Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marvel Creative ReTweet - Day One

As the Architects of Marvel descend into a room to plan the next few months of our voracious reading, I thought it might be interesting to compile the tweets of these masterminds and see what nuggets of info we can glean from their meeting of the minds. Hit the jump to be astounded, amazing, intrigued…baffled.

Here are presented, for your consideration, actual Tweets from actual creators from, and after, the actual Marvel Creative Summit for 2011. I don't have a list of who is in attendance, so I grabbed what i could. There's some hints here, some leaks, and some serious random. Enjoy, if you will.

@brianmbendis hello people of earth! how are you? marvel retreat day 1, even though we were all here yesterday. so its really day two. let the games begin 2/1 22:37 -- And, thus, we are off.

@stephenwacker Okay Marvel fans, going into the first retreat with new EIC...what characters do you think need more attention or even their own books? 2/2 00:00 -- Imagine if a simple Tweet response got you that Dakota North mini you'd always been dreaming of from Brian K Vaughan and David Aja...

@mattfraction You guys think axel and Tom will be cool with FEAR ITSELF ending in a pie fight right? 2/2 00:33 -- Man, Kubrick couldn't stick that landing, could Fraction?

@cbcebulski I thought @EdBrubaker & @BrianMBendis we joking when they gave me an idea for a new app. They weren't. So how do I make an iPhone app? Help! 2/2 04:49 -- Someone help CB with this, right now!

@mattfraction between everyone at yesterday's X & Ult summits and today's all-school summit, my email inbox is more naked than ewan mcgregor in the 90s 2/2 05:09 -- Sometimes a funny caption isn't even needed...thanks.

@mattfraction you'd be amazed at how fast @BRIANMBENDIS can google up a shot of ewan's lightsaber and make it his desktop wallpaper 2/2 05:14 -- I don't think we would be...

@brianmbendis so @mattfraction is just sitting here giggling to himself and saying ewan mcgregor's dick 2/2 05:14 -- Getting both sides of the story can clarify things, and make it much creepier.

@mattfraction no, @brianmbendis, i DIDN'T know that "The Pillow Book" was available on region-9 blu-ray 2/2 05:16 -- Sometimes you just get stuck on a theme.

@brianmbendis at the marvel retreat @mattfraction just dropped his pants and is singing the mcgregor love song medley from moulin rougue 2/2 05:18 -- 140 characters cannot do it justice.

@mattfraction ha ha dick jokes #brianmbendis 2/2 05:20 -- This guy is writing our summer event.

@fredvanlente Marvel Retreat Day One Statistics: # of cups of coffee FVL consumed: 7. # of Mr. & Mrs. Smith References: 3. # of Wikileaks References: 2. 2/2 13:43 -- Stats. Everyone should have to list their stats for the summit.

@stephenwacker That was the best first day of a Marvel retreat since I started here. Many people who requested characters are going to be happy. 2/2 14:22 -- Holy crap, that Dakota North book is going to happen. Callooh Callay!

@stephenwacker Weirdest moment was seeing @remender in deep talks with Loeb. #HesAnInker!! 2/2 14:26 -- This is what TwitPic is for, right?

@mattfraction heard the end of my wife's OSBORN series at the editorial summit today for the first time and thought it was fucking great. #smartmove 2/2 14:42 -- Sure, the husband would think that...but it does give me faith.

@jasonaaron Talked lots of comics. Ate lots of meat. I call that a rather successful day. 2/2 15:11 -- I think we all would.

@danslott Something I learned at the Marvel Retreat: Bendis does NOT drink caffeine. No coffee, cola, etc. :-O How's he do THAT? THAT MAN'S A GOD! :-O 2/2 21:40 -- If you've ever read Slott's Twitter feed, you'll see how much he cannot process this thought.


I think there's a few nuggets of information here that warrant further study, particularly Stephen Wacker's mention of character requets. Otherwise, this is just a candid look behind the curtain of how the sausages get made. It's mostly interesting, not always informative, but you make of it what you will. What do you think of this 'hot off the press news' and did you hear anything else I might have missed?

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Peter F DiSilvio said...

I have a program that does something similar to this to monitory tweets but this is so much more convenient. Great idea

Jarmir said...

Wow, this is just so cool! And also eye opening, if I see a dick joke in Fear Itself now I know why

Thanks Ryan! Hope you do the same for day 2

Anonymous said...

Ok, can can you send you character requests? I have a few ideas for new solos that Marvel cannot do without.

Ken said...

One thing that annoys me about this kind of thing, where they are seemingly in a room tweeting to people instead of working on the stories, is that it comes across as kind of "we're here, you're not, worship us"

I get that they are trying to include the fans, and don't have a problem with people tweeting at home or something in between getting their work done (that's the key point, getting the work done first), but this whole kind of dragged out tease about stories that are coming out in 8 months is pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no one is forced the reed any of their tweets. Stalkerish much?

Ken said...

I'm just going by what is tweeted above. A bunch of wish you were here stuff along with patting everyone on the back, plus dick jokes, doesn't really come across as professional.

Again, on their own time it is what it is. Here it's on Marvel's dime. Or maybe Tom Brevoort can bitch about DC some more like what was posted at CBR.

Matt Duarte said...

I have to assume they are not tweeting directly from the meeting while it's going on. This is probably in between breaks.

Brian Lee said...

Technically, "in between breaks" would be "directly from the meeting." But we knew what you meant. :)

Jeremy said...

No Rick Remender! Stay away from Loeb!

Midnight Monk said...

I know this has nada to do with what was talked about but that is a sweet looking Wolverine poster at the top, when was that release!? O_o And if possible do you have a link to a larger version of it?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Midnight Monk - hey, no problem, the poster is done by Marko Djurdjevic - if you google Djurdjevic poster you should be able to find this Wolvie one, as well as his Spidey, Avengers, Iron Man, and X-Men ones. I can't remember if he did any others, off the top of my head, but they are usually massive images, and gorgeous to look at. Enjoy.

twobitspecialist said...

@Monk and Ryan L. - Oh, yeah. Pretty much anything by Marko D. is awesome.

And I think Marvel acting professional about anything is expecting too much.

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