Saturday, June 18, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/15/11

Apologies for a slightly late installment of Moments of the Week, but we've got some witty lines in Uncanny X-Men, major damage done in Avengers, British hijinks in Batgirl, and the origin of the Wonder Woman/Aquaman war that is going on in Flashpoint. As usual, more after the jump, so let's jump right into it!

Avengers #14

Red Hulk stands up to a newly worthy Thing. Thing's meat tenderizer hammer really looks like it works.

That is Avengers Tower that Thing just brought down on top of Red Hulk. On top of that, he then blast Red Hulk completely out of the city, probably to Connecticut.

Avengers Academy #15

Mettle gets his first kill, and freaks out a bit. Tigra's speech is pretty spot on, too, realizing that sometimes you have to do what is necessary to protect innocent people.

Batgirl #22


Batgirl and Squire get into quirky situations in London for a fun single issue story. Always a good book, but this might be my issue of the week, if not the year. There were a lot more moments from this issue alone that would have made the week. This issue also leads into Batman Inc. #9 in a few months.

Batman #711

Baby, why you gotta make me hit you?

Riddler, in his new hipster attire, spills the beans to a not-dead Two-Face (no surprise there, really) about Gilda's actions with Mario Falcone. To say Harvey doesn't lose it would be an understatement.

Captain America Corps #1

The Cap Corps for this mini consists of a 1941 Steve Rogers, present day Bucky, USAgent from when he first joined Avengers West Coast, American Dream from the MC2 universe, and Commander A, the Captain America from the 25th century. Someone is repeatedly stealing Steve Rogers from right before he is thawed out in multiple universes, creating a chronal distortion that has made modern America really protective and nationalistic. Any world where the cops have gold covered masks can't be a good world, when will people learn?

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1

Diana left Themyscria to see the outside world, and wound up falling in love with Arthur. The kids decide to go ahead and get engaged. The shock in the last panel from the amazons is palpable.

Artemis, along with Orm and Hippolyta's sister Penthesilea, attempt to assinate Diana to stop the marriage. Hippolyta stepped in the way of the attempt and now sets off a war that is messing up Europe. And Garth there is framed for the murder, dude can never catch a break.

Power Girl #25

D'awww, Bruce has really become a softy since he came back. And thus ends Judd Winnick's run on the book. Really gives a Ms. Marvel vibe with the splash page.

Uncanny X-Men #538

Dr. Nemesis is pretty spot on, he probably would have gone crazy if he had to participate in Shadowland. Kitty is now tangible, as Haleena used the Breakworld magics to kill her and bring her back to life. Now Kruun and the other Breakworlders are tame and ready to star fresh on Earth. But where?

A nice touch with Kruun wearing a San Francisco Giants sweater, and trying to acclimate his flock to not bully old ladies. Everyone hugs it out and live happily ever after (until Schism).

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Christian said...

Um... Why is StarGirl in Capt America Corps???
Is this why she and the JSA aren't in the DCnU?

Anonymous said...

I think there could be a big upside to the new DC re-boot: It just might do away with Tony Daniels' run on Batman and erase the Riddler's turn to evil, Gilda and Mario Falcone, and Riddler and Catwoman juniors.

Oh wait... he's on Detective. Drat.

PJC said...

It really seems like such a waste that all the good pieces of the DC universe (the current Bat Family status quo, Power Girl, SEcret Six) are going to be erased by the reboot.

Space Jawa said...

Oh Batgirl, how I will miss you when you are gone -__-

Ivan said...

C'mon Ken, don't compare Power Girl to that obnoxious, annoying character.

twobitspecialist said...

@Ivan - Uh, how is Ms. Marvel annoying and obnoxious?

Ivan said...

I found her to be a very unlikable character in about every single story I read with her. To me, she'll always be the drunken Avenger (even more than Iron Man) and that major bitch she was during Civil War. But that's just me, I know she's got a small following.

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