Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daredevil Movie Reboot Just Might Happen With Slade

20th Century Fox don’t want to lose their rights to make Daredevil movies and so they have been keeping the project in production to ensure it doesn’t revert to the hands of Marvel, and so Disney. A while back, they announced David Scarpa as the scribe working the words (at which time I did a comprehensive look at what they should do and cast) and now they have David Slade lined up to direct. Many are rolling their eyes at this news but to them I say ☠☠☠☠. Don’t make a call until you know. So let’s look at what we know.

Here’s what we know:

David Slade is a good director. Hard Candy is the sort of flick you generally only hear good things about, even though not enough people have seen it. He made the 30 Days Of Night flick and it wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say it was a classic but it’s a decent flick. It doesn’t look like it was filmed through a honeybadger’s backside. That’s a win more than anything else.

Then he decided to make the next Twilight movie in line, Eclipse. I shouldn’t editorialise, I’m sure it’s a good looking and well made flick. I thought it was the one the wife dragged me to and when I got bored of looking at abs and pasty frowns about halfway through I said I was going to the lobby for a snack. The wife absently told me to get her an ice cream but before I did that I went downstairs, across the road, and hung out at the comic shop for a while. I was gone for about 25 minutes and when I returned with the ice cream she barely noticed I had been gone. I asked what I had missed and she said, “Nothing.” I figured that was about right.

But that wasn’t Slade’s flick, that was New Moon. My bad.

So, as far as Slade getting the director nod concerns me, I’m happy for the news. People might think he’s a little too close to the previous Daredevil director, Mark Steven Johnson, and I can see where people get confused. Slade made a bit of a name directing music videos and MSJ thought he’d make Daredevil as a music video. It’s close, but not quite.

I think Slade could really do well with a Daredevil flick, with the right script.

But what script will it be? News states that this flick will not be a reboot but more of a ‘continuation’ of the Daredevil saga. So I guess it’s more like The Incredible Hulk than The Amazing Spider-Man. I think that’s a smart move because we don’t need his entire origin forced on us again when we can instead get straight into the tale. I don’t necessarily think the origin can really be improved, unless you’re adapting The Man Without Fear, so you might as well just move into the good stuff.

If they aren't treading on the toes of the Daredevil movie we already have then what will the title be. The Man Without Fear stands out as a good one to use. The Scarlet Swashbuckler not so much.

Rumours are also circulating that Born Again is going to be the story adapted. I don't think that the best Daredevil story to translate to the screen but perhaps they could prove me wrong. I think they really need to just bring a new story to the screen, but one based in and around known aspects of the character and his world, much like they've done successfully with the latest Batman and Iron Man flicks.

Scarpa obviously didn’t do the world’s greatest job because the story states the studio has yet to hire the final scribe. I’d love to see what Scarpa did turn in.

Slade is currently in pre-production on The Last Voyage of the Demeter – a sure to be nasty tale of the merchant ship that transported Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England and turned up without any living souls aboard. That means any Daredevil flick would be a little bit away so there’s plenty of time to prepare and get it right.

With three vampire flicks in the back catalogue, you might think Slade is going to make Daredevil battle Morbius or Blade but I’m sure it won’t go that way. I’d love to see him take this horror/slasher vibe and apply it to someone like Mr Fear. That would be a perfect match. He could even make Man-Bull chilling (and, yes, I am going to mention Man-Bull in every piece I post on this story over the coming months).

Mock-up poster from TWC friend, Sean Hartter
I’d also kill to see Slade’s Daredevil as a Grindhouse double bill with Aronofsky’s Wolverine. Just let that sentence soak in for a moment.

My last words will be; just because the last Daredevil movie blew pretty hard doesn’t mean any further attempts to bring cinematic life to Ol’ Hornhead will be unsuccessful and lame. I mean, they didn’t get Hulk exactly right the first time, and…uh…well, the first Punisher flick was no good…wait…ah, just take each flick as it comes. For now, Slade in means I am too. Until they cast and tell me the damn writer.

While waiting, do feel free to check out the last time I wrote about a Daredevil flick reboot. I gave many more suggestions on that post to keep you going until we get more on this news story.


The ultimate word for many is that Affleck isn’t involved in this one. That’s good but I still blame MSJ way more for the destruction of my favourite character on the big screen. I’m also just glad a Daredevil flick is still on the cards, even though I hoped the rights would go back to Marvel. They deserve them. What do you think of David Slade being tapped to direct the next Daredevil flick? What sort of cast and crew would you like to see assembled around him? And finally, what sort of story do you think they should use for Daredevil’s triumphant return to the big screen?

