Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DC Revamp - Swamp Thing, Animal Man & More

DC's revamp has played it fairly safe so far.  Few, if any, major surprises and, outside Barbara returning as Batgirl, mostly a reshuffling of talent to different titles.  That changes today as DC's The Source blog blew the doors off with what I feel should have been day one announcements as a whole wave of new blood and fresh ideas spotlight these titles.  Hit the jump to see what I'm talking about.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Yannick Paquette

Kirk:  Scott Snyder?  Yannick Paquette?  Swamp Thing??? Take all of my money, DC.   

Verdict - Day 1 Purchase

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Mikel Janin

Kirk: I'm not completely sold on this one.  Sounds like Shadowpact, which I did enjoy, but I'm definitely curious about it and will be trying it out.  I did a quick Google search on Mikel Janin, as I was unfamiliar with his art, and boy is it impressive looking.  Look forward to seeing what he does with the book.  As a side note, I'm pleased with myself for not making a Dark Avengers joke about the title.

Verdict - Will Try First Issue

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman & Dan Green

Kirk: In what I consider to be one of the biggest surprises from DC, they've managed to snag Jeff Lemire of Sweet Tooth fame for two titles listed today.  I expect big things from this title and character simply due to his involvement.  Add solid art from Travel Foreman and it's an easy Day 1 Purchase.

Verdict - Day 1 Purchase

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Diogenes Neves & Oclair Albert

Kirk: The Demon is a tough sell for me in almost every story he appears, let alone headlining his own title.  While that cover was pretty impressive looking, I wasn't overly interested until I saw Paul Cornell's name attached and read how it was set in the Middle Ages.  This is the type of title right up his alley and the Demon works far better in non-super hero territory.  I'm not sure if I'll be sticking with this, but I'm definitely getting the first issue.

Verdict - Will Try First Issue

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Alberto Ponticelli

Kirk: Frankenstein is a fantastic character that Grant Morrison introduced and dealt with heavily in his Seven Soldiers of Victory and later in Final Crisis.  DC hasn't really been able to do anything with him, though.  No miniseries, no guest appearances, no real opportunities to introduce him to readers or get him some face time.  That changes with the revamp as he now headlines his own title in the second book written by Jeff Lemire, making it an instant buy for me. 

Verdict - Day 1 Purchase

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Kirk: I guess with most of the cosmic line at Marvel on 'hiatus', DnA have some free time to do some DC work now.  And what a project to start with!  The duo reunite to resurrect their own creation in the form of Resurrection Man, a project that many missed out on at the tail end of the 90's.  Not sure what the plans are for this (is it a continuation or fresh start/reboot of the character), but I know I'm on board with the original writers/creators of the character back in the saddle.

Verdict - Day 1 Purchase

Written by Josh Failkov
Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Kirk: In all honesty, I saw vampires and the whole Twilight/Trueblood fad immediately turned me off of it.  I don't like judging the book based on something like possibly jumping no the vampire bandwagon without actually reading it, so I'm still not sure if I'll be buying this or just playing wait and see based on what others say about it.  Unfamiliar with either creator as well, so nothing to really judge it on from that perspective either.

Verdict - Wait & See

Written by Ron Marz
Art by Sami Basri

Kirk: Another title that, while interesting and unique in the typically super hero offerings of DC proper (like I, Vampire, looks more like a Vertigo title than super hero fare usually associated with DC).  Ron Marz has me taking note of the series as I generally enjoy his work.  I'm curious about this one, but not sure what to expect and the solicit is a bit too vague.  Will have to wait and see what develops.  I'm thinking I'll at least try it, but each new announcement of titles seems to pile on more and more books I want to try.  Some might have to be cut.

Verdict - Wait & See


While I'm not going to lie and say I want every single one of these titles or that they will all be guaranteed successes or even do well in sales, these are the first titles DC has announced that has had me stand up and take notice of the revamp.  Everything up until now has been same ol' song and dance.  Move a creator here, change a title name there and so on.  Here, we have new talent, fresh blood, unique ideas and every title seems to have the potential to be a sleeper hit.

And that's the only problem I can see.  People will continue buying Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Justice League titles.  They aren't going to change their buying patterns revamp or no revamp.  I can see a lot of these titles (probably all, to be honest) flying under most people's radars and getting lost in the shuffle of the other 50+ titles getting new number ones that month.    Hopefully DC has a plan in mind to get these books into people's hands.  Maybe take their digital initiative and package free digital copies of each of these in select titles (say put Frankentstein download code for a free first issue in every copy of Green Lantern and so on for the other titles) or just put them up for free a month later.

These are the kinds of titles that probably wouldn't work or get the attention they deserve in pre-revamp DC.  I hope they see some success with them.  I know I'm officially excited for the revamp now if these are the kinds of things we can expect.

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Klep said...

Assuming that's Zatanna on the Justice League Dark cover, I'll try out the first issue at least. I'm definitely intrigued by the concept and hope it lives up to its promise.

max "nekron" power said...

i think im a dc boy now, i used to buy a lot more marvel but the jeff lemire stuff, the scot snyer,the new jla,i think i'm changing sides

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I wanted to see!

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is my top pick for a very big reason: the return of Peter Milligan to Shade the Changing Man...that is if you don't count Secret Seven or recent Hellblazer arcs. Milligan's first 50 issues of the Vertigo-era Shade was my favorite comic book run ever. I'm not entirely enamored with the name of Justice League Dark; it feels somehow as inappropriate as making Marvel's Annihilators into "Galactic Avengers." Still, it's Shade by Milligan, which means I'll get every issue.

I'll also give a shot to Animal Man, Batwing, and Resurrection Man.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Swamp Thing with Snyder, Paquette, and Francavilla. Excited for this book's potential

Akylle said...

I agree this was definitely the most exciting day since they announced the relaunch. I'll probably at least pick up the first issue of each of these titles.

Spencer said...

I was really hoping for a Question ongoing series.

Steven said...

The Voodoo book is pretty obviously the first integrated Wildstorm character in the new line-up.

Odd character to get her own book first. Still part Daemoniod from the looks of it too.

I'll be looking forward to Justice League Dark. I like that Peter Milligan is getting to reintegrate his version of Shade into the DCU himself.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'm all over Swamp Thing. Was thinking of dipping a toe once I saw the cover but once the creative team was announced I simply gave myself over. I must own this title.

I want to try the Lemire titles but am curious as to know how much prior knowledge I will need going in...

Retcon Joe said...

Of all the revamp, reboot, relaunch or whatever it DC is calling this "Initiative" Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Justice League Dark seem to have the early lead out of the gate. That being said let's hope this stuff lasts more than 13 issues unlike some of Lee's other reborn er.. return.. attempts. Other than these titles Batgirl is the other I'm willing to try. I'm still hoping for a relaunch of Blue Devil.

Ivan said...

Except "I, Vampire", all of those interest me to some degreee. Gonna have to make some tough choices here.

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