Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tom Brevoort on Cosmic Titles

The ever-informative Tom Brevoort shared this little bit of news in last week's column of Talk To the Hat over at CBR. It seems that there is hope for the Marvel cosmic fans yet, and he just fanned those flames a little bit more. Who knows, maybe next month when the solicitations hit, we will know a bit more. 

The cosmic side of Marvel, which has a small yet ardent fanbase, has been itching for more since the cancellation of Nova and Guardians of The Galaxy some time back, and the end of The Thanos Imperative. Since then, the mini-series Annihilators has appeared, but seemingly nothing else in the horizon after that. Now we know that there are indeed plans for more Cosmic titles once that one is finished.

Now let's just hope that the cosmic titles don't suffer the same fate as Runaways...

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Space Jawa said...

Oh please, Marvel, don't let me get my hopes up.

*Hope shoots through roof*

Ah, darn it, too late. >__<

Midnight Monk said...

Undoubtly the best news I've heard all day, glad to here Nova will be back. Hopefully Starlord as well

Brandon Whaley said...

Thank the Maker.

Retcon Joe said...

By the Great Priests of Pama is it true? Maybe hiatus for Nova and Guardians is just that a hiatus. Maybe good ol'Captain Marvel will return or better yet Miracle Man in the Cosmic MU!

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