Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cover of the Week - The Mighty Thor, JL: Generation Lost, & New Mutants

Another week, another strong batch of comics. Before we move on to the next delivery of comics, though, first we must decide which comic had the best cover and will walk away with the coveted Cover of The Week award. And the winners are... after the jump.

Ryan L.'s Covers of the Week - The Mighty Thor #1 by Walt Simonson

Ryan L.: What a coup to get the master to bring out a variant for this relaunch. It would be a massive cliche to choose this cover were it not for the fact that it's awesome. The colouring has a lot to do with that. I also like, for a change, the white space used. It makes the top really pop.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Justice League - Generation Lost #24 by Dustin Nguyen

Matt: Justice League: Generation Lost has had a incredibly strong set of covers throughout it´s whole run, so it's fitting that it should also end on a very eye-catching cover by Dustin Nguyen. The colors on the top part are absolutely fantastic and a nice contrast with the bottom half.  

Ken's Cover of the Week - New Mutants #24 by Mico Suayan

Ken: Something about this cover works for me in standing out on the shelf; it walks the line between actually having something relevant to the interior of the book, yet also fitting the standard Marvel "movie poster" model that has been used for the past ten years. You also have Legion in the middle as a nice distinction to draw the eye, neon mutants work just as well as a neon sign.

Runner-Ups: Amazing Spider-Man #659, Detective Comics #876, Uncanny X-Men #536

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Josh said...

While I dig the Dustin Nguyen cover for Generation Lost #24, the Kevin Maguire variant is incredibly cool and iconic, and the speech bubble, referring to its biweekly counterpart, made me laugh out loud.

Ted said...

This is a crazy coincidence, but I was just now reading a Hulk comic from 1983, and I remember seeing the ad for Simonson's Thor from which that cover gets its art. (Or at least an ad that used the same art. Could have originally come from something else)
It makes a good cover, and you're right about the coloring.

Anonymous said...

The Detective Comics and Spider-Man runners-up are both much better than that New Mutants one. How often does Batman get eaten by an orca?

Matt Duarte said...

@Josh: I did laugh at the Swamp Thing joke, but man, Wonder Woman looks terrible in that cover.

@Ted: You are right. I remember reading somewhere else that the cover was originally a commissioned art piece that was used for an advertisement, but little else.

Anonymous said...

Is Colossus fighting Arm Fall-Off Boy? Because that would be awesome.

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