Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Thanos Imperative HC Giveaway

In my absence, we've managed to generate some funds from ads and the occasional Amazon link.  What that means is that it's time for free stuff!  Seeing as The Thanos Imperative hardcover just released on Amazon, I figured what better prize than the epic cosmic event.  Not up to date on cosmic shenanigans?  Hit up our Thanos Imperative primer before diving into it.  Hit the jump for the full contest details and learn how you can win!

To Enter

Simply comment on this post and leave your name, email address (can type out as NAME AT EMAIL DOT COM instead of if worried about spammers getting your address) and name your favourite cosmic character.  That's it!

Contest Rules & Regulations
  • One (1) entry per person.  No exceptions.
  • Contest will run for one (1) week,  beginning today, March 23rd, and ending on March 29th at 11:59pm.
  • The winner will be chosen at random.
  • The winner will be contacted when the contest ends and will have one (1) week to reply with their mailing information.  Failure to respond within one (1) week will result in a new winner being chosen.
  • Contest open to most anyone, though some restrictions apply.  Canada and US readers will have their item shipped by or .com while international readers are subject to entry based on The Book Depository's shipping restrictions.  For full list of international countries available for shipping, see their shipping page

Good luck to all who enter and thanks for supporting the Weekly Crisis!

The contest has ended.  Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for winner announcement and future contests from the Weekly Crisis!

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thom dunn said...

Thom Dunn (At Gmail Dot Com) and my vote goes for the Star Lord himself, Peter Quill!

twobitspecialist said...

Aaron Romero

TwoBitSpecialist AT GMail DOT COM

And Beta Ray Bill, of course.

Joe Israel said...

Joe Israel, email, and although it is a tight race between this character and his current costar, I'd have to vote for Rocket Raccoon.

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Palmeyro
Ultran at hotmail dot com

The vote goes to the big guy himself, Galactus!
Cause no cosmic saga is really epic until he plays a part in it.

Mike said...

I would say my favorite cosmic character is Rocket Raccon.

Mike Gomez (mggomez8 at gmail dot com).

Anonymous said...

This would be a great way for me to begin reading more cosmic titles.

MikeFleischner (at GMAIL dot com)

Silver Surfer, since I started reading the mini by Pak - it's awesome!

C Pitts said...

cphpitts AT gmail DOT com

Doesn't get better than Nova.

KentL said...

Kent Lorenz

Rocket Raccoon

Chad said...

Chad Bowen

Have to go with Rocket Raccoon.

Anonymous said...

William Lang
williamkeatslang at gmail dot com


nf said...

Beta Ray Bill

nfugate AT gmail DOT com

Chris Marshall said...

Count me in in, Kirk
collectedcomicslibrary AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Christian Mentzer

Christian.a.Mentzer AT

I'm giving some love to Firelord, although the original Captain Marvel is a close second.

Vilyathas said...

Ronan the Accuser. For being merely "Alpha class" in an "Alpha-plus class" team XD.


TenaciousLee said...

Lee Brown

Starlord or Nova....

Anonymous said...

Steve Ruschill
steve at
Nova all the way

Árpád said...

Arpad Farkas

arpadw AT gmail DOT com

I'm going with the Silver Surfer. He is the reason I've started to read comics.

Alex said...

Silver Surfer
Alex Federman
alxfdrmn AT yahoo DOT com

BobofBentleigh said...

Bo Zhou

bobz87 AT hotmail dot com

Ronan the Accuser, especially since Annihilation Conquest

Anonymous said...

Jeroen Remie
jeroenremie AT gmail dot com

Beta Ray Bill!

Anonymous said...

Jim Marsh
jmarsh642 AT yahoo DOT com
Rachel Summers as Phoenix (who really should be a cosmic character)

Anonymous said...

Lee Johnson

rev.lee.j.johnson AT gmail DOT com

You didn't say it had to be a Marvel Cosmic Character so I am taking G'Nort! You all know you secretly love that flea bag.
But if I had to pick a Marvel guy, I guess I would go with Quasar.

552efe36-5592-11e0-8a1a-000bcdcb5194 said...

