Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eisner Award Nominations for 2011 - Best Writer

The Eisner nominations are out for the 2011 awards and they are certainly interesting. Where 2010 seemed to have plenty of Big Two top talent this year is much more independent. Throughout this week, we’re going to discuss each of the main sections of the awards, offer some suggestions for those who missed out, and then open up the floor for you all to have your say. Right now we’re looking at Best Writer. Let's get into it.

Best Writer

Ian Boothby, Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book; Futurama Comics #47–50; Simpsons Comics #162, 168; Simpsons Super Spectacular #11–12 (Bongo)
Joe Hill, Locke & Key (IDW)
John Layman, Chew (Image)
Jim McCann, Return of the Dapper Men (Archaia)
Nick Spencer, Morning Glories, Shuddertown, Forgetless, Existence 3.0 (Image)

What They Got Right

These guys are all pretty strong. Interesting to see three entries for guys who only have one title apiece to their name. What, didn’t Layman’s Shadowland: Bullseye one-shot count? Didn’t McCann’s copious Hawkeye love letters rate a mention? Yeah, I agree, they don’t.

I usually see some Bongo love. What does Bongo hold over the Eisner committee? I kid, I’m sure they’re awesome comics. I just haven’t read them in a decade or more.

What They Got Wrong

No Jason Aaron? Scalped, Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, PunisherMax. That’s a bit of a shame. I thought he might be a chance here. It’s interesting that neither of the Big Two rate a mention here. No Aaron, no Morrison (which I’m really curious to see what people think about that), no Hickman…will Marvel and DC really take note of this snubbing or take it on the chin. Last year they had Geoff Johns and James Robinson and then Ed Brubaker taking out the win. This year, nothing.

Also, no Scott Snyder. I’ve been digging his work, American Vampire definitely and to a fair degree on Detective Comics, but here there’s no love. I think subbing Spencer in isn’t quite as bold and correct a move.


These are just some thoughts on the Eisner nominations for this category. We’d love to hear what you think so please add any thoughts or comments down below.

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Warwick Johnson said...

I am really not a fan of Joe Hill's Locke & Key. I know that people really like it, but the book is really underwhelming. I would have rather seen Jason Aaron, Hickman, or Rick Remender in that spot.

Simon McDonald said...

McCann’s Dapper Men is brilliant, but it's the sole standout in his catalogue of comics work, in my opinion. Aaron and/or Hickman deserved a spot for their level of consistency.

quietomega said...

Considering that Morrison's work wasn't nominated this year, I'm not surprised that he was snubbed for Best Writer, but it still sucks. His last arc on Batman and Robin was phenomenal, and Batman Inc has been great; it's a shame that he's not getting Eisner love.

Jason Aaron should have been nominated; his work's been consistently phenomenal and last year was no different. Hickman also did great things with Fantastic Four and SHIELD.

Retcon Joe said...

McCann is the writer of the year! Dapper Men is simply fantastic and anyone who can breathe life into one of Marvel's most wanting properties (Hawkeye) has my vote.

Ken Boehm said...

John Layman.

Though I agree Scott Snyder should have gotten a nomination.

Klep said...

I finally got my hands on Morning Glories vol. 1 today and it definitely deserves the nominations it's gotten. This first volume is exceptional. My only concern is that it so far shares a few story elements with Lost. I already watched that show, so I hope the two stories stay safely diverged.

schuyler said...

What about Josh Dysart for Unknown Soldier? BRILLIANT! scott snyder on AV definitely over Mcann for ROTDM. I'm sorry but ROTDM was too far out & etherial. BTW, anyone who's underwhelmed by L&K needs stick with superhero books and stay out of the mature section.

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