Friday, February 4, 2011

Marvel Creative ReTweet - Day Three

The meeting of the minds and drafting of the plans for the Marvel U is about to come to a close. Here's hoping those involved have some serious words to be said about the state of what went down behind closed doors. Hint, here lies some Cannonball awesomeness, lots of drinks, and plenty of creators doing their best to get back out of New York.

Without further ado - let's make with the Tweets.

@danslott Out late... Now to pay the price. About 40 minutes till I'm out the door & off to the last day of the Marvel Retreat. :-/ Coffee, I need U! 3/3 22:41 -- Slott clearly hasn't learnt his lesson from Bendis.

@brianmbendis marvel retreat. final day. bring the thunder!! 3/3 23:50 -- You figure the Marvel U would have enough what with Thunderstrike's return.

@danslott The Marvel Retreat is ovahhh! That was a GOOD one! Many, many, many cool things coming up from the House of Ideas! Can't wait!!! 2/3 07:38 -- Man, that's generic. Spill some juice, Slott!

@remender I wish the cab ride to JFK was more stop and start. I love getting super sick before a long flight. 2/4 08:06 -- I'd consider it research for writing Uncanny X-Force.

@jasonaaron Another Marvel retreat in the books. Feeling both exhausted and excited. So much good stuff put on the table this week. 2/4 08:51 -- Seriously, guys, give us some leaks!

@brianmbendis Bye NYC . Marvel retreat, I retreat you!! 2/4 09:02 -- It's like reading Fearful Symmetry, for the Twitter age.

@kierongillen Arrive of airport. Coming down from 4 days of serious superhero chat and adrenaline. "I could do with a drink", I think. 2/4 09:36 -- I wonder if the airport serves CEBREWSKI?

@kierongillen Airport bar has provided me with the tiniest, teeniest glass of wine in the world. If I end up ordering a bottle, I'm blaming this. 2/4 09:36 -- Sounds like more comic writing research to me.

@jasonaaron Summary of this week's X-summit: @remender has enough X-Force ideas to last 200 issues. 2/4 10:27 -- I wonder if there's enough reader interest to read 200 issues of that run...? Let me know in the comments.

@jasonaaron Also @kierongillen has an idea for a new villain that blew everyone's mind who heard it. 2/4 10:29 -- It's this sort of thing I want to hear about. Thank you, Mr Aaron.

@jasonaaron All I did was talk about Cannonball. 2/4 10:30 -- That's all I do at my family's creative summits, too.

@jasonaaron Tried to get @Remender to put Cannonball on X-Force and just have him fly into people wearing spiked helmet. Stay tuned. 2/4 10:34 -- I'm waiting...seriously.

@jasonaaron Summary of Marvel U summit: the @axelalonsomarv era will begin with one hell of a damn bang. 2/4 10:42 -- Damn coattail rider.

@jasonaaron Flight from NYC delayed because we're waiting on a crew from Alabama. Gotta be a joke in there somewhere but I'm too tired to make it. 2/4 11:25 -- I believe @jasonlatour had the best response, but it isn't fit to reprint here...

@danslott 3 days of the Marvel Retreat has fried my brain. Need a recharge. Probably gonna require at least 1 hr of X-Box and 6 hrs of sleep. :) 2/4 11:51 -- Sadly, 6 hours of sleep is like a Sleeping Beauty-esque marathon  for Slott.

@remender Truly he did - RT @jasonaaron: Tried to get @Remender to put Cannonball on X-Force and just have him fly into people wearing spiked helmet. 2/4 18:47 -- Confirmation. Golden.


I'm disappointed with the lack of spoilery info, but I still enjoyed following these things along. I guess we can only truly determine their merit when we read the books that inform the cryptic missives dropped here for all the internet age to read. I hope you've enjoyed reading these, because I certainly didn't write 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! Thanks a lot.

(And this last one even had a few interesting twits ;)

Matt Duarte said...

Haha, oh wow, Lason Latour's reply had me seriously laughing.

MisterSmith said...

I absolutely would love another 200 issues of Remender's X-Force with Cannonball headbutting things to death.

Daryll B. said...

Can we all agree that putting Remender and Aaron in a room together is a recipe for mad genius and disaster?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I am following a few of these guys on tweeter already, but you helped fill in some of the blanks I was missing. Great idea for a column, but I could have done without your annoying commentary.

Anonymous said...

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