Friday, May 20, 2011

Moment of the Day - Clubbin' Late at Night

Daredevil #257, by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr.

Street-thug rule #1: shoot before talking. So many thugs don't follow rule #1.

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

I have always loved this moment. The flow between panels 3 and 4 work so well because you assume there is, from the progression of movement, a relatively large amount of time in the closure between them but then you apply merely a fraction of a second between them and the scene becomes hilarious. The page relies on you to play along and speed things up in that one moment for it to work, and when you do it works perfectly.

Great choice.

nosocialize said...

Love your blog man. Keep it up!

Stephen Waniak said...

I really enjoyed Ann Nocenti's run. I really wish she wrote more stories these days.

It's also remarkable how much better this page looks than John Romita Jr.'s current work on Avengers.

Dan Cheek said...

Mr. Coppersmith has a mustache, a pistol, AND massive elbow pads. In my mind, that combination should make him plenty powerful enough to take on Galactus.

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