Greg Solomon

My favorite cosmic character is Nova. Never really read about him before Annihilation, but the man took about twenty levels of badass during that event.

John Patrick said...

My favorite would have to be Silver Surfer. The time when Ron Lim was on the series really nailed it for me.
John Aro
yeknhoj AT gmail DOT com

John Patrick said...

Silver Surfer when Ron Lim was on the series has always been my favorite.
John Aro
yeknhoj AT gmail DOT com

Ric said...

Ric McMahon

Beta Ray Bill, baby!

SUCKA said...

JWCRAW180 AT Gmail . COM

Nova is probably the only cosmic book I've read by Marvel.

Anonymous said...

Lansan DOT Johnson at asu Dot edu
I'll have to go with Nova

Anonymous said...

Luis Rios

spidermonkey4ever AT hotmail DOT com

Gotta give it up to Starlord!

Logan said...

patchesmalone AT gmail DOT com and my favorite is either Nova, the Surfer, or Beta Ray Bill. It's really a hard decision cause a lot of the cosmic characters are very epic it's hard not to like them!

Anonymous said...

Luis Rios

Spidermonkey4ever AT hotmail DOT com

Gotta give it up to Starlord!

Anonymous said...

Ryan schweck
Schweck at hotmail dot com
ROM Space knight

iwasherefirst said...

Seamus O'Carew
carewy at hotmail dot com

Cosmo is original and best, da!

Anonymous said...


jusjos AT gmail dot com

Silver Surfer, baby!!!

btownlegend said...

Rubin Gonzales

btownlegend AT gmail dot com

I agree with Ron Lim's old run on the Silver Surfer.

Ethereal said...

Thanos is my favorite cosmic character. the infinitry trilogy was my first, and still one of my favorites, "big events"

Justin Miousse

Justin DOT Miousse AT Gmail DOT com

Bryan said...

Me likey Thanos!

bsg AT bryangaffin dot comm

Anonymous said...

Chris Companion

ccompanion AT hotmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Andrew Stewart

wilson_dirk AT hotmail dot com


Ivan said...

Alright, international!

ivan_marcondes AT hotmail DOT com

I know this is a Marvel-centric contest, but I can't lie: Green Lantern.

Anonymous said...

Mark Jumper

mmjumper AT Yahoo Dot COM

Anonymous said...

CW Cooke

momarvandercamp AT live dot com

I'm a big fan of Nova, but I love love love Genis-Vell, Captain Marvel.

Mark Jumper said...

I screwed up earlier. Redo.

Mark Jumper


Gladiator. Love the mohawk.

Ryan said...

Nova is my choice. He embodies the everyman earthman, the original Xandarian champion, and the most stellar cosmic hero of the '70's. Ryan Farrell(r dot farrell38 at yahoo dot ca)

Anonymous said...

T.C. Hooven


Beta Ray Bill

Ryan said...

Thom Kallor aka Starman aka Starboy. I love what Geoff did with him in JSA and I can't wait to read LoSH 11 to see what Levitz does with him. Plus he has the best costume ever.
ryan_snider88@hotmail .com

Aryeh said...

Aryeh Harris-Shapiro

Anonymous said...

Kevin (kevinscott18 AT HOTMAIL DOT COM) gotta go with Thanos.

Peter said...

Hey thanks for the opportunity to win a truly worthwhile hardcover. DnA have been knocking it out of the park with cosmic Marvel for years.

Peter said...

sorry, forgot to type in my e-mail address

Anonymous said...

Jason Scharf
jason.a.scharf at gmail dot com

I am probably going to be in a very small minority, but Darkhawk is my favorite cosmic character.

Anonymous said...

Jonathonpitts (At Hotmail Dot Com)
I've always been a fan of Galactus!

Anonymous said...

That's really nice of you!

Andy Hudson (stevehudsons at gmail dot com). I'd say Nova--his return to prominence has been greatly appreciated.

yanktonirishred said...

My favorite is Thanos.


Anonymous said...

Gary Davis (

I'd say a 3-way tie (in no particular order):

1. Silver Surfer
1. Beta-Ray Bill
1. Thanos

Jorge said...

jesam85 (AT GMAIL DOT COM)

Beta Ray Bill


Doom said...

