Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Weekly Crisis vs. Solicits for June 2011

As we always do, here at The Weekly Crisis we look through all of the comics solicitations (yes, ALL of them!) to let you know ahead of time of the best, worst, and coolest things that are coming up. For the month of June, we have a varied set of comics to look out for, plus some events that you should be a bit wary of. Hit the jump to see more.

Ryan L's Thoughts

The Best Thing In June

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest Mini

I love American Vampire. True story. In fact, I love it so much I don't mind shelling out twice the amount of money for twice the amount of product. And I usually see expansion as pure money grubbing but in this instance it's just serving the fans more of what they want.

This mini looks at two of our intrepid vampire hunters going behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany to search out a rumoured vampire cure. Their history with the main vampire enigma, Skinner Sweet, comes into play. It sounds like some sort of grindhouse delight when you place all these elements together and that's perfect with me. I hope many see this mini as a bit of a jumping on point and dip their toe into the AV world and see how damn awesome it is.

Though, why this isn't just an arc of the main series is also a little beyond me. It seems strange to pick this one part up and make it a mini. But, seeing as the mini is only $2.99 and Sean Murphy (Joe The Barbarian) is on art, you'd do well to pick this one up.

Mystery Men

Call me crazy, but this title looks like a whole mess of fun. David Liss has done a pretty decent job on Black Panther: Man Without Fear and this title looks much more suited to his old school style. The characters seem interesting and the premise is solid, a Marvel romp through the 20s and 30s. Sign me up.

The Worst Thing In June


I don't read DC. True Story. I pick up a few of the DC titles but overall I just don't get the universe and certainly don't know where to jump in. That should mean an event, like Flashpoint, is completely inaccessible to me but I'm finding two things - a) these titles all look so damn cool. I love a good alternate reality and this one has some very cool stuff, and b) these look like I could just dip into one title and enjoy it. I wonder if it would really work that way.

Scott Snyder is plotting the Superman title. Jeff Lemire is writing a Frankenstein title. Lois Lane is in charge of some sort of resistance. That all sounds so damn cool, in a very comics way. I don't know what to do...

Double Shipping

There are many Marvel titles shipping twice in the month of June. Some might say that's just a chance to get more of what you like anyway, others might call me a fool because I just mentioned liking getting more of American Vampire up above, but I would disagree with both. This double shipping is not greatly planned because I'm already wanting to stretch the budget to pick up some of these new Fear Itself minis but if it comes down to buying the ongoing I already buy and buying the new mini for the event I'm going to go with the ongoing I already get. I'll be less likely to want a gap in that title and I'll trade wait the minis, or at least wait for reviews. That's not smart working of the system from Marvel.

Ultimate Death Bag

That's just what comics need, another shrink wrapped title. Is there a stick of gum and some 'exclusive' playing cards trapped in there with the comic?

The Coolest Thing In June

The Cape: Legacy Edition

Definitely not related to the show of the same name. Definitely. The Cape was a one-shot that hit shelves at the end of last year and completely floored me. It's based on a Joe Hill short story, one I had read before, and yet coming to life in the four colour medium made it do something different for me again. The ending in particular offered up new places to go and now we are going to see what those places look like.

This Legacy Edition one-shot might be $5.99 but you get the one comic one-shot reprinted, as well as the original prose story (and Hill is one damn fine prose artists), as well as notes from the writer of the comic (Jason Ciaramella) for his adaptation. It's certainly money worth spending as this book was, and I quote myself, "one of the best origin stories of the year and it introduces a villain you absolutely will want to read more about." This is a comic that's different and I want to see where the lead, so tainted by his own power of a cape that lets him fly, will end up in a further adventure.

Seriously, if you take one hint from my solicit rant then take this one, buy The Cape.

Criminal: Last Of The Innocent #1

I love Criminal. It's a title that has ups and downs, which is fine, especially when my favourite arc (Bad Night) came right in the middle. It's not just something slowly slipping away. Incognito got in the way, which is fine by me, but now Criminal is back and from the looks of this cover it's back with a bang.

You don't even need to read the solicit information just soak up that cover. That right there is a contender for cover of the year. Enjoy.

