Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cover of the Week - Avengers Academy

In this week's edition of Cover of the Week, Ryan and I find ourselves agreeing once again. I think spending so much time blogging together has started merging our tastes. Or maybe it's a really good cover that deserves the praise. We'll let you, the readers, decide. Hit the jump to see the winning cover.

Ryan L.'s Covers of the Week - Avengers Academy #10 by Mike McKone

Ryan L.: Here we have a fun cover. Not a cool cover, or bad-ass, or wacky, or gorgeous, no, it's a fun cover. You just don't get enough of those anymore. Do I even need to explain why? If I do you're not doing it right. I could look at this cover for hours and hours on end. Or at least a full five minutes which is still plenty more than most covers. Bravo.

Matt: I really have to agree with what Ryan's opinion. This is such a fun cover that really gets you wondering what is going inside this comic. The rare speech balloon on the cover also really makes it stand out in this day and age. I think it would also make a really good poster.

Runner-Ups: Annihilators #1, Batman: Streets of Gotham #20, The Intrepids #1

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Logan said...

I really like the cover, my only problem with it is that it doesn't really portray what happens in the comic. I know that covers don't have to do that but I usually like it when they do.

maskedmanissue1 said...

The Intrepid's cover (as well as the issue overall) was my favorite this week. Nice to see it in this list.

My runners-up would have been Secret Six, Incognito and Annihilators.

Retcon Joe said...

Now, if only Striker had said "Class Dismissed!" I'd truly have a retro Van Halen moment. This is simply a classic fun cover. Of course the runners up are pretty good too.

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