Rob Lantz

rlantz [AT] cogeco dot ca

Favorite character...Drax the Destroyer

Michael David said...

Michael Dykhne

My favorite is Nova, the Human Rocket.

Anonymous said...

Josue Reyes

scarletshadow004 AT YAHOO DOT COM

My favorite's Star-Lord!

Anonymous said...

patrickdmcguire at hotmaildotcom


Spencer said...

Spencer Reinhardt (

I'd have to say my favorite is the main man, Lobo!

RGallegos said...

Rolando Gallegos

Peter Quill and Richard Ryder - what a way to go!

Anonymous said...

Sam Montrose

montrose0809 at yahoo DOT com

Have to go with Galactus on this one.

Anonymous said...

Innuendo326 at yahoo dot com
Always loved Adam Warlock

Chris said...

Chris Macpherson
Silver Surfer

Jeff said...

Jeff dot Garretson at Gmail dot com

I'll have to go with my childhood favorite, Adam Warlock.

- Jeff

Jikorijo said...

Jikorijo (Michael Rookard)

E-Mail me at Jikorijo AT YAHOO DOT COM

Favorite cosmic character for DC is Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). The Chuck Yeager of the DC Universe.

Favorite cosmic character for Marvel is Silver Surfer. I love his naivete of emotions and the sadness of him sacrificing staying on his homeworld and being with his lover.

lurkingwombat said...

This is a very cool idea.
My picks would be
Marvel - Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)
DC - Krona
and my favourite would be Aster from Entity Comics.

Brandon Whaley said...

Brandon Whaley
Primewax at gmail dot com
Silver Surfer baby!

Jay C said...

Havok and the Starjammers. I really liked Brubaker's X-Men in Space storyline.

jaycaldwell13 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Stuart Kehrig

stukehrig AT hotmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Michael Reyes

michaelreyes123 at gmail dot com

My favorite is definitely Richard Rider, Nova the Human Rocket. I still remember picking up New Warriors #17 with Thing and Kid Nova on the cover: "Don't call me Kid." Ever since then, I've definitely been a big fan of old buckethead.

Thanks for holding this contest, and for all the great hard work!

Space Jawa said...

I had been planning on waiting for the TPB, but as long as you're giving a copy of the hardcover away...

MK Stangeland Jr.

stangm AT hotmail DOT com

My pick is Rocket Raccoon!

stevo said...


stephenbaba at gmail dot com

My favorite is Nova The Human Rocket nuff said!!!

Anonymous said...

Robert arcilla (kuyaflip86 at yahoo dot com)
Gotta to give nova my vote cause hes been one of my favorites

John O said...

John O'Donnell

jpo102089 @


Bobby Weenus said...

Nova, without a doubt.

weenus at gmail.

Matthew said...


And the correct answer is of course Golden Oldie.

Médard said...


de.menno AT

Genis Vell/Captain Marvel.

Tye said...

Gamora.... girls that are green make me keen :)

tyeshort AT hotmail

JonL. said...


Since he appeared many years ago in spiderman Teamup he has been a fav of mine.

sonicman2006 AT

Anonymous said...

martin.molloy2 at

I liked Drax the Destroyer as a kid but also miss the original Captain Marvel.

Anonymous said...

Thanos rules - see The Infinity Gauntlet & Marvel The End for why!

Steve Smith

Anonymous said...


jkg.umali AT gmail dot com

Julian said...

Julian Vasquez
juvasqueosu AT

Silver Surfer!!!

What's not to love? Naked guy in a surfboard who can kick ass and take names!!!

Anonymous said...

Lauri Maide
lauri dot doom AT mail dot ee

Nova all the way.

Zdenko said...

Zdenko Voloder.

Star-Lord because he was the link between al those great characters that we're the Buttkickers of the Fantastic. :)

pDUB said...

patrick.wiedeman (AT GMAIL DOT COM)

and my favorite cosmic crusader is the silver surfer, not only have I always held a soft-spot for him, but Marvel has done some fantastic minis the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Peterson
ChristopherAdamPeterson AT GMAIL Dot Com

I'm surprised to not see more smarta** DC cosmic answers such as Mojo

I enjoy the Ultimate version of Captain Mar-Vel (spelling probably wrong)

Jeremy said...

crazywally_53 at

My favorite is Thanos, especially when written by Jim Starlin!

