Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/02/11

Even though this week's shipment of comics is nowhere near as big as the last one, we still have a HUGE version of Moments of the Week lined up for you. Some big hitters like Amazing Spider-Man and Brightest Day show up, as well as the always awesome Secret Six, She-Hulks, and many others. Hit the jump to see more.

Amazing Spider-Man #653

It wouldn't be a Dan Slott comic without an appearance by Squirrel Girl, Earth's Mightiest Nanny.

Interesting appearance by Doc Ock. Dan Slott said on his Formspring account that The Octahedral is going to show up in future stories, whatever it might be.

Couple of interesting things here. Some Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man interaction (though no mention of the possible romance), Iron Fist is back to his regular green outfit, and Jessica Jones shows up in full super-hero mode as Jewel.

That whole "secret identity" thing didn't last long, did it? Actually, this is probably just a fake out.

Damnit Looter, you went and woke up Chtulu! "I'm being felt up by a pervert from beyond space and time!" Oddly enough, Spidey isn't the only one with tentacle issues this week. Keep reading, true believer!

Brightest Day #19

That's a whole lot of hints about the possible ending for Brightest Day. The Dark Avatar (whoever it is) will go to the forest in Star City, which is currently protected by Green Arrow.

And Aquaman loses a hand. Again. Although the last time it was the left hand.

Daken - Dark Wolverine #5

Daken has some new toys, some kind of gauntlet that gives an electricity shock.

Deadpool & Cable #26

One of these days, I am going to stop finding pouches jokes funny. Today is not that day.

Gotham City Sirens #19

A pretty interesting parallel between the relationship of Catwoman and Batman and the one between Harley and Joker.

Harley sets out to kill Joker. That first panel is pretty damn awesome, isn't it?

Hulk #29

The new M.O.D.O.K. Seriously, Marvel, you went through all the trouble of redesigning him, and you decide to leave intact the two tiny legs that serve no purpose? He already has the spider-like legs!

Invincible #77

Just another issue of Invincible, the goriest superhero book in the universe! (Spoiler: it's a dream sequence)

Viltrumites just don't know how to party, do they?

Secret Six #30

Bane, that's not how you romance ladies! Also, I think this takes place in the same strip club that Gail Simone introduced in Birds of Prey. Anyone can confirm that?

Secret Six vs. Doom Patrol. Hilarity ensues.

She-Hulks #4

I love that Ryan Stegman went full out and designed a dress for Lyra with details and everything, not just a plain one-colored design-less piece of cloth...

Only for it to be ripped apart a couple of pages later.

Clearly, this dress deserved to have its own ongoing series. Also, note the label on the bottle "After Romita".

Spider-Girl #3

Some explanation as to why Red Hulk was acting so strange in the previous issues. Makes sense.

As previously mentioned, Sue Richards plays an important part in the series. And Anya is going to get a scholarship from the Fantastic Four, so she won't have to worry about money.

Superboy #4

The origin of Psionic Lad. I've seen some people float around the theory that The Hunter is an older Maestro-like version of Superboy.

She's the niece of Lex Luthor AND she smokes? This girl is totally, irredeemably evil.

Thought Balloon Boy Psionic Lad is totally evil too!

Superman 80-Page Giant (2011)

Bizarro Zatanna: Possibly the most difficult speech bubble to read in the existence of comics.

Possibly underage (not sure how old she is supposed to be?) girl in revealing clothes being trapped by tentacles while being covered mysterious liquid and about to be swallowed by giant monster. I am pretty sure that you can go to jail for owning this comic alone. Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to delete this from my hard drive.

Time Masters - Vanishing Point #6

Another chalk board. Too bad they already revealed that this has all to do with Flashpoint.

Ultimate Thor #4

Better line: It's hammer time!

Wolverine: The Best There Is #3

Hey kids, comics!

This guy is collecting and trying to study parts from people with healing powers. He has a bunch of parts from all kinds of "self-healers" from the Marvel U. What's interesting is that he seems to have part of John Sublime up there.

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Ivan said...

The best one is Bizarro Power Girl. "Nothing to see here".

Midnight Monk said...

BD-Best thing about Brightest Day, the possible reappearance of Hook Hand Aquaman. All thats left is to grow that hair out and get an epic beard and the 90's Aquaman live again lol

Daken- The Gauntlet is actually a Claw he received from Reed Richards after Daken paid the Fantastic Four(prior to Johnny's death) a visit, where he supposedly saved Franklin from would-be assassin's. The Claw basically gives anyone it touches an electrical shock that paralyzes them for several moments. Suppose to conceal his identity since he presumed dead because of what happened between him and possessed Wolverine

Toby said...

maybe it's cuz I haven't read it yet, but why is Superboy calling Supergirl "Linda?", for a minute there my heart skipped a beat (I miss Linda Danvers"

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "Hey, Kids! Comics!" remark: You do realize that Wolverine series is sold with the words "PARENTAL ADVISORY! NOT FOR KIDS!" on the cover? That's like criticizing pornography for not being accessible for all ages.

Matt Duarte said...

@Anon: I know. However, it is still a popular character that has appeared in several movies and cartoons, in a bright colorful costume, ripping open a woman in a shower of blood as she appears to be in pleasure. The whole "Parental Advisory" is a joke, as it is the equivalent of PG-13. They might as well have gone all the way and made it a MAX title.

stillanerd said...

Re ASM #583--I guess Dan Slott and Fred Van Lente expected their readers to forget about this:


Logan said...

@stillanerd You know I was actually thinking about this the other day and I realized something. The whole blindspot thing is Spidey's explanation of what happened, but considering that he doesn't remember the deal with Mephisto, he could be dead wrong.

stillanerd said...

@6--I meant ASM #653. My bad. :o

twobitspecialist said...

Hey, stillanerd. Nice to see you on this side of the Internet. ;)

About the blindspot thing: why is Spidey having to explain this to Reed if Reed, Strange, and Stark put all of this together? If anything, I'd blame O.M.I.T. (and Quesada) for ignoring what Slott was trying to do on the book.

stillanerd said...

@Logan--Problem with that, however, is that One Moment in Time made it clear that the mindwiping/blindspot was done by Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange, not Mephisto. (Although interestingly enough, Dr. Strange didn't explain to Peter how the blindspot actually works and the first time Spidey revealed his identity to anyone after his secret identity was restored was to the Fantastic Four. So how does Spidey know how the blindspot works if no one actually explained it?)

stillanerd said...

@TwoBitSpecialist--Thanks, Two-Bit.

Well, remember, Reed, Tony, and Strange, thanks to their own mindwipe spell, all forgot Spidey's identity as well, so that's why Spidey has to explain it to Reed. And yes, I do blame OMIT as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Should check out the new JSA All Stars. Character/editor uses the word abortion when I'm pretty sure they meant aberration. wow.

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