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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/23/11

This time we are keeping it short and sweet with the Moments of the Week. What do we have in store for you? Hidden machinations, X-jokes, the sibling of a planet and a crazy killer whale. Don't believe me? Hit the jump to see it for yourself. 

Action Comics #898

First of all, that's a very strange drawing of Larfreeze, isn't it? It looks nothing like other artists draw him. Aside from that, this is a nice moment where, after being pushed through the white sphere (and one assumes a terrible experience to go along with it), Larfreeze realizes he doesn't want to go through that again. There is something he doesn't want after all!

Turns out that Brainiac has been controlling/monitoring Robo Lois all along, and using her to guide Luthor. Dun dun dun!

Amazing Spider-Man #655

In a dream worthy of M.C. Escher, Peter confronts all the people that have died close to him. Let's see ho many you can name! (Don't forget the Spider Buggie!)
Avengers #10

Namor retrieves the Orange Infinity Gem and gives it to Thor for safeguarding, I assume. Good thing he didn't give it to Rulk.

Shortest. Avengers fight. EVER. They didn't even finish shouting "Avengers Assemble" before they were wiped out by the Hood wielding two Infinity Gems.

Captain America 615

Sin gives Lady Liberty a black eye.

In Soviet Russia, the states judges YOU. Wait a minute...

Nice joke/homage to Rikki's original creators: Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld.

Deadpool #33

Id, The Selfish Moon confirmed for best character find of 2011.

Detective Comics #874

The sheer amount of WTF in this page is unbelievable.

Fantastic Four #588

Suddenly, Kristoff becomes the ruler of Latveria out of nowhere. Can anyone explain to me what the heck is going on here?

Gotham City Sirens #20

Looks like they are keeping the Joker on the same cell as Magneto in the X-Men films.

Invincible Iron Man #501

Stark is going to re-design Asgard, a mix of technology and magic. My guess? It's going to look a lot like the movie version of Asgard.

Justice League: Generation Lost #20

Ok, this time they actually go out and confirm in-story that Blue Beetle is indeed dead. Can we have some outrage about this now?

Power Girl #21

The Batmen are slowly realizing that someone (Max Lord) is messing with their minds. They come through this realization by studying Ted Kord's death.

Thor #620

The Blood Colossus (Colossi?) re-appear. These originally appeared in the Fraction-penned Thor: Ages of Thunder.

Uncanny X-Men #533

Not so subtle commentary on the current comics market. However, the Adam X joke makes up for it.

X-Men #8

Someone has trapped the Lizard and is using him to create clones or something along those lines. Whoever it is, it's "trolling" people. Any guesses?

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Nick said...

At the beginning of the "3" arc, Doom realizes that he is losing his intelligence or something because of being captured by the Intellegencia in World War Hulks. So he doesn't think he is fit to rule and summons Kristoff out of exile to become that ruler of Latveria.

Victor said...

There's no need for any outrage over Jamie's "death", considering he is alive and fine in future solicitations of other comics.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

You know what else is a moment of the week, nearly the entire issue of FF this week. When Reed looks through the portal, crushing. When Reed tries to touch Sue, heartbreaking. When Grimm fights with Thor and Hulk, crazy-quality. Damn.

Oh, and Matt, you got your answer in the comments. That's handy :)

Masked Man Issue 1 said...

Totally agree with Ryan on the FF588, every other page should be a moment of the week.

Also, the Hood uses 3 infinity gems on the Avengers. Great pick from that issue for a Moment of the Week though.

Anonymous said...

"He is dead...and also Fire seems to be humping his head for some reason. Crazy soviet russia...etc etc"

Anonymous said...

I hope Jamie isn't really "dead". Its bad enough they cancel his book. I thought DC wanted more "minorities" a few years ago, now what are they telling us? That they aren't good enough superheroes?

Rawnzilla said...

Dark Beast.

Space Jawa said...

So any guesses on if/when we'll see Superego show up to complete the living planet trio?

Matt Duarte said...

@Ron: Ohh, good catch! That does indeed look like a furry finger with a big nail, so it could be Dark Beast.

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