Sunday, February 13, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/09/11

When Marvel announced that they were going to kill a character every quarter, everyone freaked out. If the Moments of the Week are any indication, they are well ahead of the curve. We have character deaths all over the place in Amazing Spider-Man and New Avengers. That's not to say that DC is staying behind, because they kill someone else in Justice League: Generation Lost, and another one in Flash. Hit the jump to see them and all the other moments!

Amazing Spider-Man #654

And here's how they sorted out the cliffhanger from last week. Max thinks that Peter is building weapons for Spider-Man, which is technically true. Pretty clever workaround if you ask me. Also, note that Peter has a poster for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark in his office.

Jessica Jones is straight up called Power Woman here. Is that really going to be her new nickname?

Spidey crafted a doo-hickey that would disrupt the com system that the baddies were using, but if he was anywhere close, it would also...

Fry his Spider-sense, which it does, as shown here. I doubt this is going to last very long, though.

And in the process, Marla, JJJ's wife gets killed. Kudos to Slott for a great ending with Jameson's reaction.

This one is from the back-up, where they show who is under the new Venom. As previously reported, it's Flash Thompson.

Atomic Robo & The Deadly Art of Science #3

Aw, yeah, Robo! Just in time for Valentine's Day, too!

Remember that at this point, Robo is basically a teenager, so Tesla has to give him a talk that any father must when their son reaches that age.

Batgirl #18

Klarion The Witch-Boy guest stars this week in Batgirl. It leads to scenes like the next one...

I'm going to be using "wandering pack of harlots" everyday now. No way that can backfire on me, right?

Stephanie Brown confirmed for Harry Potter nerd.

Batman & Robin #20

Bruce gets all the kids together to watch The Mark of Zorro.

Oh, Damian, you are just incorrigible.

Suddenly, Man-Bat out of nowhere! No idea what's going on with all the bats around him melting or something. If I didn't know any better, I would think it was a Brightest Day tie-in.

Deadpool Team-Up #885

You got that right. Raise your hand if you even *knew* that Hellcow was a real character.

The Flash #9

This has to be a record for Geoff Johns. He killed a legacy character before he even introduced him at all!

And the future cop-like character that has been teased at is... Barry Allen. Probably from the Flashpoint universe.

Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors #7

Guy Gardner: keeping it classy with the ladies since 1968.

Holy smokes, he just used an ice scream scoop to take out that guy's eye!

Interesting, this protocol would allow Guy to kill a Green Lantern.This might play a larger role in the upcoming War of The Green Lanterns.

Incredible Hulks #622

The Hulk gets beaten up by a god, Zeus, and the Hulk fans get angry about it.

Looks like the Hulk wants to join the Emerald Warriors. That's a LOT of puke!

Justice League: Generation Lost #19

Max Lord's whole plan was just to get Checkmate back?


Damnit, Max DC!

New Avengers #9

The magical city of K'un Lun is terrible to drive, no parking spaces ANYWHERE!

Did Bendis kill Mockingbird there? Or is she just badly injured?

R.E.B.E.L.S. #25

Starro is building an army of Czarnians (the same species as Lobo). This is going to end up in tears.

And "shlup" is the sound those Starro face suckers make, in case you were wondering.

Superman #708

Pretty clear homage to Alan Moore's famous Green Lantern Corps story right there, Mogo Doesn't Socialize. Seriously, though, reminding people of how much better stories other people have written is not going to make YOUR story any better.

Wonder Woman happens to be on site for Superman's latest adventure, which eventually leads to the next scene...

Wonder Woman fans are pretty upset about this, and with good reason I think. In her new origin story, Superman is the reason she became a hero, not out of her own reasons, but rather because she was impressed by another hero, which reduces here status as a character. And on top of that, it happened outside of her own book. More explanation here.

Widowmaker #4

This scene seems to play a pretty big role, as it has been revealed that Hawkeye will lose his vision (or at least part of it?) because of this.

Wolverine #5.1

Melita organizes a birthday party for Wolverine, and invited everyone. Pretty nice nod to the Rucka-era of Wolverine, which established him as a voracious reader.

Come on, go ahead and try to guess what it shoots.

Two things: great writing by Aaron on this page. It's a great use of Wolverine's connection to draw everyone into a party-like setting: the Avengers, the X-Men, even Deadpool (and those guys in the fourth panel are from the Manifest Destiny mini that Aaron wrote). Secondly, that's some ugly art on the final panel by Jefte Palo. I really dig his art, but everyone looks terrible there.

Poor Spider-Man, never getting invited to parties.

When Wolverine finally shows up, we learn that it's not his birthday. Or at least he thinks it isn't, but Melita has used her "mad research skills" (my words, not Aaron's) to uncover that it really is!

X-Factor #215

The Libido Dupe strikes again, by proposing to Layla, who takes it pretty seriously. Of course, Jamie Prime doesn't think it counts, since it was a dupe.

Eventually, he proposes himself, and Layla drops a big "let me think about it". Expect the unexpected, indeed.

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mugiwara said...

*ASM: [insert some rant about Jonah's wife death "changing everything" and Jonah's niece death not even being adressed]

*Dpool: Oh god, they brought back Hellcow. Now maybe there is a little hope for Cactus!

