Friday, May 20, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/18/11

What's in store for this installment of Moments of the Week? Well, we've got a little bit of Jason Todd taking out the trash in Batman & Robin, Spider-Man throwing up at the sight of eggs, Booster Gold runs into an old pal, the Thunderbolts send in the B-Team, Namor needs some water, and Paladin tries to stay professional. All that and much more after the jump!

Avengers #13

Spider-Man gets a little sick watching people eat eggs, but seeing him throw up in his mask is eggscruciatingly funny, no yolk.

Probably the biggest thing from Avengers this month, Bendis is slowly building up a Hawkeye and Spider-Woman romance. Fear not, fair Moonstone, one day you two will be reunited! Ms. Marvel is against the possible relationship on the basis that when things go bad, Spider-Woman will be the one who has to leave the team, because Hawkeye won't go and is a revered member.

Batman #710

Tony Daniel is a really big fan of The Long Halloween, and it looks like he's going to go for the trifecta with Two-Face, the Falcones, and Gilda Dent showing up in his tenure as writer.......or is it really Gilda? dun-dun-dunnnnnn!

Batman & Robin #23

Jason Todd just pulled a Rorschach, cleaning out a correctional facility in Gotham. I'm actually surprised that comparison wasn't played up more by Judd Winick; both are redhead anti-heroes who have mental problems.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #1

Kirk has a review of issue #1 up that's worth a read, but the gist of the story is that Gotham's bridges are falling down, falling down. A nice scene by Trevor McCarthy channeling some of his earlier Nightwing run with Dick being everywhere on the page.

The Bruce Wayne Bunch, consisting of all of Wayne's kids, put the pieces together to find out the three major families of Gotham City: the Waynes, the Elliots, and the Cobblepots. I also like how Damian still places himself away from the other members of the family, in a cocky "I'm not adopted" manner.

Booster Gold #44

The first Flashpoint tie-in, and we get Booster being mistaken for an Atlantean because America doesn't have any heroes that can fly. Oh, and Doomsday shows up, who seems to be following orders by the US military. This could be what the Project: Superman mini-series is all about. Hopefully Doomsday doesn't insist on closing the car door for Booster this time.

Herc #3

Hercules probably hates Zima too, and thinks it's a trick of Hera placed upon we mortals.

Heroes for Hire #7

Spider-Man is genuinely funny in this Heroes for Hire arc, and he brings up a good point about Batroc. But hey, wasn't Paladin fighting Batroc earlier? Don't worry, he's on his way....


Rodney Dangerfield would have been the perfect choice for Paladin in the Marvel movies, God rest his soul. No respect I tell ya (and Paladin could totally beat up Moon Knight).

Namor: The First Mutant Annual #1

Concluding Escape From the Negative Zone from the Uncanny X-Men and Steve Rogers: Super Soldier annuals, Namor is going a bit crazy from the lack of water. More importantly though, how cool is Nemesis' little space Segway? Ice cold.

Not even Cyclops can stop Namor with a full blast, so he lets Hope mimic Namor's powers to buy Nemesis some time to open up a makeshift portal back to our world. Do they live, or does everything as you know it change in this instant?

Well go figure, they all survived. But look, Scott and Steve both got suckers for being such good patients! Max Fiumara's art  has a lot of fun touches to it this issue, he's almost like a more angular Chris Bachalo in terms of detail and page layouts.

Pixie has a new crush, and Emma decides to play naughty teacher. And Nemesis is just waiting to bust a move like Michael Jackson in Moonwalker. I can't recommend this story arc enough, even if you don't like the X-Men it's just good old fashioned super heroics with really good artists.

Ultimate Spider-Man #158

Bobby is tired of getting the cold shoulder with the ladies, all because he can't say he's a world renown mutant. This scene actually seems to hint at the upcoming Ultimate X-Men relaunch that the two will be appearing in. And the two also find the Sinister Five on their doorsteps, the crumbums.

Johnny, your dad, sister, and even Peter would be so disappointed in you not realizing that sand snuffs out fire.

Thunderbolts #157

That's the spirit, Shocker!

The Underbolts, as Moonstone calls them, hit the desert in style. Left to right, the B-Team is Gunna (now called Troll), Shocker, Mr. Hyde in his Sunday best, Boomerang, and Centurius. You may be asking "where's Juggernaut?" He got hastily written off the team in order for him to show up in Fear Itself.

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #2

Continuing from the last issue, this time Cyclops asks for Magneto's opinions on stuff. Magneto reveals that his first encounter with Cyclops ushered in a sense that maybe Mags was just lashing out at the younger generation of mutants because of what happened to him during World War II. He then compares Cyclops to his father, a WWI war hero who always held onto a strong moral compass and belief that things would get better.

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twobitspecialist said...

So, any of those Beta team 'bolts were picked by the readers? I don't recall the choices.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I stopped buying Batman because of Daniels' writing. I didn't like how he took the Riddler and threw away months of character development, created unoriginal 'junior' versions of established characters, and is now taking a great story like 'Long Halloween' and making those characters 2-dimensional.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Two-Face has been overused these last few years?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Hawkeye with Mockingbird? That's one of the reasons he was in the first couple of issues of New Avengers. Cause he said he wanted to be closer to her. Marvel should just get someone else to write The Avengers

CombatSpoon86 said...


Only Shocker was the only one of the choices that alot of people chose to be on the beta team. Hyde though was mentioned as one of the members also but it wasn't a popular choice. I expected Troll to be part of the beta team though. Haven't seen Boomerang since civil war and I'm a fan of his through the Sinister Syndicate. Centarius I have no idea who he is. Looks like a C-Lister to me

Anonymous said...

So Hawkeye and Mockingbird are officially broken-up/seperated/divorced again?

Kenny said...

Boomerang was last seen murdering Jackpot's husband in Amazing Spider-Man presents: Jackpot. Hawkeye and Mockingbird broke up in their cancelled series. They were still officially divorced since the paper were legal. The " I was a Skrull, then died" defense doesn't make it go away.

Anonymous said...

When did Robin Hood join the Avengers?

Klep said...

@Anonymous7 If by Robin Hood you mean Hawkeye, 1965.

Ivan said...

I'll never get used to redhead Jason Todd.

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