Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stephen Mooney To Draw Nova Title?

Over at the art blog Eclectic Micks, populated by Irish artists like Declan Shalvey, Stephen Thompson and more, what really caught my eye was some of the pages and sketches that artist Stephen Mooney has been posting. For almost over a month, he has been posting Nova related material, which leads me to think that he might be handling a future Nova title. Hit the jump to see more art and speculation. 

This is the first sketch that Mooney posted, adding the following comment...
Panel in progress, gonna be drawing a lot of this guy over the next few weekends for some sample pages. Superheroes are fun. 
Here he mentions that it is for some sample pages and you can clearly see it's on the early stages. However, any editor looking at this would be a fool not to sign up Mooney immediately for a Nova title. In all honesty, it's a very good looking Nova and it reminds me of Sean Chen's work on the title.

Here is the second sketch he posted, the one seen above in the banner, and the artist had this to say:
Hey, another panel from some Nova pages I'm working on. Sorry about the repetitive nature of these, but all of my spare time is being taken up with 'em so it is what it is.
He says he is doing them on his free time, which means that it's not a paid gig, probably just a sample to show an editor.

In the third sketch we can see not only Nova, but someone else. Mooney adds..
Yet another Nova panel. Sorry if these are getting too repetitive, but whaddya want, variety? 
Clearly some kind of villain, and not one I recognize. Anyone recognizes it? If it is a new one, then it's likely that this is going beyond some simple pages.

The final sketch shows off more of this character, aptly titled Bad Dude . He said...
Little snippet of a panel I drew the other day. 
Not much more to see here. However, what one should consider is that the first sketch he posted was dated April 25 and the final one was in May 23. That's almost a whole month of working on nothing but Nova pages. And really good ones, if I might add. It's entirely possible that what started as sample pages has become a new assignment for Stephen Mooney. I certainly hope so, as just from these small snippets, I think he would be a great fit for a Nova title. 

What do you readers think? Would you like to see Mooney on a Nova title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Stephen Waniak said...

These panels look great. It'd be great if a new Nova title is in the works. If it does happen and Mooney winds up attached as the penciler, I'd love to hear the story about him landing the gig.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. If this true, I wonder if Marvel would want him posting pages from a title than isn't even announced?

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