Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ryan the Iowan's Matinee Eclectica

No longer content with just talking about comics, Weekly Crisis’s own Ryan “the Iowan” Schrodt is making the jump from reviewer to writer. Recently, Schrodt made his professional debut with “Battle of Dansroom,” a short comic featured in Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine (released last month in the UK and in just a few weeks in the US). Looking to further jumpstart his career, Schrodt is launching his own self-published comic collection, Matinee Eclectica this spring. In order to help make this comic a reality, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production, printing, and promotion of this series. Hit the jump to learn more about this comic and what you can do to help!

Matinee Eclectica is a diverse and engaging collection that will feature original stories written by Schrodt and featuring art from some of the best independent talents in the industry. The collection will cover a wide range of styles and genres from horror to humor, westerns to sci-fi, and more. There is something for everyone in the book.

Confirmed stories in the 40+ page collection include:

GOING ROGUE with art by Steve Ott and Lisa Lamb – An ancient alien race has created the perfect human clone and she has her sights set on America.

IN HER SERVICE with art by Steve Ott – A young girl has spent years in the service of a mysterious countess, completely unaware of her mistress’s horrifying secret.

ASSUMPTION: THE COWARD with art by Ben Anstrom, Peter Palmiotti, and Benjamin Carbanero – Town coward RJ Morris has had enough of the bully Ben Hansen, but when push comes to shove, can he defend both his honor and his family?

ASSUMPTION: HONEST NED STRIKES with art by Ryan Lee – The ruthless Honest Ned and his band of marauders have been robbing small towns all across the west, but just who is Honest Ned and what secret is he keeping from his own crew?

DEAR DINOSAUR with art by writer Ryan Schrodt – Dinosaurs have never been known for their advice columns…until now.

Further stories are currently in the works and will be announced as soon as the art teams have been finalized. The final collection will feature 8 to 10 original stories. Additionally, the comic will feature pin-ups from established professional artists Moritat (Elephantmen, The Spirit), Tracie Mauk (FIGHT!), and Josh Howard (Dead@17, Lost Books of Eve). The cover will be created by superstar artists Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) and Misty Coats (Skullkickers)!

Matinee Eclectica cannot become a reality without help, though. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise some of the funds needed to finalize production, print the comic, and promote it at comic book conventions this summer. In less than two weeks, over 60% of the goal has been met but there is still a long way to go until the April 1st deadline. If the goal is not met by then, no funding will be dispersed and this comic may never see release.

In exchange for contributions, Schrodt is offering a wide array of rewards based upon the size of the contribution. These include everything from signed copies of the comic, advertising space within it, and original art from the contributors. All contributions are appreciated and the creative team is dedicated to making it worth your while.

To learn more about Matinee Eclectica, or to make a contribution, please check out the official Kickstarter page or contact Ryan Schrodt directly.

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Ivan said...

Hey Ryan, I wish you the best of luck. Since it goes until April 1st I'm going to wait until I'm a little better off financialy before I chip in, but I sure want that signed copy!

Ryan Schrodt said...

Thanks Ivan! I really appreciate the support. We hit our goal today, which was really exciting. Hopefully we can continue to gain backers, though. Any additional funds will send me to more conventions to promote the book!

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