Friday, June 3, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/01/11

One chunk of the comic publishing world may be getting a relaunch soon, but Moments of the Week is still here for you, no reboots required! This installment has a battle of the big events, Flashpoint vs. Fear Itself, Heroes for Hire has fun with sorcery, Spider-Man has a moment of happiness, and Bane has trouble grasping the caramel apple concept in Secret Six. More, as always, after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man #663

Peter Parker gets published in a science journal, that just so happens to ave an article about clones on the cover (don't forget to pay for the magazine or you really are a wall crawling menace!). This level of happiness will surely be undone next issue, because that's how Parker luck works.

Astonishing X-Men #39

That's how you take down monsters on Monster Island!

Fear Itself #3

First goes the arm.....

.....then goes the middle of Bucky's chest......

...and finally, there goes the vital signs. Bucky could be alive next issue, it is rather hard to kill Captain America no matter who dons the uniform, from Steve Rogers to John Walker to Bucky himself.

Flashpoint #2

Thomas Wayne sums up the average person's response when hearing about the Reverse Flash. But he does trust Barry enough to help try and get his powers back and fix the timeline.

Steve Trevor's first meeting with Wonder Woman in this world, and he has a thing for Lois Lane. Could this possibly be carried over into the new DC Universe? One interesting thing here is that the word balloons go gold whenever the lasso of truth is used, which is a nice touch.

And one of the more unintentionally hilarious scenes in recent comic memory as Barry attempts to recreate how he got his powers in the first place. Do not try this at home, kids. Flash Fact.

Flashpoint Batman: Knight of Vengeance #1

Thomas Wayne does not mess around when it comes to handling villains. During his day job, Wayne's casino empire is a front for the Gotham mob's activities, in an attempt to control the criminal element from within. The Gotham Police Department has also been privatized to better handle the crime in the city.

Harvey Dent is a judge in this world, with Gilda as his wife. Their children were kidnapped by this version of the Joker, who is a child-killer. This Joker is never referred to as male or female, a possible twist there in the identity? 

Herc #4

The Griffin has now reverted to a more animal-like state, and since Hercules helped save him from some Ares cultists, he's become his pet sidekick. Pet Avengers membership is just around the corner.

Heroes for Hire #8


Naked banter = the best banter? Satana's appearance here takes place before joining the Thunderbolts.

I bet Scorpion will be dino-sore in the morning, huh? Huh?

Secret Six #34

Scandal gets revenge on the man who kidnapped her girlfriend, then shares a nice moment with the other members of the team. The catch is, Knockout was also brought back from hell, so Scandal will have to choose soon between the two.

And another bonding moment with Ragdoll. Something makes me think Ragdoll has had much more than a fivesome...

Oddly enough, Bane probably didn't eat the stick when he was enjoying caramel rats in the Santa Prisca prison. Such a clash of cultures.

Superboy #8

Hollow Men, how about a hollow Earth? This weird occult stuff ties back to when the Kents first came to Kansas in 1871. A funny thing to think about is that this magic stuff kind of plays with the idea that Superman, aka Clark Kent, also has a weakness to magic. Purely coincidental, but an interesting tangent.

Thunderbolts #158

A pretty cool moment of the Thunderbolts and Underbolts making their appearance known to the escaping inmates of The Raft after Juggernaut picked up his hammer and flew to the moon or some other big place to smash.

Some of the Underbolts decide to plan their escape as well. The road to redemption is the other way, fellas!

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Midnight Monk said...

Can't say I too shock to see Buck died in Fear Itself, the previews made it too obvious and unfornately this has got to be the death of more pissed than sad, considering I loved Bucky as Cap way more than Steve

As for Thomas Wayne, anyone notice the similarity to his style of fighting crime and Jason Todd's, minus the BS Morrison did with Todd that is.

maskedmanissue1 said...

I'm creeped out at the mere thought that this Joker might be a highly disturbed version of a not-so-dead Bruce Wayne. Yeah, you go ahead and sleep on that.

maskedmanissue1 said...

The only other interesting possibility for the Joker would actually be Jason Todd as a case of a failed Robin turned Joker...

Might not be a coincidence that Jason's Batman and Thomas' both have this red eyes and sinister smile. I was pretty sure that the Flashpoint Batman was actually going to be Jason, until they let slip in some interview that he was older than Bruce.

Matt Duarte said...

Holy crap, Spider-Man threw a Dinosaur at someone's face. That's totally awesome.

Also, Barry being burned by the chemicals was totally lol-worthy, but wouldn't Thomas be hurt as well from standing so close to where a lighting has just hit?

Peter F DiSilvio said...


I really think the Joker is Martha Wayne in Flashpoint Batman. I know it sounds out there but it would explain why Thomas only mentioned Bruces death when confronted by Barry. It would also explain the long hair the Joker was sporting and gives a reason to them barely showing us the joker. Finally it would explain why the Joker is the only one Thomas-Batman can't kill. She probably snapped because Bruce died and she blamed Thomas for trying to fight the burglar off.

Thoughts or other speculation? The same mr j we all know and love? Bruce maybe? Alfred (though o think early speculation was right and he's the outsider)?

Steven said...

I thought the Joker might be a brain damaged Bruce, but looking at the character standing in partial silhouette, I am now leaning towards a long shot. I think it might actually be Alfred.

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