Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marvel Creative ReTweet - Day Two

The Marvel Creative Summit continues and while today might have been a touch more quiet on the Twitter front that doesn't mean there aren't a few gems on offer amongst this rabble. Hit the jump to see what the masters of the Marvel U were talking about today.

I was interested to see the comments in yesterday's account of Tweets from the first day of the Marvel Creative Summit as people discussed the purpose of the writers and editors chatting away to the public. Some saw it as an arrogant move, a "we're on the cool kids' table and you're not, so suck it and worship the cool things we do" move, and some saw it as the creators blowing off steam during a busy day. I would estimate most of these Tweets don't come from during the actual meeting but instead during break times. I also think most of it is purely tongue-in-cheek.

I like that comic creators Tweet, and do so openly. It's just fun that these guys don't take themselves too seriously, or sometimes seriously at all. I know they're writing Earth shattering tales!!!, but I want them to be characters in and of themselves as well. In such a spirit, I present the live tweets from the second day of the Marvel Creative Summit. Enjoy, in good health.

@brianmbendis broadcasting live from freezing nyc! marvel retreat day 2. stage is set for the most interesting retreat since we created civil war. 2/2 22:48 -- The retreat that spawned Civil War was interesting? Nah, I kid, and I also don't care about the retreat, let's make the story that comes from it interesting.

@stephenwacker Retreat day #2. Believe me, folks, with guys like @Remender in town, you really have to bring your B game! 2/3 00:43 -- Ba-bum cha! Thank you, he'll be here all week. Tip your waitress - or give your waitress the tip...

@cbcebulski Breaking news out of Day Two of the Marvel Creative Retreat... CEBREWSKI named the official beer of the Marvel U! 2/3 04:55 -- I can't see Wolvie ordering one of these, sounds too fancy.

@axelalonsomarv Note from Marvel summit: Mutant Lawyer #1!!!! 2/3 07:13 -- Matt Murdock finally gets the x-gene that was repressed by the radioactive isotope that took his sight. What will his mutant power be...all revealed in the final splash of the double sized origin issue out soon. Get your orders in now, kids.

@danslott Soooo tired. I know this sounds a little silly... but the Marvel Retreats ARE work. A whole day of puttin' on the thinking cap can be tough. 2/3 10:29 -- Wah. Wah. Cry your eyes out on those fat Spidey cheques Marvel cashes you :) (I hope Slott doesn't see this and chew me out, ha)

@brianmbendis i know some of you are waiting for word out of the big marvel retreat. the silence is due to the fact that the awesome cannot be discussed. 2/3 15:43 -- Lame. Make something up if you've got nothing. Doesn't he know I have this column to fill?

@brianmbendis the big silence means a lot of awesome. every 20 minutes of the last 3 days i heard or saw something very cool. 2/3 15:45 -- That's 216 awesome things he's seen. Damn.


I don't know about you but I'm keen to purchase reserve copies of Mutant Lawyer #1. I'm also keen not to be Bendis' editor. Other than that, it would appear not much happened. I doubt that is the case.

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