Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crisis On Infinite Arts - JP Nguyen's Murdock Interviews

Matt Murdock is wandering the country, away from Hell's Kitchen, and he probably needs to summon up some scratch. In short, he needs a new job so JP Nguyen looks at what he thinks a job interview for Matt Murdock might look like right now. I thought this was hilarious and wanted to show it to you. Hit the jump to see plenty of other high quality, and sharply written, Daredevil pieces from a guy I've been following for a long time and you should too.

If you haven't visited Nguyen's site before then you really should. The man hails from France and plays around with art and funnies in his spare time. He's got lots of irreverent comics posts and art, and plenty of it Daredevil-centric. Have a look below at some of his other Hornhead work. And did I mention you should head over to his site, The Red Shaker, and tell him what you think of plenty of it. This guy reminds me of a mix between XKCD and The Gutters. He's fun and that should be applauded.

I truly think that's an unreal title. I'd buy that book.

If you're going to mix characters then you've made two fine choices here.

Someone make him say this. But he'd mean it. He's damned by God, poor Catholic boy.

Bullseye cracks me up in this image.

This is my personal favourite. 'Nuff said.

Harsh. Harsh but fair - if you've seen the movie.

Shadowland line sinks deep.

A great banner for a great site.

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JP Nguyen said...

Hi, thanks for the blog advertisement !

The Murdock Interviews is planned to be in twelve (!) parts (part 3 needs lettering and 4 is just penciled yet...).

Again, big thanks for the feedback, it's always nice to know someone's reading.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy's name a few times before. Any chance he's related to Dustin Nguyen?

JP Nguyen said...

Nguyen is a very common name for people of Vietnamese origins.
So, no, I'm not related to Dustin Nguyen, the famous comic book artist (but my mom once told me we were very remotely related to the actor of 21 Jumpstreet, as he's a cousin of a cousin...)

Anonymous said...

Sick stuff!

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