Friday, April 15, 2011

Eisner Award Nominations for 2011 - Best Cover Artist

The Eisner nominations are out for the 2011 awards and they are certainly interesting. Where 2010 seemed to have plenty of Big Two top talent this year is much more independent. Throughout this week, we’re going to discuss each of the main sections of the awards, offer some suggestions for those who missed out, and then open up the floor for you all to have your say. Right now we’re looking at Best Cover Artist. Let's wrap this up.

Best Cover Artist

Rodin Esquejo, Morning Glories (Shadowline/Image)
Dave Johnson, Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plain (Dark Horse); Unknown Soldier (Vertigo/DC); Punisher/Max, Deadpool (Marvel)
Mike Mignola, Hellboy, Baltimore: The Plague Ships (Dark Horse)
David Petersen, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard (Archaia)
Yuko Shimizu, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)

What They Got Right

Dave Johnson. The fact a man can be drawing the covers to Deadpool and still shine is a testament to his incredible talent. I think you only need to put his work together, in a row, and see how much enjoyment, and most importantly thought, goes into all his pieces and you know he’s right at home in this category. This is a big win for fun covers everywhere.

What They Got Wrong

Rodin Esquejo is a fine artist, sure, but he’s not one of the five best in the industry working today. Where’s Gabriel Ba on this one, dammit? It’s like the Eisners were willing to admit that Daytripper was overall good but that no one excelled in putting it together or had any specific highlights along the way.


These are just some thoughts on the Eisner nominations for this category. We’d love to hear what you think so please add any thoughts or comments down below.

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quietomega said...

Paolo Rivera did great covers for Amazing Spider-Man, especially for 641. Skottie Young getting snubbed is a crying shame considering how great his covers were last year.

I think a lot of Vertigo cover artists got snubbed: Jock, Rafael Albequerque and Gabriel Ba all deserved to be nominated for doing great jobs on Scalped, American Vampire and Daytripper respectively.

That said, I think the nominees this year are pretty strong, though I think Esquejo's the weakest of the five

Monopoly said...

Stanley Lau did some amazing work, mainly for Birds of Prey and Batgirl. His covers are pretty standard, not wacky stuff like the Eisner nominating people seem to like, but he's amazing.

Agreed on Esquejo, the Morning Glories covers are pretty mediocre.

schuyler said...

i think Mignola being nominated for BPS is latent favoritism. Nice covers; but nothing new or earth shattering from him. it'd be bullshit if Mignola won the award by cuckolding Gabe Ba out of the spot in the first place, on top of which, of those listed, Yuko Shimizo's covers are the clearly the standout.

Jimmy S. Jay said...

Just found your blog, and i dig it!

But i gotta disagree with you here-
Dave Johnson is a heck of an artist, IN SPITE of his Deadpool covers. I was the first kid on the block to rave about 100 Bullets back in the day, but his 4 part Prelude to the Deadpool Corps certainly did not function commercially, and there is nothing artistic about 4 similarly looking, interlocking covers of cartoon characters crashing into a brick wall. Further, his artwork specifically HELP KILL sales on the deadpool franchise for us through 2010...

I thought the call out for MORNING GLORIES was more than valid, solid choice. those covers drove people to pick the title off the shelves in the first place...

We all have opinions though, and different strokes for different folks-

Jimmy S. Jay...

Brian Lee said...

@quietomega: Agreed on Skottie Young. Every cover he's done this year has been something I'd want hung on my wall.

@Monopoly: 100% with you on Stanley Lau. His Batgirl covers were wonderful. Nothing crazy composition-wise (though I love all the little touches on the cover for the Supergirl/Dracula cover), just really nice, really beautiful covers.

All that said, though, my favorite is Yuko Shimizo on The Unwritten. They're beautiful and there's almost always more to look at than you first thought.

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