*Generation Lost: I know DC is rotten with nostalgia and hate legacy characters, but I'm sure they didn't really killed Jaime.

*Hulk: The sad part is that after reading reactions from some Hulk fanboys, I don't know either if the message adressed to Tom Breevort is a parody or not. It's sad that some readers are not interested in the story and just want anti- climatic fights where their character wins everytime.

*NA: Wow! Mockingbird just got owned by some regular guy with a gun? I wonder if it will be adressed in Blindspot (and if Clint's injury will be adressed in Avengers)

*Superman: People are overreacting by making this thing with WW a political issue. DC heros have basically 3 characters to look up at: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. So a runt WW being inspired by Superman is not that terrible.

*Wolverine: WTF are Ken and Ryu doing there?

Midnight Monk said...

Its no longer debatable at this point, in comics death mean nothing more than a vacation for superheroes

Flying Tiger Comics said...

Power Woman? Awful. I didn't think I could dislike the Bendis crap any more than I already did... But yep, I'm there baby.

Anonymous said...

No moment from The Walking Dead? For shame

Anonymous said...

I would find Jaime's death more convincing if he wasn't about to make an appearance on Smallville( or has that happened already?)and we hadn't seen test footage for a possible live action show.

Dean Trippe said...

Man, if you didn't think the Fortress of Solidarity was amazing, I don't think I can take anything you say about comics seriously ever again.


Ken said...

I enjoy seeing Hulk throw up the most for some reason. I'm also glad Zeus beat him pretty easily, because that's the way the head of one set of gods should be able to roll.

Now if Jeph Loeb was writing the Red Hulk in that instance...

Ivan said...

Did anyone get a "Bruce Wayne is funding Batman" vibe from the Spider-Man reveal? I know, I know, those things are plotted months in advance, but it's still an amusing coincidence.

And is that Stefano Caselli? His stuff is great.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, are you reading Roberson's Superman issues or just seeing pages/panels online? Reading the whole issue, with those moments in context, makes it clear to me that Roberson is salvaging this series pretty well. Also, if the illustrious Dean Trippe is down we all should be. He's the Supes/Bats authority I say.

Nathan Aaron said...

I don't know. I thought the whole Max moment in ASM was sorta lame. I mean, here's a super smart guy, and all he can come up with is "you must make Spiderman's weapons, cause every time Spiderman comes around, you disappear! So that must mean you run to Spiderman during fights and give him new weapons every time, cause he, well, I don't know, can't carry them around with him or something?! No, wait, that makes NO sense... you disappear, Spiderman appears! Hmm, let me think about this..." I know they couldn't already have SOMEONE else figure it out, but man, it was a bit of a stretch given his apparent smarts. :)

John J said...

Yeah, I'm in agreement with Dean and Anonymous9, I thought the Superman issue (at least the first half at the Fortress of Solidarity) was pretty awesome. You can tell Roberson is showing his man-crush for Grant Morrison. Not sure there's any allusion to Alan Moore in that panel you're talking about, and if there is it's purely coincidental.

Klep said...

I, and I know I'm not alone in this, am rather annoyed by Bruce's "the whole family" line at the end of Batman & Robin there. I mean sure, Jason Todd isn't exactly a member in good standing right now what with the being in jail, but are we just deciding to forget that Cassandra Cain exists? Bruce adopted her! The "whole family" isn't there unless she's there. DC's continuing disrespect for and ignoring of Cass is extremely tiresome.

The Wonder Woman thing is also awful, but you basically covered why.

@Nathan: I'm sure Max's inability to connect the dots would be chalked up to Mephisto.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read superman in years until now :( one or two pages of high quality pages does make up for the bad dialogue , writing, and characterization . Think I'll stick with invincible

twobitspecialist said...

Here we go, another angry Cassandra Cain fan.

Actually, I have the same problem but with Stephanie. I guess she ain't family.

Matt Duarte said...

Dean/Anon #9/John: Sorry, I'm not reading it. Just what I see on and around the internet (though because it has sparked many angry rants, I'm sure I might be seeing the worst parts more than anything else).

I still think that's a pretty clear reference to "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" though.

@Klep/Twobit: Good point. I hadn't really thought of that.

@Anon #4: Sorry, we don't post moments from The Walking Dead because a lot of people read it in trades, and we don't want to spoil it to them.

Dean Trippe said...

Fair enough on not having read the issue, Matt. I really suggest you check it out, though! Best issue of Superman in ages for my money. Best since All Star or Busiek's run. Roberson's take on Grounded is turning the whole thing around for me (a super feat, indeed)!

I like that the future Superpeople have out there members like the GL Corps. Good ideas SHOULD be contagious, and grow bigger (and smaller, as may be the case). :)

Anonymous said...

"Growing bigger, getting smaller..." hehe

Anon #9 here again. I'll definitely second (or third?) the others on Roberson's Superman. JMS' issues were certainly trash, but Roberson's two issues on the S/B title convinced me to try out his issues and they have totally been worth it. For my money just bringing the Superman Squad into present, in continuity stories gets him a pass for any "wrongs" this story may do to Wonder Woman, etc.

Anonymous said...

Superman is trash , thank god I found invincible to replace him too

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