Friday, May 27, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/25/11

Green is the word for this installment of Moments of the Week, as War of the Green Lanterns continues, Rogue wears green in X-Men Legacy, violent green aliens walk around in Uncanny X-Men, green Nazi robots roam in Secret Avengers, and a new villain has green spikes in Action Comics. All that and other non-green things after the jump!

Action Comics #901

Um, Mister President, didn't you get the message Superman left for you in Action Comics #900? What is happening is that the spaceship that is holding the Super-family captive is accelerating at light speed right at Earth, ready to smash through us in minutes. Meanwhile, what happens when you mash Doomsday and Death's Head together?

Eradicator will probably be fine, it's like the fifth time he's died. But the person imitating the Sentry there is Doomslayer. In his own words, he is "the death of Doomsdays," and also wants to destroy the Earth. We can never catch a break.

Secret Avengers #13

No, it's not Night at the Museum, a hitherto unseen mutant named Leonard Gary, who also happens to be a Congressman and a friend to Beast, uses his mutant power to bring the spirit of all the objects at the National Mall to life. It looks like D.C. is going to be just fine during this event for the time being.

Detective Comics #877

The new mob boss Dick is treating like dirt is nicknamed the Roadrunner, hence the Warner Brothers reference. After dropping him off for Gordon to detain, Dick speaks with Sophia Branch (formerly Sophia Zucco), who explains that because of her former name, mob bosses want the bank she owns to launder their money. When she refused, they killed her assistant. Another shift between old and new Gotham.

Dick Grayson and Tim Drake banter is the best banter in comic books, who can even come close? You also gotta love that on top of Internet 3.0, Bruce also has 5G technology.

Green Lantern #66

Guy Gardner steals every scene he's in in both Green Lantern and Emerald Warriors. Excellent construct to follow up a pun with. Krona actually wants the four Earth Lanterns alive so that he can turn them into the new Guardians.

Green Lantern Corps #60

Mogo's core/brain. Not even a Bzzt construct by Kyle can break Mogo free of Parallax's influence. On top of that, all those Black Lanterns Mogo absorbed during Blackest Night break out of the core, creating even more trouble for Kyle and John. So John uses his Indigo power absorption to do his most famous trick...

Mogo, you shall be missed. May you socialize in Heaven with all the planets Superboy Prime has destroyed.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10

The best punch is a sucker punch. Regrouping with John and Kyle at the central Power Battery, Guy dons the violet ring while Hal puts on the orange ring to try and rip Parallax out and save the corps.

Therapy session, comic book style. And with Parallax kicked out of the battery, everyone goes back to their default Green Lantern mode for the final part in Green Lantern #67 next month. Hopefully this doesn't mean we don't see Guy and Ice get back together sometime soon.

Super Dinosaur #2

Super Dinosaur, or SD for short, shows off his new arctic suit. Pretty smart move by Robert Kirkman, different suits mean different toys for maximum moolah. But what about new weapons? You can bet those bases are covered too...

Boom goes the dino-mite.

Venom #3

Jack O' Lantern and his mysterious boss kidnap Betty Brant after finding out Flash's identity. Flash then drops off the vibranium to the boss and heads through New York to find her.

Peter went over to see Betty but found the apartment destroyed, then runs into Venom trying to go save Betty, cue classic mix-up fight. Only this time the suit is completely out of control and not responding to Flash.

X-Men Legacy #249

Magneto recollects one of his first cold-blooded kills, a nazi scientist who originally wanted Magneto for classifying "inferior" races before they would be wiped out by the Third Reich. It feels like this flashback scene was included in order to tie-into the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie.

Frenzy, reverting to her Age of X appearance, realizes that in order to get the reverence from the mutant community that she had, needs to up her game and become an X-Man.

And the twist of the issue is Rogue hooking up with Magneto, for the night at least, before going back to Gambit. Or will she?

Uncanny X-Men #537

Kitty was stabbed by that metal Kruun is holding in his hand, putting her in a limbo state where she can't talk. Wolverine was out doing his usual beer meditation and realizes half-off sales aren't good enough, he needs to chop off another fifty percent.

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Jikorijo said...

Poor Mogo. I was sad to see him go. A great idea for a character (living planet) and a great addition to the Green Lantern Corp. At least, we'll see him again in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

I'm surprised to see they had John kill Mogo since John finally got over destroying Xanshi. Killing Mogo would be even worse since he was fellow GL and a planet.

Anonymous said...

@Jikorijo Well, very different. While Mogo is a planet, the only being that John killed by doing it was Mogo himself (pretty sure Mogo is uninhabited by advanced life).

Essentially it's like John killed a single fellow GL and a whole bunch of non-advanced life. It'll still be traumatic. But nowhere near the Xanshi issue.

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