Friday, April 15, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/13/11

You want moments? We got moments. A big moment in Ultimate Spider-Man, a new weapon in Batman & Robin, pranks in Amazing Spider-Man, solid fun in the Steve Rogers Super-Soldier Annual, and Age of X heads into the final act in X-Men Legacy. All that and lots more after the jump, so do it to it!

Amazing Spider-Man #658

Beat him up, Ben. This scene runs counter to what we saw in FF#1 where Peter was given a FF outfit by Susan. Franklin in his Spidey-jammies is a nice touch.

The prank gene runs in the family.

Batgirl #20

I've always wondered how batarangs are made, mix and match for hours of crime fighting fun!

Batman & Robin #22

The origin of the new villain White Knight is connected to bat-baddy Dr. Phosphorous.

Aw man, Damian, now you screwed up Zsasz's tally count.

Tomasi had Owlman use something similar during his Outsiders run, but it's so awesome he can use it again. When in danger, just fire the cowl ears.

Justice League: Generation Lost #23

That is OMAC Prime, an OMAC who seems to have the personality of a human (and the voice of Max Lord).

Booster Gold decides to skip fighting the OMAC and takes the fight to Max Lord aboard his Checkmate hovership. Two men enter, one man leaves!

Red Robin #22

Azrael has gone off the deep end, aligning with a villain named Crusader and the two are set to cast biblical judgment upon Gotham City unless Tim, Dick, or Selina can pass their tests without committing a sin. Tim's pretty much the cleanest of the three, and even passes Azrael's "stab a sinner! sword test, but since he doesn't believe in God (or at the very least is agnostic) he fails. Now it's Selina's turn in Gotham City Sirens later this month.

Steve Rogers Super-Soldier Annual #1

This is part two of Escape From the Negative Zone, which started in the very fun Uncanny X-Men Annual #3. Blastaar wanted Reed Richards to show up and negotiate for Cyclops and Hope, otherwise he was going to instigate a war. You know, the usual Blastaar hyperbole, he's such a one trick pony.

Cyclops kept one-upping Hope in terms of being a know-it-all survival badass in the Uncanny X-Men annual, which drove Hope bonkers. Here she gets revenge.

Hey Steve, you can't really question Emma, remember Diamondback? Yeah, thought so. This was probably my Marvel book of the week, and I would like for James Asmus to get some more work in the future, because he has a way of making the characters act like this is just another day at the office, so why not have some fun with their interactions?  It's just been a story that radiates fun.

Superboy #6

Reign of Doomsday continues, as Superboy gets beat down in Detroit. Doomsday also imitates Conner's tactile telekenesis. This is all leading to Action Comics #900 in two weeks, but Doomsday forgot the strongest member of the Super-family: Krypto.

Ultimate Spider-Man #157

Ah-ha! Peter found out about Aunt May and Gwen's debilitating Snuggie addiction!

Doc Ock wanted out of the whole revenge plan Norman set up. Norman responded by bashing his head in. One of the nice things in this scene is that Peter still has an innocence about him that he covers his mouth with his hands in shock at what he's looking at.

And the big moment, which is also reflected in Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3 below.

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3

Cap beat Fury pretty badly on the bridge, and Punisher was aiming for his knees. The nice thing about the scene in both issues is that Yu and Bagley made the shot match up, and Spidey wasn't hit in the head in one issue or the foot in the other.

Uncanny X-Men #535

Seriously, Magneto, some funky metal is kind of on the bottom of the list. And I thought you and Nemesis would get along better, sitting on the porch of Utopia, drinking tea, talking about how you guys hate Nazis so much...

At least Emma is self aware of her outfits. S.W.O.R.D. called up for help because a massive battleship from the Breakworld is within Earth's orbit.

Wolverine's training as a space pirate came from his days at Weapon-RRRRRR (oh come on I had to do it).

Twist! Colossus is technically the head of Breakworld since he took down Kruun at the end of Whedon's run, but when he left the world plunged into civil war.

X-Men Legacy #247

Cannonball was supposed to be the field leader in this alternate reality because Cyclops aka Basilisk was too much of a loose cannon, but the real Cyclops shines through in realizing things aren't adding up. Poor Sam though, look at everyone leaving him.

The big reveal this issue is that X, the computer voice of Fortress X, is actually Moira, who is nothing more than a personality of Legion. Nemesis was trying to delete the multiple personalities of Legion to help with his schizophrenia, but  the Moira personality took over and reshaped Utopia. So it's only been seven days since this world was created, not the three years the mutants think they've lived through. And the rest of the universe is tucked away in the box Rogue aka Legacy is holding onto.

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max "nekron" power said...

the batman cowl ears are the best gadget ever, even better than the bat-teaser that was show in detective comics

Space Jawa said...

The thing that bothers me the most about Spider-Man getting shot is that it hardly seems like trying to get Cap out of the way was his best or only option. Why couldn't he have shot some web on Punisher's gun or face or something like that?

btownlegend said...

In Batman and Robin, the best thing was the Joker's antics. They nailed it.

Anonymous said...

"This scene runs counter to what we saw in FF#1" - thought so too, at first, but in the end of it we have Susan telling Peter to grab the costume he got last time. So yeaaaaah. On the other hand, that doesn't change the fact that he acts like he's around for the first time. Weird one.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry that this 'extended moments' approach is totally going beyond fair use?

That's a hell of a lot of moments from singular titles, a lot of which isn't in previews.

I'm not hating on the concept, or the shift in who's doing this, just that maybe, MAYBE it's better to not show too much stuff from any one issue. What do you think?

Ken Boehm said...

Anonymous #1: Yeah, it didn't sync up with FF#1 even with the line of dialogue about leaving the suit there. Maybe Peter thought his Spider-Four outfit was so cool it would make Reed and Sue change their minds?

Anonymous #2: nothing really goes beyond 3 pages, with the exception of the Steve Rogers Annual which had 34 pages of story.

pendrake said...

1. For Batgirl... I like Stephanie Brown's style of Batgirl, not only does it bring back the humour-tinged ways of Barbara Gordon Batgirl during the Bronze Age of comics, but also manages to balance the more modern styles of the Bat-family. I hope that even with Cassandra Cain returning to her own Batgirl cowl that they will keep Stephanie around.

2. For JLI: Generation Lost... On a minor note, I like how they are trying to evolve Ice's costume for the better. Ice is one of the best supporting characters in DC Universe, and one of my personal favorites, but her old bodysuit + tank-top was utterly gag-reflexing (how it lasted for so long, I will *never* understand...).

3. For Red Robin... These two panels show exactly what is wrong with religion at times. Don't believe what I believe? Doesn't matter what good you do then. This is the same kind of belief that certain "Christians" espouse that mass-murderers were sent by God to punish America for its policy of tolerance, or that Mahatma Gandhi is in Hell.

4. For Uncanny X-Men... Magneto and Nemesis totally need to have an outing to go hunt Nazis, either few remaining &/or neo- (or both!), think of the bonding and entertainment that could occur ;) .

Anonymous said...

So Cannonball will never amount to anything. What else is new?

Ivan said...

For a trained super-assassin, you'd think Damien would know how to throw a proper punch...

I love Cyclops/Cap interaction, can't quite explain why, but it just looks right. Two tight-assed leaders just chilling and being cool around eachother.

twobitspecialist said...

That ASM moment with Spidey in his custom-made FF was absolutely dumb. The rest of the issue was okay, but Sue is right--completely disrespectful.

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