the best things to happen in comics for decades. Their art might be good, hell it’s great, but once they married it up with their own writing (instead of the hackery of Matt Fraction, Joss Whedon, and Gerard Way) things simply got phenomenal. Daytripper was one of the best things to come out of 2010 and it will be an erudite work that will definitely live on well beyond this decade or even the lives of the creators. It was a beautiful work and if it’s done nothing else then hopefully it will show one of the Big Two companies that these twin brothers know how to write, and that talent can surely be helpful within the four colour world.

So far, Ba and Moon have usually drawn more independent fare, and only written about the human condition, but imagine if they were given a year on a superhero to see what they could do. Ba and Moon’s Batman would be something to be seen to be believed. Give them an Avengers team and see what happens. Maybe they could relaunch Daredevil or finally make Aquaman the sales success many think he should be. I don’t think you have to write superheroes to be in comics, see Brian Wood, but it certainly would be fun and the Big Two need some smart titles for a change. These guys are the ones to do it so let’s see this happen.

10 - Frank Miller To Return

All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder needs to be finished, and it will be. And Xerxes needs to be conceived, created, published, lauded, panned, and forgotten quickly. 2011 will be the year for both to happen. Miller might have been working his magic on the silver screen but it seemed that most people could see the strings and didn’t like the ruse being attempted. I wouldn’t call it a return with his tail between his legs but more a welcoming home for a lost son. It’s been far too long.

We all know Miller is coming back with Xerxes but my call is that he will come back and actually be good, and people will recognize that. I have been one person who has appreciated Miller’s run on All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder. It’s not perfect but what it sets out to be it completely is. I like that. I think Miller needs to throw himself completely into this, and maybe do one or two other things, and he might just kick start a renaissance in his career. Worse things could happen.


These are just ten things I think, and hope, 2011 might bring for us all. None of it is based on fact, some has already been hinted at, and some is complete fabrication. Either way, it makes me excited to think about what might be on the horizon. Fun, that’s what’s coming up, and I cannot wait. Do you have predictions or hopes for 2011? Hit the comments and let us know.

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MisterSmith said...

#2 - You'll likely get it sooner than later since Tom Scioli mentioned on Robot6 that 2011 was going to be the year they give Godland a 'big grand viking funeral.' I'd love to see for the first one to get reprinted again so I could check this series out.

#5 & #10 - I've got a feeling these guys are more or less busy with Hollywood. Which is a shame, at least in BKV's case. But you never know.

#7 - Which would be kind of a shame, since I think the line is probably the best its been in years. Ultimatum was terrible in just about every respect, but prior to it I couldn't say I was reading nearly everything in the line. Now, with the exception of Loeb's work, I've read/plan to read everything else the line currently has to offer. Everything else before was dead weight. Then again, the line has been shrinking so maybe my view is in the minority.

Kevin said...

What makes Andy Diggle's run on Daredevil so disappointing is the fact that he did start his run off very strong and he just degraded it to nothing with the awful work on Shadowland. I dropped Shadowland half way through though I hope to pick up Daredevil back up when someone else writes it. Remender would be good for Daredevil. I would also like to see Aaron take the book on since he has a style that perfectly fits Daredevil.

As a follower of Ultimate Spider-Man since day 1 it is sad to here that Marvel looks to end the series with the characters death. I am still crossing my fingers he doesn't die but if he does it is a damn shame because all the Ultimate Universe will be remember as will be what it degrade to with Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum instead of the positives. Oh well.

Ivan said...

Bá and Moon on Aquaman sounds just crazy enough to work.

twobitspecialist said...

You did not just call Joss Whedon a hack.

Matt Duarte said...

I'm pretty sure that Ryan was being facetious.

Nas Hoosen said...

I gotta agree with Kevin. I think Jason Aaron's the guy up for Daredevil next. Not only is it more his speed now that Matt appears to be out in the desert (seriously, am I the only one who thought Jason Aaron might actually *be* Native American for a while there?!), but Aaron was one of "The Architects" who has a new series coming up in 2011.

Midnight Monk said...

As much as I'd hate to admit it, yes Steve will be back as Cap which sux because I never really liked Cap til' Bucky took over because Steve felt abit to naive in his role if you ask me.

As for Rick on DD, I wouldn't doubt it. I haven't read much of his stuff aside from Punisher and X-Force but I'm damn impressed and hope he does do DD

Anonymous said...

Bucky will die in 2011, he will likely do something ugly and right before he has a chance to redeem himself Daken will get to him.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty interesting reading now it's the end of 2011. It'd be cool to see this reposted with comparisons to what actually happened.

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