Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hellraiser Relaunch From BOOM! – Free Prelude Comic Available To Download

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser is being relaunched as a comic from BOOM! this week. It’s a momentous occasion because it marks the first time in a long time that Barker has directly handled these characters (he’s on co-writing duties). To celebrate this relaunch of a horror icon brand, BOOM! is offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to download an 8 page sample prelude comic for free. Just hit the jump and you are on your way to a free Clive Barker Hellraiser PDF comic, no questions asked. Though links to the comic are all over this article.

You got that right, BOOM! are sharing this prelude PDF with everyone for free. You can download it, read it, share it with your friends. BOOM! understands that many Clive Barker fans might not be current comic fans so they’ve arranged this little taste to whet their appetite and lure them in.

To download the free PDF Hellraiser Prelude, click the link and follow the prompts to start your download. It's an 11.7MB file. You can then download it for free, read, and do with as you like.

“At The Tolling Of A Bell”
Written by Clive Barker and Christopher Monfette
Art by Leonardo Manco

This 8 page self-contained short story of the Hellraiser mythos is shocking and gory, just as it should be. If you like Clive Barker (and I’m a massive fan) then this should be right up your alley. Not to mention that it is free.

Click the link to download the free PDF and check it out. This is just a taste of things to come from Hellraiser in the future as an ongoing comic from BOOM! If you’re wondering what’s in store, this is what’s in store.

Once you’ve read the comic feel free to share it. Hell, BOOM! pretty much insists that you do. Don’t feel bad, this one is free just for that purpose.

But if you really do like it then head into your local comic shop and ask for the new #1 of Hellraiser because it shipped today as well and is waiting for you. It’ll tear your soul apart with excitement as you delight at the return of a classic horror icon, Pinhead.

What are you waiting for, click the links and get started with this free taste. It has such sights to show you.

And remember, Jesus wept because he missed out on a free PDF offer. Don’t become a waste of good suffering.


Are you a Clive Barker fan? Are you thinking of picking up the Hellraiser comic? What did you think of this free comic? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bill said...

I don't want to be that guy, but does this post read like an advertisement for boom or what?

Mark Pellegrini said...

Read the prelude and the first issue and reviewed them on my site, here:

Artwise, the stories were great and probably the title's strongest point. Barker has me feeling a bit uneasy when it comes to the story, though. I really dig where he's taking Pinhead, though references back to the abomination known as "The Harrowers" gets me edgy.

Still, though, it was a strong first issue and the art alone is a selling point.

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