Monday, March 28, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/23/11

Welcome to a slightly-late version of Moments of the Week! This week is HUGE, as it tends to be with the last week of every month, with what seems like every Batman book dropping, a bunch of X-Men books, plus many more. The clear winner, however, is Justice League: Generation Lost, which earned a bunch of moments. Hit  the jump to see them all.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #5

The secret origin of the time diamonds, which actually grow on trees.

Spider-Man and Wolverine equip themselves with the time diamonds, to varying degrees of success.

Dark Phoenix Wolverine. The universe is totally #$%&ed.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #21

Jane Doe steals Tommy Elliot's face, which looks like Bruce Wayne. This is going to end in tears.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Batman just straight up tortures Penguin by breaking several of his bones. Might want to chill out there, Bruce.

Killer Croc actually manages to take down Batman. Let me repeat that, HE TOOK DOWN BATMAN! And instead of killing him, the most feared vigilante of all of Gotham, they instead decide to set up an elaborate trap intended to kill. This is like Austin Powers all over again. JUST SHOOT HIM!

Batman, Inc. #4

Morrison brings the old Batwoman into continuity in a glorious fashion.

More importantly, he also brought back Ace the Bat-Hound.

Daredevil: Reborn #3

Damnit, this is the last time I let Matt Murdock burrow my truck!

Looks like DD is fighting one of the twins from the Matrix.

FF #1

The new FF suits can change their appearance just by thinking about it. That's some hardcore SCIENCE! right there.

Yeah, why use our superior technology to create a safe environment to live in? Nathaniel Richards is a jerk.

Green Lantern #64

Parallax gets inside the Green Lantern Power Battery, restoring the yellow impurity. Hey, just in time for the movie, too!

The Guardians of the Universe are possessed by the emotional entities. I normally like Dough Mahnke's designs, but these look completely and utterly ridiculous.

Green Lantern Corps #58

Speaking of the yellow impurity, it causes the Green Lanterns to start going kind of crazy and fight each other.

Gathet's ring explodes, taking his hand with him. Maybe he can start a support group with Aquaman.

Justice League: Generation Lost #22

Here's how Blue Beetle is not actually dead. I went back and checked, and it looked pretty bad.

Just found this scene pretty funny.

Max's plan is to kill Wonder Woman. One problem though, everyone has forgotten about Wonder Woman, just like they had forgotten about Max.

So Rocket Red tries to show them how Wonder Woman looks like, with a few modifications.

They catch up with Wonder Woman, to try to warn her. Interestingly enough, it ties into with what's going on in the WW title. I wonder how big of a part Max Lord played in her new origin and everyone forgetting about her, or if this is just a happy coincidence that they managed to sync up.

New Mutants #23

Now this is interesting! In the Age of X alternate storyline, there's a Phoenix powered character (looks like Rachel Summers to me, but it's a bit hard to tell). The comments about getting lost could be referring to the Phoenix Force being lost all these years, but it can also be taken as a meta commentary on the status of Rachel, who is lost in space.

Uncanny X-Force #6

Psylocke uses the Danger Room to talk with his brother Brian (a.k.a. Captain Britain). Is the costume new, or just a variation on the old one?

Uncanny X-Men #534

Emma, no need to lose your head! (Spoiler: it's not real). Also, I was going to say how Greg Land was improving a lot, but then I realized there was a second penciller on the this issue.

X-Men #9

The mastermind behind the Lizard creature turns out to be Dark Beast after all, as someone predicted here in the comments section a month ago. You guys are good!

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Rocker69 said...

I absolutely loved this issue of Spider-Man/Wolverine. So much fun.

And I'm sick and tired of Morrison and his weirdness. The Batwoman part was kinda cool but he usually run so many plots at once...and theres so much toying with continuity...not that "Batman" (the comic) is doing any better...this latest plot looks like somethin out of a 50's Batman book.

Also, I came to the conclusion that "adjectiveless" X-Men is for kids...little kids.

Klep said...

Once again we see significant developments happening for Wonder Woman in not her own book. The constant disrespect she's being shown is really tiresome.

maskedmanissue1 said...

Great summary for a great week. Where to start?

- It looks like your neighborhood friendly Spider-man is trying to go for as many outfits, outfit variations and team memberships as possible in the first quarter of 2011.

- Great example of the weird Reed-Nathaniel dynamics that are kind of a buzz killer for an otherwise great issue.

- Spot on on GL. That was a beautiful issue, but this page with the entities was just weird! The perspectives are all strange, and then there's the issue of inconsistencies in the outfits of the possessed Guardians. Butcher, Ophidian and Predator look spot on, but shouldn't the Ion-possessed Guardian look more like Sodam or Kyle way back when? Also, somethin that just hit me, last time we saw Ophidian (See he was still riding on the shoulders of Hector Hammond. Where did Hector's big head get dropped off in the interim?

- Poor Wonder Woman. People seem to have forgotten her in her universe, and forgotten how awesome she is in ours. To the point that the Straczynski character assassination is spreading from his books to the minds of the good writers in DC (et tu, Winnick). I'm starting to wonder if Straczynski may actually be Max Lord...

Fenris said...

Re: "I normally like Dough Mahnke's designs"

Considering how bizarre that particular panel was, I've chosen to interpret that what appeared to be a typo was instead witty. Matt, you suave rascal.

Brian Lee said...

Maybe Reed borrowed some tech from Alex Power -- Power Pack's costumes can appear and disappear on command.

Steven said...

Why don't any of the FF remember the several years in the nineties when Nathaniel Richards was a regular cast memeber of both this and Fantastic Force, the FF spin-off.

They state that they haven't seen him in decades. And we saw what looked like the Nathaniel that appeared in the nineties being murdered with lots of other Nathaniel's recently.

But has it ever been addressed, either in interviews and in-story>

Don Winslow said...

You answered your own question, Steven. The Nathaniel from the 90's was one of the Nathaniels of the multiverse, all recently killed off in FF 581-582. This Nathaniel hasn't seen Reed since college.

Rocker69 said...

Boy this alternate reality thing is always a comic-writer safety net isnt it? Im sick of it.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

@ Batman: The Dark Knight #1: Bruce was under some sort of control by a medallion which made him even nastier than usual hence the bone crushing. Also, who doesn't like the occassional, good old fashioned death trap?

Bobby Weenus said...

I think the Phoenix storyline from Age of X is a hint that the Age of X storyline is some kind of mental prison or something. My guess is it's related to Legion. Anyway, Revenant (the name of the Phoenix Age of X character) is an X-villain who draws the guilt/fears out of people and uses it against them. My guess is that she's revenant and the mutant guilt/fear is the Phoenix destroying that city from Age of X lore.

Kirk Warren said...

@Bobby - Age of X reminds me of an old Legion story where it all ended up being in his mind. I wouldnt be surprised if this turns out similar with how prominent Legion is in it and the role he has in this new world.

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