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Aaron K said...

Give it up, Ryan. Man-Bull is never coming to the screen and there's also a decent chance he'll never again show up in a comic book too.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

You offend me, sir, and I demand pistols at dawn.

I also demand satisfaction, and Man-Bull somewhere in my future.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

You know a character is very unlikely to show up anywhere when his Wikipedia doesn't even have a picture....

I'm not looking to duel as the sun rises or anything but I'm just saying...

Midnight Monk said...

I gotta say I really don't get peoples beef with Ben Affleck as if his portrayal of Matt Murdock was bad, I still have DD on DVD and I still enjoy despite afew setback. Matt's portrayal in comics has changed alot over the years from writer to writer as some right him as ultra in-depth Catholic and others as a Brooding Loner or more recently Batshit Crazy. I didn't have a problem with Ben Affleck as DD and still wouldn't if anything the worst things about that movie were Bullseye and Jennifer Garner's Elektra who went from assassin to rich girl and back again strangely enough

Danial said...

I think it's good that they're giving DD another shot, though I would prefer if it was Marvel making it.

And for what it's worth, I didn't mind Ben Affleck as Matt, it's just that he cannot do martial arts--he looked wooden.

twobitspecialist said...

I just love when fans overreact to their favorite characters being "ruined" or "destroyed" by other media portrayals, as if the original comic source material was somehow tainted by all of this.

I actually liked the DD movie, but that's probably due to me not reading the comics before it.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

First of all, Man-Bull is awesome, or at least could be. Maybe I need to do a weekly series of posts explaining why...I'll look into it.

As for the flick, man, I'm the biggest Daredevil fan you'll find and I am not a fan of that flick, for many reasons. Sadly, Ben Affleck is one (even though he continues to be one of my favourite actors...go figure). His Murdock is a smirking mess, and the action didn't work but I blame direction on that one. I feel like Affleck could have given us a good Murdock but the script and more the direction didn't allow for it. Watch that flick and see Murdock smirk all the time, with that terrible hair, it's annoying and frustrating.

Garner wasn't much better but I kind of like Farrell as Bullseye, he was at least interesting.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

A weekly column on absurd or forgotten characters and how you would pitch a story for them? I'm here every day but I'll check twice as often to see that.

On the Daredevil note, has anyone seem the Directors cut? I've been told its much, much better but Ive never had the time or the interest to track it down

Jeremy said...

The Director's Cut is better(in that it focuses more on Matt Murdock instead of building up Elektra for her inevitable, terrible spin-off movie), but its still a pretty flawed film all things considered.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Peter, don't even tenmpt me. I have a history of loving the weird characters instead of the tentpole leaders. I will take you up on that challenge.

As for the director's cut of DD, I always heard it was so much better, turned it from dud to stud, but I've seen it and that's just hype. Maybe it improves on it a little, I know it offered 2-3 extra good laughs, but overall it's still a stinker. Such a shame, really.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Consider yourself tempted. I want pitches for Man-Bull, Eye-Scream, Mister Who, the King, and The Viceroy over the next several months. Here is some reading:

--- No picture on wikipedia

---Not even on wikipedia

Mr. Who:
---Also not on wikipedia

The King:
--- Doesnt even appear in the DC wiki

The Viceroy: Doesn't appear anywhere on the net. Was apparently killed in Superman 193 (discussed here) Basically he was like a modern day Booster Gold, only a hero for the fame and had a robot side kick.

Tempt, tempt, tempt

Anonymous said...

I think Slade is a great director...if he follows the current trend of all these other comic book movies and making it all dark and shizzz...hes the perfect director...I just hate FOX.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Peter - damn, when you throw down a gauntlet the earth trembles...but do you really think I need a link for Man-Bull information when most of his appearances are right next to my desk now in floppy format? Please...

As for the others...heh, well, that might cut my work out for me.

If you want to kick start the trend by writing one I'll publish it. tempt, tempt...

Peter F DiSilvio said...

@Ryan - Damn, your turned the tide on me sir. Consider this challenge accepted

Aaron K said...

@Ryan & Peter - What a wonderful project. How about Sir Warren Traveler? He was in the first arc of Brian Reed's MS. MARVEL. Apart from Layla Miller, he may well be the only person to escape the HOUSE OF M universe.

Or Mr. Jip from CLOAK & DAGGER? He was weird as hell (in a good way).

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