Thursday, February 10, 2011

Antony Johnston on Misty Knight's Pregnancy

Over at The Other Murdock Papers, Christine (who occasionally writes for us here at The Weekly Crisis as well) has posted a great two part interview with Antony Johnston. The writer goes in great detail over the creative process for Shadowland, and addresses the issue regarding Misty Knight's pregnancy. It's a very interesting interview that covers a wide variety of topics that everyone that has read the Daredevil titles for the past year should look through. You can read part one here, and part two here.

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Klep said...

I was very disappointed when I learned that Misty's pregnancy wasn't really a pregnancy after all. I love happy endings and was looking forward to seeing Danny and Misty trying to figure out how to be heroes and parents, and interacting with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones doing the same thing. It would have made for some strong stories and some cute stories. Instead we see Marvel yet again refuse to allow some of their characters to grow.

Midnight Monk said...

@Klep Characters tend to rarely grow in comics, hell look at DC. Tim Drake has age so much but Bruce Wayne is still like 35 I believe and you can expect Damien Wayne to still be 10 yrs old 20 something years later unless some writer decides to kill him off

Aaron K said...

@Klep - While I share your disappointment in Misty's fake pregnancy and the abrupt (and seemingly unprovoked) termination of Danny & Misty's engagement, I think there may be hope for growth or good stories yet. It appears that Fred Van Lente is going to be addressing Danny & Misty's romance in Power Man & Iron Fist. (Danny is already dating another woman (and it's his employeee!), but Misty looms large over this new relationship.)

twobitspecialist said...

Whoa. When did all of this happen? What books?

Matt Duarte said...

If memory doesn't fail me, Misty was shown pregnant in Immortal Iron Fist, then she was appearing in Shadowland/Blood on the Streets, and then it was revealed in a short story in the anthology mini series "I Am an Avenger" that the pregnancy was some kind of mystical false positive.

IronFist Fan said...

Misty's false pregnancy issue was a big disappointment,this is the kind of stuff that happens when a good book get canceled for no reason and leave important plots and stories hanging.
During Duane's early run of immortal iron fist, it was revealed iron fist had a son in the future(even that some believe the child's parents was Zhou Cheng and Danny's secretary)
Duane never got the chance to clarify that.
I hope Fred Van Lente's plans for iron fist, he will resolve all this in a good way

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