Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Gabriel Hardman's Black Cat

Art by Gabriel Hardman

It's been sort of my tradition here at The Weekly Crisis to do something special for International Women's Day. You might remember that my very first post contributing to the site was on March 8th two years ago, and that last year I did a whole month of spotlight on female creators and characters. 

Sadly, I haven't had the chance to do something as big as previous year. Instead, you get this very awesome sketch of Black Cat by Gabriel Hardman. Hardman is currently penciling the Hulk title, starring everyone's favorite non-green Hulk. In the past, he has worked in titles like Agents of Atlas and Incredible Hercules.

As for Black Cat, she always provides an interesting folly for Spider-Man, and she has recently gotten a mini-series by Jen Van Meter and Javier Pulido (with covers by Amanda Conner!). I hope she gets to star on her solo adventures more often in the future, as I quite like the character. Just keep Kevin Smith far, far away from Felicia.

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Steve said...

I wasn't super impressed by Hardman's work on Atlas, but the preview pages I've seen of Hulk look pretty outstanding--just not outstanding enough to make me want to read about Red Hulk. I like this sketch a lot, and there are loads of fun sketches on his his site.

Anonymous said...

Viva la International Woman's Day!

That being said, great drawing, shoot the b**** in the head. I can't STAND this girl.

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