Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/02/11

Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week! It was a relatively small week for comic titles, but some moments came in and stole the show. Green Lantern and Secret Six had a strong showing, but Brightest Day and Annihilators also show up as well. Hit the jump to see the all of the week's best moments.

Annihilators #1

Meet Ikon of the Space-Knights, and there's a small reference there to Rom as well. Ikon's kind of a bad-ass, but I see how people might see her as a bit Mary-Sue-ish.

The new team of Annihilators are so powerful that they might not work effectively. Interesting idea.

Turns out that Groot wasn't really the king of his people, he was just pretending to be. DUN DUN DUN!

Avengers Academy #10

Hazmat gets to spend a day out of her containment suit thanks to Leech.

The kids from the Academy get a field trip to Stamford, courtesy of Speedball. Very nice moment for him, showing remorse for his actions.

While there, they are attacked, and he goes all out, dispatching the attackers in a matter of seconds.

Brightest Day #21

This is Martian Manhunter's final form. Space crab mode is scary as hell.

To get rid of D'Kay, J'onn takes her all the way to the sun and sacrifices himself in order to kill her. Is this the end for the Manhunter from Mars?

Not really. He gets revived thanks to the White Entity, because he accomplished his mission.

Green Lantern #63

Hal Jordan never spends time outside of his costume these days. I'm not sure if Johns here is addressing complaints about the Death of The Personal Life or if this is going to become a larger plot point down the line.

The Rainbow Brigade finds the Book of the Black. When they get close to it, the book starts retelling some secret chapters from the history of Oa.

For example, that Krona was the one that modified the Manhunter's programming to make a point about emotionless police force. That's some hard core idealism.

And as it turns out, Krona also was the first one to harness the green light. This seems a bit strange to me. Is this a retcon, a new development, or has it always been this way?

Heroes for Hire #4

Misty Knight wakes up and promptly punches the Puppet Master in the face.

Secret Six #31

Here's a stripper dressed like Plastic Man. Damn you, Gail Simone! DAMN YOU!

Ragdoll vs. Scandal Savage fight. And a monkey dressed like Catman, apparently.

Why do you hate Iowa, Gail Simone? Has our own Ryan "The Iowan" not praised your book enough?

Thunderbolts #154

That lizard's mouth was cracked open by Man-Thing. There's a joke somewhere in there, but I'll let someone else make it.

The newest member of the Thunderbolts is going to be a magic user. Any guesses?

Ultimate Comics - Captain America #3

Can we please have Ultimate Cap go and beat the crap out of Justin Bieber?

Wolverine - The Best There Is #4

Either Marvel decided to tone down the blood for this series, or the printer ran out of red ink.

X-Factor #216

Pip confirmed for epic troll.

Damn, this plot point is from years ago! Peter David has pulled it again.

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Ken said...

Hazmat is a mutant? Did M-Day affect anyone really?

Anonymous said...

i really love secret six, gl, bd and t-bolts this week, they were pretty sweat and fun to read, i like most the moment in secret six when they get to hell and SPOILER ALERT!!!
Ragdoll is waiting for them to come

yanktonirishred said...

Leech takes powers not just mutant powers.

yanktonirishred said...

Leech can dampen or completely negate for an undetermined amount of time the powers of any mutants in close proximity to him. He also seems to be able to influence powers that are non-mutant in origin. For example, during Marvel's Mutant Massacre crossover event, Leech negated the powers of the superhero team Power Pack whose abilities were bestowed on them by an extraterrestrial.[14]

His dampening ability in the beginning was involuntary and uncontrollable, but now his power appears to be under his conscious control. In addition to leaving his victims temporarily depowered, his leeching can have physical effects. For example, at certain times when his power has been targeted at mutants with super strength, his victims have become temporarily thin and frail. Leech has also shown the ability to manifest a weakened version of a mutant power his power is directed towards.

Michael said...

Saltless Pretzels truly are from hell.

Ivan said...

The Krona thing is a retcon.

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