Friday, June 10, 2011

Gail Simone on Secret Six Cancellation

Gail Simone has confirmed via her official forum that Secret Six has indeed been cancelled, and that there will be no relaunch in the New DC. She goes on to say that the editors were extremely kind about the situation (and she even hints that it was not so for her other title, Birds of Prey), as well as thanking all the collaborators on the title's years long run.

And she does make a good point, that for a title with no big names, it sure lasted a long time and exceeded all expectations, becoming a critical darling just about everywhere, and receiving praise from almost everyone that read it. Here at The Weekly Crisis, the title was constantly praised and hailed as one of DC's best titles. That being said, it doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow, and I know I'll be reading one less DC title come September.

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BroMan said...

Noooooooooooooo! :( It figures DC would kill it no matter how successful it became. I guess when all of the trades are released it'll be the last DC comic I read, besides the older Batman stories.


Sean said...

This cancellation really stings. I distinctly remember Secret Six 1 being the first DCU title I got, and it was my gateway to really expanding my pull list.

I love the title, and all its strange, sadistic, dark and wonderful characters, and will greatly miss it. For 34 issues, Gail gave us some of the best comics I'd ever read, and I have no doubt that her ending will be as satisfying as, or better than, the issues that came before

patrick said...

Don't worry Sean, theres still two more. Issue 36 is the last one. I'm excited to see what Gail Simone does with Bane for the finality of her amazing run since I'm sure DC is going to start pushing his character for next summers movie.

Klep said...

It's worth noting that not only did DC not offer her the Suicide Squad book being made as part of the reboot (with a horrible Harley Quinn redesign), but she didn't even know it existed until everyone found out about it yesterday.

Jon said...

I'm not usually someone who makes blanket statements or is unwilling to try something new, but this could be my last straw.

I've been relatively displeased with mainstream comics for a while now, and one of the only saving graces for me has been Gail Simone. Her BoP and Secret Six were consistently great comics that I could enjoy without having to delve into increasingly involved stories that crossed into other titles or used the plot-hammer way too often.

I used to buy at least 75% of DC's offerings, and I'll be down to a handful of titles as of the relaunch with several of them on thin ice depending on execution.

Dangit, now I'm kind of sad about it.

The Dangster said...

i dont know what to believe anymore

Combatspoon86 said...

Every time I see this it makes me sad and mad at the same time. The fact gail didnt know about the suicide squad book when it was announced, just even doesnt want me to try out the new book. If ostrander or gail not doing suicide squad, not worth my time, glass has to show me if he can write this book

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