Monday, February 7, 2011

Reader Question - Captain America and Thor Trailers

This Sunday, during the Super Bowl, Marvel decided to air the trailers for both of their upcoming movies: Thor and Captain America. We had already seen almost all of the Thor footage, but the Cap one is completely new material, and we got to see Chris Evans in action and wearing the suit for the first time. 

From the short video, Evans looks pretty good on the role. I'm still not completely sold on the costume, but it's not a deal breaker for me. On the other hand, the shield looks perfect, and Hugo Weaving's Red Skull is seriously creepy from the short look we got at it. Other than that, there's not much else to go on. If you haven't seen them yet, we have included both of them after the jump.

What did you guys think about it? Are you more or less excited to see it after seeing the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Captain America Trailer

Thor Trailer

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Anonymous said...

The Cap trailer had me going...but they had to end it with the ridiculous "jokey" scene of Peggy shooting Steve to prove the shield works. Less of that , thank you very much. Thor looks a little more awesome every time I see more of it.

Ken said...

Captain America was good, Thor had nothing in it that made me go "wow"

Tommy Lee Jones looks like Tommy Lee Jones in every movie he's been in.

Mike said...

Marvel have yet to disappoint me with their movie adaptations. even Incredible Hulk was alright.

Cap looks great - I think it looks to have the right balance between action and comedy. Whatever they did to make Chris Evens look so scrawny is pretty good. Probably my biggest concern with the film is it looks like they are going to cover a lot of ground with a lot of characters.

Thor looks good too, Hemsworth is surprising me with what footage they've shown so far considering the first time I saw him was on the aussie soap 'Home and Away'

Jarmir said...

This is going to be a great year for comic book movies! Those trailer look great, they dont give to much away, but you know what to expect from the movies and they look great too!

Anonymous said...

The costume itself is fine for the WWII period, BUT the helmet without the wings really pisses me off as it detracts from the overall effect of "Captain America" on screen. It's an integral part of the superhero costume, just like the shield. No, the painted on wings don't cut it, and any talk about that the wings would have looked cheesey is BS. If you do them right they won't look cheesey.

Jikorijo said...

I liked both trailers, though I enjoyed the one for Cowboys and Aliens.

Hopefully, all the naysayers who saw the trailer will finally shut up about Chris Evans being not buff enough/skinny enough to be Cap.

Marc said...

You know, Thor looks a lot less tacky than I expected it to. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say it looks good!

As for Captain America, my expectations have always been a bit higher, and they're still pretty high after seeing that little bit of footage during the Super Bowl. I'm definitely looking forward to both at this point.

sdelmonte said...

Thor hasn't done much for me at any point in my life, and the clips of the film don't change that.

I found the Cap ad to be generic and a bit too special effects filled.

OTOH, neither annoyed me as much as the GL trailer. (I wonder why WB never buys Super Bowl ads.)

John J said...

Not a fan of the Cap trailer, actually looked pretty hokey. The Thor trailer still has me goin', though.

Matt said...

The more I see from the Captain America movie, the more excited I am to see it. I really, REALLY, hope that it's more like Joe Johnson's 'The Rocketeer' than his 'Jurassic Park 3'.

Thor, on the other hand, I think will be fine, but I'm betting it'll be considered a flop. My anecdotal evidence says that Thor's a hard sell to a general populace and they may have a difficult time 'finding' the character.

I hoping for the best though. This summer is gonna rock balls.

Marc said...

I think Natalie Portman might prevent Thor from doing poorly at the box office. I'm betting she'll win an Oscar this year, and because of that I think people will be pretty anxious to see whatever she does for the next few months.

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