Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/06/11

Lots of comics for this edition of Moments of the Week, from Fear Itself, the .1 issue of Uncanny X-Men, Annihilators, Secret Six, newcomer Nonplayer and more. You know the drill, so jump to it!

Just a quick introduction, my name is Ken and I'll be your Moment of the Week guide from here on out. If you don't really notice a difference then I've done my job. Many thanks to Kirk, Matt, Ryan and Ryan for letting me join in the festivities. I also plan on bringing back the Moment of the Day in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. But that's enough small talk, now for the pictures!

Annihilators #2

Ikon told Ronan last issue that of all the Annihilators, he's only Alpha Class (as opposed to Alpha Plus). Ronan clearly disagrees, and takes it out on Dredd

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #5

Uh-oh, Wanda seems to remember everything. And Iron Lad looks like he might be around for the rest of the series.

Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #2

"Dent" is up there with the Incredible Hercules sound effects. For those who might not know, Axe Cop is the webcomic by two brothers, one of whom is 6 years old. So you've got the imagination of a 6 year old being drawn by his thirty year old brother. This is their first print comic series.

Brightest Day #23

So you've got Firestorm as a fire elemental, Hawkman & Hawkgirl as air, Aquaman is a water elemental and Martian Manhunter is earth. You've got a Black Lantern version of Swamp Thing that is trying to kill the Tree of Life, and Alec Holland is resurrected, who appears to be the champion of Life as chosen by the white ring. It seems to be tying into a lot of stuff from the  end of the second Swamp Thing series.

Fear Itself #1

Sin, or rather Skadi, in her Thor'd-up version for this event. She seems to be herself but also feeling possessed by whatever is in the hammer. 

It does have a nice ring to it, and sales would probably quadruple.

Odin has the mother (or is that all-father?) of all temper tantrums this issue, yelling at the Watcher, taking Mjolnir away from Thor and beating him senseless, and then taking his ball and going home to Asgard with all the other Norse gods. The underlying theme might be Odin is just scared that the true All-Father, The Serpent, has been brought back.
Kudos to Stuart Immonen and Laura Martin for some really top level art.

Heroes for Hire #5


Paladin's got a crush, ooooooo. At the end of the issue he also seems willing to finance the HFH operation with Misty to get to the real villain who was using Puppet Master (Punisher shot him, but really, that doesn't surprise anyone).

Nonplayer #1

Nonplayer is one of the Image titles generating a lot of buzz with the recent string of sellouts, which Ryan Lindsay spoke about earlier this week. Set in the future, this look at the evolution of MMORPGs features some stunning artwork from newcomer Nate Simpson and its easy to see why.

Secret Six #32

Ragdoll is one of few people born in the world without a soul, so when he went to hell in the last issue, he's treated like a king. He's got an arranged marriage and everything. Bane is kind of disillusioned he's going to hell when he dies after living what he considers an "honorable" life, this looks to set him up becoming more of a villain over the coming months to lead into the next Batman movie.

Knockout was Scandal's long term girlfriend is the first two Secret Six minis, who died right during Death of the New Gods. The old saying is "till death do us part," so it can't really be cheating, can it?

Superman/Batman Annual #5

Part 5 of the Reign of Doomsday mini event going on among the Superman books. Here, Doomsday became Cyborg Doomsday, imitating powers from Cyborg Superman like he's done with others in the Superman Family.  Meanwhile, Supergirl has cleansed herself of her dark persona from recent JLA issues by accepting all the loss she's had to deal with in the past year of stories, losing her parents and fellow Kryptonians. By issue's end, Doomsday does capture both Kara and Cyborg Superman and teleports away, heading over to Superboy #6 later this month. The art here is by Miguel Sepulveda, the talented dude who gave us many great Thanos Imperative moments.  

Uncanny X-Men #534.1


Magneto needs his image rehabbed pretty badly, so that's why PR lady Kate Kildare is there to help the X-Men with their image. Mags has a hard time understanding that you catch more flies with honey than with generating worldwide EMP's and destroying NYC. By issue's end he uses his powers essentially lower the damage of earthquakes in the Bay Area, which should earn him some praise from the locals.

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Ivan said...

Welcome, Ken. Is this "3 or 2 pages moment" trend permanent? I like it.

Ken Boehm said...

Glad you like it, Ivan.

I guess it depends on the comics involved. With moments like the Magneto or Iron Fist/Paladin scene, they worked out to be nice 2 page dialogues so I kept it. If there are some funny panels like Volstagg, I'll try and pepper those when available. We'll see what happens next week, as it's pretty dependent on the comics involved.

Nick said...

I really like Ronan's characterization since he got married. He's much more laid back.

Matt Duarte said...

"Mags has a hard time understanding that you catch more flies with honey than with generating worldwide EMP's and destroying NYC."

This line had seriously me laughing hard.

Oh, and also, everyone give a warm welcome to Ken. Without him, I would probably be going crazy right now.

Space Jawa said...

Glad to have the moments back. :-)

Jarmir said...

Welcome Ken! Nice to know you will be taken over the Moments (weeks + daily) those were my favorite features of the site

And to echo Ivan: good idea on having the 2-3 pagers to properly understand the moments. It's a great idea and made me want to go read some of the comics posted.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Another fantastic moments. Good work Ken. Keep 'em coming

Travis said...

Great to have MOTW back! And welcome Ken! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

FUBMAN said...

Really nice to see the moments back. It's the reason i pick up certain comics, just from the moments that i see here. Great to see it going!

twobitspecialist said...

I agree with Fubman. Right now I want to pick up Uncanny X-Men #534.1 just for the moments.

Kevin said...

Welcome Ken. Great work on the MOTW.

Annihilators #2 had a lot of great moments. I especially loved how Silver Surfer stepped upped.

David H. said...

i wish i had enough money to buy all this stuff featured here. really looking forward to the return of Swamp Thing/Alec Holland. for any one following The Annihilators (especially ROM Spaceknight fans)you might want to check out:

Anonymous said...

Axe Cop is the greatest thing ever. So funny.

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