Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moment of the Day - Penny Pinching Heroes

Thunderbolts #27, by Kurt Busiek & Mark Bagley

Hawkeye should have never invested in that William Tell archery school, some of the villains who signed up were just there to cause trouble. Now he has to resort to scavenging technology from a team so old Marvel lost their trademark.

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Retcon Joe said...

It's issues like this that got me hooked on Thunderbolts. Great Champions reference!

Matt Duarte said...

Poor champions, they are the laughing stock of the Marvel U,

Ivan said...

The Champions had such a weird line-up, it honestly seems like they picked at random among Marvel heroes available.

Retcon Joe said...

As eclectic of a group as the Champions were, it took (at the time) B-list characters from every corner of the MU and introduced readers to something totally different and unexpected. Awkard maybe, but where else could you see Darkstar, Iceman, and Ghostrider hanging out and fighting bad guys.

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