Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crisis On Infinite Arts - Riley Rossmo's Dr Strange

I don't do the Facebook much anymore. It's more like a very visual email account than an actual community for me but sometimes I get on it with the phone because pacing with a baby in your arms only offers so many opportunities and sometimes I see things I like. Riley Rossmo dropped some art onto his wall and I was stunned into silence instantly. The man is an artist I dig but this image just captured a really mystical quality I wish I saw more of with the good doctor. This piece is glorious so I delved into Rossmo's Facebook page and found all sorts of cool stuff. And it seems he has a real Jones to work on some Marvel characters in his future. Hit the jump to see Wolverine, Moon Knight, some Spidey villains, and a few creepy Green Wake images.

Riley Rossmo is the artist on a few Image titles like Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking, and Green Wake. He can be found on Twitter at @rileyrossmo1

Damn - great Moon Knight, instant wallpaper

Great composition of Hulk and Wolvie - emotional through action

Man-Thing - that is all

Very interesting Punisher in 'Nam sketch

Took me a second to see that silhouette - creepy

This is how you draw Wolverine, he's not mammoth with muscle

So simple, so effective - if they ever publish Tales of the Franken-Castle I vote Rossmo into the club

The Spidey villains looks very cool here with splashes of colour

This is how Castle holidays

This is gorgeous in the way old Berni Wrightson images of gore capture my imagination

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Matt Duarte said...

That Moon Knight is certainly great.

Danial said...

As the massive Moon Knight fan that I am, I wholeheartedly approve of shown visage :P

Also, I love the first Green Wake page. It reminds me of the video game LIMBO.

Anonymous said...

I love Bernie Wrightson,
thanks for the praise I keep trying to get better a little at a time,


Ivan said...

Great work. The Dr. Strange one feels like Leinil Yu meets Bill Sienkwicks to me.

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