Matt's Thoughts

The Best Thing in June

Disney and Marvel Together

I am positively thrilled that Marvel and Disney are going to be working together producing Cars comics. This is the exact kind of thing that the industry needs to reach new eyes. No offense to BOOM!, who got the short of the end stick at the end of the day, but Marvel's circulation and reach are far more expansive. I can't say I'm very thrilled with the price though, as they are a bit high for an impulse buy, and parents will think twice before buying one for the kids.

Supergirl's New Writer

Supergirl's title has been in constant state of flux in the past couple of months, but I am glad they have at least settled for the next three months, and it's none other than Kelly Sue DeConnick. You might remember her from the Osborn mini series, plus other assorted small projects at Marvel. The jump to DC is surprising not only for that reason, but because she is married to Matt Fraction, one of the most important writers at Marvel. In any case, she is a great writer, and it will be interesting to see how she handles Supergirl.

The Worst Thing in June

Goodbye, Spider-Girl. 

Everyone was hoping for a success story, but it just didn't happen. The new version of Spider-Girl will be having it's final issue in June, not having reached a full year. What hurts the most is that Young Allies, where Anya was also appearing at the time, was also canceled earlier in the year. Still, at least Spider-Girl lasted three more issues than some other series (I'm looking at you, Dr. Voodoo!), and actually managed to last one more issue than Spider-Woman.

What's the Flash Point?

As Ryan pointed out above, the Flashpoint tie-in titles have some really cool names to them. However, their solicitations are incredibly short on the information front, just some short tag lines and the creative team. As we prove here every month, a good solicitation blurb can prove the difference between a buy or a skip. If they don't plan to release ANY solicitations at all, some of these tie-ins could end up crashing hard. Credit where credit is due, though: I called out DC over the whole "Holding the line" last month, and it looks like even though the main title is going to be priced $3.99 per issue, they are all going to be extra sized.

The Coolest Thing in June

Godzilla Gonna Chew You Out

Godzilla is going through a revival right now, as the hundreds of variant covers of the big lizard destroying comic stores will let you know. However, what you might have not seen is that John Layman, the writer of Chew, is writing a miniseries called Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths, and the description sounds absolutely crazy. It's about a private detective that gets sent to Monster Island and must survive not only the monsters that live there, but also the Yakuza gangsters that are trying to kill him. Like I said, crazy.

What is 15 Love?

I thought last month's reprint of Trouble was a fluke, but it really looks like Marvel are trying to bring back the romance comic in some way. Well, I don't know if this is completely romance, but it centers around Millie, who studies in a tennis academy and is having all kinds of trouble. In any case, this is something that is probably going to fly under a lot of people's radar, as it is easy to overlook it amidst all the Fear Itself tie-ins.


That's what caught our eyes for June. What are you excited about? What are you dreading? What shouldn't we miss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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mvdc said...

15 Love is a comic that's 8 years old that was originally solicited during the Bill Jemas run. Once that all ended, seemingly, the book was shelved. Until now. No idea why it's being printed now though.

Gil said...

I'm really looking forward to Fly by Raven Gregory. It's his foray into superheroes and I'm eager to see his take on them. Gregory's just a really consistent writer who I always enjoy, his The Gift being one of my all-time favs, so I'm sure this'll be a blast.

Stephen Waniak said...

I'm also really amped for Mystery Men. It seems like a perfect fit for Liss, and it's been way too long since I've seen pencils from Zircher.

MisterSmith said...

June is a five Wednesday month. I wouldn't be surprised if the double shipping Marvel titles are at the beginning/ending of the month.

Koottie said...

First and foremost, RIP to Spider-girl; your tweets will be missed, I hope that Generation Hope is next. I think I will be adding Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths, I would just hate myself forever if I didn't.

Liz said...

Good riddance for spider girl

Matt Duarte said...

@Koottie/Liz: I don't understand why would anyone want a book to be canceled. I don't understand the vitriol for Generation Hope and Spider-Girl (respectively) that you are expressing here. What joy do you get out of it?

twobitspecialist said...

@Matt - Mayday fans, man.

Koottie said...

Well I hope this happens to everyone at sometime, but I didn't add the "n't" to my "is".

**I hope that Generation Hope isn't next**

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