Runners-up: Star-Lord by Abnett and Lanning or Groot by Giffen.

Patrick Hulman said...

Patrick Hulman
bchocobopatrick at gmail dot com
adam warlord

Grant McLaughlin said...

Grant McLaughlin
ggrgmclaughlin AT gmail DOT com

My favourite is definitely Rocket Raccoon. What's not to love?

Daryll B. said...

Daryll Benjamin

orionben666 at hotmail dot com

I am a Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) fan all the way. Dude's series by Gruenwald needs collecting...

Anonymous said...

Michel Scott

themadhooker at gmail dot com


jonathan said...

the original quasar is my favorite marvel character jsoweidy at gmail dot com

FalsePosi said...

Rob Stockdale

rcstockdale at gmail dot com

Beta Ray Bill, alien thor? yeah i'm down with that

Brian Lee said...

Brian Lee
blueairplane at windstream dot net

I've been wanting to, but have not been able to read much of the recent cosmic stuff -- I came into it late and I usually can only pick up trades that I find on the cheap -- so I'm not terribly familiar with all of 'em. BUT... I've totally loved Silver Surfer since seeing him in his first appearance in Fantastic Four, so I'm going with him.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Chiariello

lordfubman@yahoo DOT COM

Gotta go with Thanos himself.

BT said...

Brian Thomas

brianthomas87 AT GMAIL DOT COM

Rocket Raccoon

Dod said...

I have to say - despite all the other worthy applicants - I cheer a lot for Cosmo.

Dod March (zenmasterdod at gmail dot com)

Meredith said...

Kevin Atkinson
merkev AT lycos DOT com
rocket raccoon and Groot!!!

Andrew McDonald said...

Gonna say my favorite cosmic character is Drax the Destroyer

chromiumman said...

christopher harner

chromiumman (at) mail (dot) com

the silver surfer

Mike said...

Nova (from the moment Dan Abnett got a hold of him)


ninjasan8 said...

Used to always be Silver Surfer. Now it's definitely Rocket Raccoon.

Mitchell Frizzell

Anonymous said...

Drew Dawes

DrewDawes86 at Gmail dot com

My favourite has to be that Soaring Sentinel of the Spaceways: The Silver Surfer!

Anonymous said...

Justin Wright

Jpwright AT gmail DOT com

Thanos! Horse face thor Beta ray bill as a close second.

Abel said...

Abel Yu
olokinic at yahoo DOT com

its got to be Rocker Racoon! Groot is second.

Anonymous said...

Doug Nolan


Starlord for sure!

Dr. Zoltar said...

Joe Colombo

drzoltar AT gmail DOT com

Nova, all the way!

Zach said...

Zach Harrison
LobsterAfternoon AT gmail DOT COM

Nova all the way!

Matt Duarte said...

I've deleted a couple of entries that were repeated. Remember, we have comment moderation enabled, so if your message doesn't show up straight away, you don't have to re-submit!

Henrik J said...

Henrik Jensen

Jack of Hearts was awesome, they should bring him back

Maxy Barnard said...

Max Barnard

And of course QUASAR, the bestest cosmic character of all time

Souhail K said...

Best Character Thanos

Souhail Khoury :

Koottie said...

Best Character Silver Surfer

Alfredo : koottie AT yahoo DOT COM

acespot said...

Jonathan Stopek
acespot AT yahoo DOT com
Cammi, Drax's companion.
If she's not cosmic enough for you, then Dreadstar.

Anonymous said...

Adam Craik

yethmarthter at hotmail dot com

My favorite cosmic character is Gladiator.

Anonymous said...


Indianahoosier at gmail dot com

Rocket Raccoon

Brandon said...

Brandon.Holthaus (at) Gmail (dot) com
Rocket Raccoon

Anonymous said...

Todd Wilson

toddswilson at yahoo dot com

With such wonderful dialogue, how could you not love the character.