Friday, June 10, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/08/11

Welcome to the latest version of Moments of the Week, where it seems to be a little bit of a cool down week after the onslaught of the DC reboot/relaunch and the big Marvel and DC events. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot to catch up on, as we have Annihilators being the best team in comics, Red Robin has an awkward proposition, Ultimate Spider-Man gets shot again, and Booster Gold uses common sense trying to figure out the Flashpoint world. As always, more after the jump!

Annihilators #4

The Annihilators stop the Skrulls from trying to genetically turn the Dire Wraiths into a new version of Skrulls, and in the process merge the two suns together because they are too cool for school (they basically blast the suns together, how awesome is that?).

Ikon continues what she started earlier in the mini-series, maybe she should go hang out with Starfox when the group isn't saving the universe. And good news: the Annihilators return in September in Annihilators: Earthfall

Batman: Arkham City #2

Joker was about to end up as dead as a Jason Todd by former Arkham Asylum guards, but Harley saves the day. Batman blows up their boat on his bat-ski, and they wind up..... the newly walled off Arkham City, where no one knows that they are there. Some lovely Carlos D'Anda artwork here that really captures the videogames aspects, like Batman's detective mode. If you enjoyed the video game but haven't picked this up, you're missing out on some fun.

Batman & Robin #24

As seen last issue, Jason Todd is freed from the convoy by the Menagerie, and was going to just leave until their boss lets him know his former sidekick is being held hostage. Looks like a team up is going to happen!

2 Robins are company, 3 Robins are a crowd.

Booster Gold #45

Just use the internet. That's the kind of common sense thing every hero should do when they find themselves in a world similar to their own. Another interesting thing from this issue is that Captain Atom, who in this world is an old general without the powers, is using military tech to control Doomsday.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man #2

J. Jonah Jameson whips Spidey into shape in a way only he could. If there was ever to be a Green Lantern in the Marvel Universe, it would be Jameson.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1

Geo-Force is saved from an ambush by Mera, in order to facilitate a treaty between the two kingdoms. In actuality, the ambush was a setup by Arthur in order to make Geo-Force side with the Atlanteans, who then kidnapped Brion and use his powers now as a weapon in their war against the Amazons. Total jerk move.

Ka-Zar #1

So the Savage Land/Pangea is dealing with internal strife from the neighboring tribes, and an outside business force is trying to buy off one of the tribes in order to mine for materials. The issue is a bit heavy handed with the politics, but the art by Pascal Alixe is really top notch.

Red Robin #24

In a scene that is making some rabble on the internet, an unknown villain is going to force herself onto Tim, killing him but also impregnating her. Stay strong, Tim, this might not matter in another two months!

Ultimate Spider-Man #159

And by shot again, I meant a photo. Looks like if Peter doesn't die in this issue, he will have to fake his death in order to protect his family, because everyone from the neighborhood is watching him fight the Sinister Five. 

Guns don't kill people, Aunt May kills people. Looks like someone just got electroshooted, oh yeah.

X-Men Legacy #250

In the backup story for this anniversary issue, we find out what is going on in space with the Starjammers. If the story was confusing, it is actually supposed to be read from back to front in order to find out how Rachel became Revenant. So to the stars, X-Men, bolster your ranks before the Schism appears!

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Tony Soldo said...

So I see Ultimate Spider-Man still sucks as a hero. This is one of the main series that got me into comics but I got sick of Peter being unable to win any fight without the help of others, although he usually beat the villains in the beginning, so he got worse somehow. Did he beat any of the Sinister Five? I heard about Vulture, but come on. I see even Aunt May can take down a villain (which was shocking though). So please, what has Peter done in this arc? I was hoping he would go out fighting like a hero against the Sinister Six.

Kirk Warren said...

To be fair, he saved Captain America's life by taking a bullet in the stomach for him before going on to get kicked around by the Sinister Six.

Tony Soldo said...

I know, but he always gets his ass kicked even before. I just wanted to know if he beat any of them, besides Vulture. I see aunt May killed Electro, but what happened to Green Goblin, Sandman, and Kraven?

Midnight Monk said...

I do believe that chick in Red Robin appeared in Issue 12 talking to Ra's Al Ghul about Tim being the "true" heir or something, can't remember the whole convo right now though

Shame not a single bit of this is going to matter once they cancel his awesme book which is stupid, they could've chopped off atleast 1 Batman book to keep this one going.

Ivan said...

But Scarlet's mask had peeled off in the end of her arc...

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