Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crisis On Infinite Arts - Nic Klein's Weapon X

Wow, how have we not had this guy on yet? Nic Klein worked on Viking with Ivan Brandon and he's gone on to do some other cool work with DC, often paired with Brandon. His painted style, though often digital, is certainly eye-catching and he still knows how to tell a story. But here we're just celebrating his art, the Weapon X above he only just posted, and the other stuff is just gorgeous from Batman and Spider-Man to Starlord and all the way down to a creepy thing making some sort of golem. You can hit up his blog at the Nic Klein blog or follow him on Twitter as @nicklein. Enjoy.

Arkham - not a fun place

Got Brains? Ha

One of the many Iron Man variant covers from last year - also, one of the best

A poignant scene made all the more emotional here

The final page of one of the issues of Viking - awesome moment

Easily could be a sticker to slap on your notebook, I think

This one is nice because it's simple

Simply creepy

Batman judges over all - gorgeous

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Klep said...

That second-to-last piece is the art for a Magic: The Gathering card named Golem Artisan from the set Scars of Mirrodin.

Matt Duarte said...

I can't say I've seen that Magic The Gathering card, but Klein's style certainly looks like it would fit perfectly with the game's art.

Eric Rupe said...

"That second-to-last piece is the art for a Magic: The Gathering card named Golem Artisan from the set Scars of Mirrodin."

That was killing me and I would have never remebered that on my own.

Fun Fact - Thunderbolts artist Kev Walker does (a lot) of art for Magic as well.

Matt Duarte said...

Oh, wow. I've actually have several of those Kev Walker cards. I would have never made the connection on my own that they were the same person though. That's actually pretty damn cool...

Ivan Brandon said...

fyi: most of nic's painting is actually NOT digital. very very little of it is, though i am encouraging him to do more in the future to save time.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey Ivan, thanks for stopping by. Thanks, also, for filling us in on a bit of Nic's work habits. I see on his site him running digital workshops so I assume he does a bit in digital but I'm happy for him to paint too. I'm also happy for him to work with you lots more, but that's another kiss ass comment for another time.

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