Friday, June 10, 2011

Moment of the Day - Happy Trail or Fun Ball?

Deadpool #67, by Gail Simone and UDON (Alvin Lee)

Gail Simone had a short run on Deadpool and Agent X but it was probably my favorite run for the character. Pym Particles on the Rhino, protecting Dazzler from assassins and finding out Rhino is her #1 fan, and hamster trails, what more do you want, really? Let this page soothe your broken heart at the news that Secret Six has been cancelled.

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Daryll B. said...

Absolutely, positively, priceless!

Thank you Ms. Simone... I know you'll do well with Babs and here's hoping you give Jason some newfound respect...

However, no matter what they do with Ronnie, he'll be like Jason Todd to me. I'll only see the bad (offing Jason's Fiancee...)

Jeremy said...

This is also my favorite run on Deadpool, even if she just has that one story arc. Its just so damn funny, but it doesn't forget that Deadpool isn't just a clown, but an antihero with his own twisted sense of morals. He looks after his friends, goes after douchebags who beat up his secretaries, and takes in and protects that crazy hobo guy with his life, even though he owes him nothing.

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