Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cover of the Week - New Avengers & JL: Generation Lost

Do you guys prefer this Saturday schedule for Cover of the Week? It gives me more time to get the Moments ready, so I am getting used to posting this on Saturday instead of Sunday. In any case, two pretty strong covers this week, hit the jump to see them.

Ryan L.'s Covers of the Week - New Avengers #9 by Mike Deodato

Ryan L.: The texture and tone of this cover matches the content and image perfectly. Nick Fury lining up Earth's Mightiest Heroes in his sniper sights should be a grainy image to behold. It should be a dirty picture. I like the angle and layout of this page, it's certainly able to capture my imagination, and I think Nick Fury looks great in it. He's rugged more than handsome, as he should be. Man, I would even consider buying this one were it not shipping in one of my larger weeks.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Justice League: Generation Lost #19 by Dustin Nguyen

Matt: This is a perfect example of loving a cover but hating the content of it. Technically, this cover is absolutely brilliant. The simple colors, the silhouettes and the perspective are all top notch. It actually reminds me of some Rafael Albuquerque covers from some time back. However, I hate the fact that they might be killing Blue Beetle.

Runner-Ups: R.E.B.E.L.S. #25, Ultimate Captain America #2,Widow Maker #4

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Retcon Joe said...

Great covers. The only thing that would make the Justice League cover better is if it was the old Blue Beetle on the cover in the old Blue Beetle costume. Regardless, it's still a great cover.

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